F&M College Library

CNX 280: Exile

Possible Topics

- Effects of exile on women 
- Women on exile because they are feminist activists
- The extremes to which migrants go through to enter on e country
- Environmental implications of border crossing (Mexico-US)
- What forced Cubans to exile?
- Exile and the idea of temporality
- Who is the "ideal" immigrant?
- Particular waves of immigrants
- Relation of sex trafficking to exile 
- Children in exile
- "The Wall" 

MInd Map or Concept Map

Brainstorming Activity to Identify Search Terms


What is the topic? What are some related subtopics? (Ways to narrow your topic)





Who are the people or participants involved in this issue?





How are the people or participants involved?

How does this topic impact society, politics, etc.?





Why does this topic matter?