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CNX 177: Language & the 21st Century

Topic Investigation: Go to the link for your group's topic and you will see what kind of resource you have been assigned to find


Remember that you need to use keywords when searching in library resources. Think about keywords that might be used to describe your topic and brainstorm synonyms for those words to include in your searching as well. Use "" when you want to search multiple terms as a phrase. Try different spellings, if necessary. 

Don't forget to use words like AND, OR, and NOT (boolean operators) between your keywords to broaden or narrow your search. 

Examples of keywords/phrases: 

  • social media
  • misinformation
  • disinformation
  • hate speech
  • censor
  • internet

Possible synonyms, antonyms or alternate/additional words:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • fake news
  • freedom of speech
  • propaganda
  • censorship
  • racism or racist
  • harassment
  • sexism
  • xenophobia
  • technology

Sample searches:

  • technology AND misinformation OR disinformation
  • "hate speech" AND censorship
  • "freedom of speech" NOT "United States"



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