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SOC 475: Gender, Social Justice & Transnational Activism

A research guide to help you with Professor Shokooh Valle's SOC 475 course. Module 4, Spring 2021.

Your Assignment

Here is your assignment, from Professor Shokooh Valle: 

Zine Project

For this course, you will produce a zine, which is a format frequently used in third wave feminist writings. Both the content and format of the zine will be decided by your group, after you have explored examples and consulted with me. The project aims at stimulating students' interest in alternative forms of writing while exploring feminist ideas of creativity and activism through writing. Students will collectively produce and assemble the zines together. The finished zines will be presented on the last week of class. 


  • Your zine must contain a minimum of 10 original pages of writing that grapple with the issues we discuss in class. This might be a series of short essays or one long one. It's up to you. I would recommend writing your essay(s) in Microsoft Word and then transferring them to your preferred zine format, just to be sure that you're fulfilling the writing requirement for this course. Ten pages means double-spaced, 12 point font. 
  • Please include a 1 page introduction to your zine. What subject(s) are you focusing on in this zine? If it's more than one subject, what overall theme is tying them together? Include a reflective statement about your experience with making this zine. What did you learn from doing this? 
  • I encourage you to include anything you want (art, photos, poetry, collage, etc.) in your zine, but since this is a writing course, you will be graded on your writing, not your drawing, photography, or computer skills. 
  • Zines come in a variety of formats, But for this course, you will be designing a zine using online tools. Be as creative as possible! 
  • You must include appropriate citations and bibliography for all essays. This is a creative assignment, but it's also a scholarly one. You will need to cite and create bibliographies accordingly. 
  • Do not wait until the end of the module to do this assignment. We will have an in-class zine workshop. Take advantage of this opportunity to work on this project or you will not have time to produce a quality zine. 

Resource: Teaching Times

Tutorial for designing zines on Canva: https://youtu.be/QU87M7Ez3Ks

Please see your assignment for the grading rubric. 

Zine Making Programs

Remember, you have plenty of options for making your zine! You can use any of the following options:

Image Sources

Art & Art History

Stock Photos (Freely Available)

Still need more photos? Check out the Finding Images guide for a more detailed list.