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Manuscript Collections

Drawings of Ozotheca Odorata

The Archives and Special Collections department preserves the papers and records of numerous Franklin & Marshall alumni, prominent local citizens, and a variety of Lancaster County organizations. In addition there are several subject-specific collections relating to Pennsylvania-German culture, American theater, iconography, and historical autographs. Individual items such as letters, legal and business documents, commemoratives, organizational papers, and literary items that are not part of a larger collection are preserved for their historical interest as the Miscellaneous Manuscript collection.

Drawings of Ozotheca Odorata by Jacob Stauffer, June 14, 1866. From : The Linnean Society of Lancaster, PA Records


Manuscript Collections

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Richard D. Altick Papers (F&M 1936) -19lf (48 ms. boxes) 

This collection consists of materials Dr. Altick assembled during his career as a professor of English at the Ohio State University, including materials relating to the publication of several of his books. 

Theodore Appel (Marshall College 1842) Family Papers - 1.5lf  (4 ms. boxes) 

This collection contains correspondence, sermons and financial records of one of Franklin and Marshall College's first professors, Theodore Appel. The collection also includes correspondence and daybooks of his daughter, Charlotte. 


Rev. Daniel Berger Papers - .25lf  (.5 ms. box) 

This collection consists of the personal papers of Daniel Berger a Pennsylvania-German minister who preached in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Lancaster County in the mid-nineteenth century. Reverend Berger served in numerous locations including: the Salem Church of the Evangelical Association in Lancaster (1849, 1854-1856) and congregations in Lebanon, Orwigsburg, New York City, and Baltimore. Papers include receipts, sermon notes, notes on personal expenses, and an account ledger dating from ca. 1833-1871, with the bulk of the material dating from 1845-1857. 

E.J. Bonbrake Papers (F&M 1855) -  .25lf  (.5 ms box) 

E. J. Bonbrake was a member of the Franklin and Marshall College Class of 1855. This collection contains letters of recommendation and miscellaneous items which he gathered during his study here. 

Thomas R. Brendle Collection of Pennsylvania Germania -15.5lf  (39 ms. boxes) 

This collection consists of newspaper column clippings, manuscripts, articles, radio scripts, and audio recordings on Pennsylvania German dialect, music, folklore and culture. Also included are church records from the Eastern Pennsylvania area. Materials date from the early 19th century through 1968. Most of the materials were donated in 1958 by the Rev. Thomas R. Brendle, Secretary of the Pennsylvania German Society. A substantial portion of the collection, including most of the clippings on PA German dialect, were acquired by Mr. Brendle from the estate of William S. Troxell whose daily PA-German dialect column "Pumpernickle Bil" makes up the bulk of the clippings. 

Broadsides of the German-American Imprint Collection - 2.5lf (3 ms. boxes, 5 flat drawers) 

A component of the German-American Imprint Collection, this collection is one of the largest collections of German/American broadsides in the nation. Nearly 700 one-sheets have been collected featuring topics as wide-ranging as religious songs, folk remedies and traditional ballads. 


Marcialito Cam Papers (F&M 1955) - 7lf (16 ms. boxes) 

Consists of the typed literary manuscripts of Asian-American author-poet Marcialito Cam, a 1955 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, written during the period from 1967-2000. Among Mr. Cam's writings are works of fiction, poetry, and essays on social and political issues. 

Robert D. Campbell Collection (F&M 1953) - 1lf (2 ms. boxes) 

Consists of scrapbooks compiled by Mr. Campbell while a student at Franklin and Marshall College. Items include photgraphs, programs, ephemera, clippings, etc. documenting F&M student life from 1949-1953. 

City of Lancaster Records - 1lf (1 ms. box) 

This microfilm collection contains meeting minutes of various City of Lancaster Committees from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The collection is particularly rich in materials documenting various water committees, the select, common and city councils. The City of Lancaster Records were microfilmed as a part of a 1994-95 Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) grant and were given to Franklin and Marshall College as a part of this grant. The originals are now stored at the Lancaster County Historical Society. 

