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F&M College Library

Manuscript Collections

Art and Artists

  • Bill Hutson Collection
  • Caroline Peart Papers

Art of the Book

  • Stauffer Bookplate Collection
  • Frederic and Bertha Goudy Collection
  • Benjamin Franklin Portrait Collection

F&M History

  • Theodore Appel Family Papers (F&M 1842)
  • College Archives Records
  • Elizabeth Clarke Keiffer Papers
  • Kneedler Family Papers
  • Bernard Wolff Papers
  • Charles Z. Klauder Research Collection

F&M Student Life

  • E.J. Bonebrake Papers (F&M 1855)
  • Robert Campbell Collection (F&M 1953)
  • College Archives Records
  • Diagnothian and Goethean Literary Society Records
  • Oliver T. Everhart Papers (F&M 1854)
  • Robert Faulkender Papers (F&M 1942)
  • Albert Santee Kerr Papers (F&M 1926)
  • Kneedler Family Papers
  • Francis M. Mull Papers (F&Mn 1930)
  • Samuel M. Roeder Papers (F&M 1875)
  • Nathan Christ Schaeffer Papers (F&M 1867)
  • David McNeeley Stauffer Papers (F&M 1862)
  • Marshall F. L. Ziegler Papers (F&M 1908)

Lancaster City/County History

  • City of Lancaster Records
  • Lancaster County Ephemera Collection
  • Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection Group 2 - (Legal/Government Papers)

Lancaster City/County Organizations

  • Cliosophic Society Records
  • Fortnightly Club Records
  • League of Women Voters of Lancaster County Records
  • Linnaean Society of Lancaster Pa. Records
  • Lancaster County SPCA Records
  • Lancaster Day Care Center Records
  • Lancaster Farmland Trust Records
  • Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection Group 4- (Non-Profit Organizational Papers/Publications)
  • Woman's Humane League of Lancaster County Records
  • West End Revolver (Club) Records

Lancaster City/County People

  • Theodore Appel Family Papers
  • Rev. Daniel Berger Papers
  • Neal and Estella Harris Papers
  • Mifflin Family Papers
  • Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection Group 1- (Personal Papers)
  • Sarah McIlvaine Muench Family Papers
  • North Family Papers
  • Joseph C. Passmore Papers
  • Reynolds Family Papers
  • John Sehner Papers

Literary Papers

  • Richard D. Altick Papers
  • Marcialito Cam Papers
  • Richard B. Gehman Papers
  • Ira Grushow Collection
  • Mifflin Family Papers
  • Edward J. Nichols Collection
  • Martha Keller Papers
  • John F. Suter Papers
  • David Small Papers
  • Francis Lyman Windolph Papers
  • Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection Group 5 (Literary Manuscripts)


American Revolution

  • Johannes Schwalm Historical Association Collection

Mexican American War

  • Reynolds Family Papers

United States Navy

  • Reynolds Family Papers
  • Jonathan Messersmith Foltz Papers

American Civil War

  • Jonathan Messersmith Foltz Papers
  • W. W. Griest Collection of Lincolniana
  • C.H. Martin Collection of Lincolniana
  • Edward J. Nichols Collection
  • Vincent Fowler Pottle Collection of Lincolniana
  • Reynolds Family Papers
  • David McNeeley Stauffer Papers
  • J. C. Pehrson Diary (MSS 1)
  • Diary of Unknown Soldier in the 11th Maine Regiment (MSS 1)

World War I

  • WWI Poster Collection
  • WWI at Franklin and Marshall College (RS 10/33/01)
  • David A. Landis (FMA 1914) Diary (RS 03/05/02)
  • Women in World War I Collection

World War II

  • Theodore A. Distler Papers (RS 05/07/04)
  • WWII at Franklin and Marshall College (RS 10/33/01)
  • Charles H. Kessler Family Papers
  • WWII Poster Collection

Vietnam War

  • Vietnam Voices : An Oral History Collection (RS 10/10/01)

Pennsylvania German Folklife

  • Thomas R. Brendle Collection of Pennsylvania Germania
  • Broadside Collection of the German American Imprint Collection
  • Unger-Bassler Frakturschriften Collection from the German American Imprint Collection
  • J. William Frey Collection of Pennsylvania-Germania
  • Notes for a Pennsylvania Dutch Dictionary by Alfred Shoemaker (RS 10/34/01)
  • Pennsylvania German Society Records


  • Linnaean Society of Lancaster, Pa. Records
  • Reynolds Family Papers

Secondary Schools

  • Lancaster County Academy Records
  • Franklin and Marshall Academy Records(RS 03/01/02)

Theater, Television & Film

  • Alexander Corbett Collection of Theater Memoribilia
  • James Lapine Collection
  • Paul Leventhal Memorial Archive, Gloria and Warren Leventhal Collection
  • Franklin J. Schaffner Collection
  • Green Room Theater Records (RS 10/08/01)
  • F&M Film Series Posters (RS 11/06/01)


  • F&M Women (RS 13/02/01)
  • Infirmary Auxiliary (RS 13/02/01)
  • Women's Studies Records (RS 10/29/01)
  • Martha Keller Papers
  • League of Women Voters of Lancaster County Records
  • Junior League of Lancaster Records
  • Caroline Peart Papers
  • Theodore Appel Family Papers
  • Task Force on Coeducation (RS 09/54/01)
  • Woman's Humane League of Lancaster County Records
  • Women's Studies Collection
  • Women in World War I Collection

20th-century history

  • Charles Steinman Foltz, Jr. Papers
  • J. William Frey Collection on the Soviet Union
  • Zorach Collection of East German Literature