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ART271: Destroying Images

A research guide for Professor Aleci's ART271: Destroying Images class.

Research Tips

For your final case studies, you'll likely need to pull from a variety of scholarly and popular resources across disciplines, not only in art history. The guide below is broken up by source type and then genre, i.e. historical & contemporary newspapers, academic databases, etc. Remember to use the keywords you came up with in class to help you along your research, keeping in mind that keywords can shift depending upon the research context you're in. 

Finally, remember to keep track of the keywords and resources that you've used, alongside keeping track of your found references in Zotero. 

For access to The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and other contemporary newspapers, please use Nexis Uni


Contemporary Newspapers & News Resources

Historical Newspapers

Research Databases

Art & Art History


Religious Studies & Philosophy

Multidisciplinary Resources

Online Resources

For more resources

Visit the individual subject area research guides, which feature more comprehensive lists of databases covering scholarly research and articles in their respective fields. 

Need help with Zotero?

If you have any questions while using Zotero, reach out to Anna at aboutinc@fandm.edu

You can also troubleshoot on your own using Zotero's excellent help documentation, available on their website.