Cliosophic Society of Lancaster, Pa. Records - 1.5lf (4 ms. boxes) 

The Cliosophic Society was organized in 1879 by a group of Franklin and Marshall College professors. This Literary Society was organized to promote better "town and gown" relations through the promotion of discussion of a wide variety of topics. This collection consists of meeting minutes, programs, society histories and essays presented at meetings. 

James S. Constantine Papers (F&M 1922)  - 1.5lf (4 ms. boxes) 

The James S. Constantine Papers chronicle the career of classical scholar and musician James Stuart Constantine, a 1922 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College. Types of materials included in the collection are as follows: personal papers and biographical material, correspondence, publications, radio scripts, scrapbooks, and travel photographs.

Alexander Corbett Collection of Theater Memorabilia  - 3.5lf (8 ms. boxes) 

The Alexander Corbett Collection of Theater Memorabilia consists of biographical materials, correspondence and photographs of actors and actresses of the late 19th and early 20th century. The collections was compiled by Alexander Corbett a reporter and theater critic of the Boston Globe. The collection includes materials relating to Lillie Langtry, Sarah Bernhardt, Edwin Booth and Lillian Russell. 


J. M. Darlington & S. G. Pontius Sheet Music Collection - .5lf (1 ms. box) 

This collection contains sheet music of popular favorites, Broadway hits, and songs from motion pictures, spanning a period from 1917 to 1974. The majority of the collection consists of songs from popular motion picture musicals from the golden age of Hollywood ca. 1930-1950. Composers represented include: Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan, Hoagy Carmichael, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein, and Jerome Kern. The collection was presumably assembled by James McCown 'Mac' Darlington (F&M 1930) and S. Gilmore Pontius (F&M 1914) who donated this sheet music collection to the library prior to 1974. 


Oliver T. Everhart Collection (F&M 1854) - .5lf (1 ms. box) 

This collection consists of two scrapbooks compiled by Oliver T. Everhart, a member of the Class of 1854 at Franklin and Marshall College. The first scrapbook was compiled in 1917 and consists of ephemera, news clippings and other papers dating from the 1850s to 1917 that relate to Mr. Everhart's personal affiliations with various organizations including Franklin and Marshall College, the York County Pomona Grange and Emmanuel Reformed Church of Hanover, Pa. The second scrapbook contains pressed botanical specimens collected by Mr. Everhart in 1852 while a student at Marshall College in Mercersburg, Pa. 


B.F. Fackenthal Collection of Prints - 1lf (2 ms. boxes) 

This collection consists primarily of prints and engravings of prominent 18th and 19th century individuals removed from 18th through early 20th century publications. The images were collected by Franklin and Marshall College trustee Benjamin F. Fackenthal, Jr and organized into 7 bound volumes.

Robert E. Faulkender Papers (F&M 1942) - .25lf (.5 ms. box) 

This collection consist of personal papers and classroom materials owned by Robert E. Faulkender, a 1942 Economics graduate of Franklin and Marshall College. Most materials date from his time as a student at F&M from 1938-1942. Mr. Faulkender later taught Economics at Windham College in Putney, Vermont for many years. 

Charles Steinman Foltz, Jr. Papers - 4lf (10 ms. boxes) 

The Charles Steinman Foltz Jr. Papers chronicle the education and five-decade journalistic career of international journalist and author Charles “Chisel” Foltz, a 1931 F&M graduate. Types of materials include: correspondence, memoranda, articles, reports, organizational publications, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, and photographs. Strengths of the collection include photographs and research files covering Spain from the Civil War to the end of the Franco regime and world politics during the post WWII/Cold War period. Documentation of Mr. Foltz’s many overseas trips, particularly to the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, throughout the 1950s, 60s, and 70s are also a highlight of the collection. Other interesting aspects include Mr. Foltz's family genealogy and his relationship to Franklin & Marshall as a preparatory student, undergraduate, honored alumnus, and trustee.

Jonathan Messersmith Foltz Papers - 2lf (4 ms. boxes & oversize) 

This collection documents the career of Dr. John Messersmith Foltz (1810-1877), a practicing physician for more than forty years during the nineteenth century. His diaries and medical journals provide a insight into the Civil War battles he participated in and document the changes in the practice of medicine during the nineteenth century. 

Fortnightly Club Records - 3lf (6.5 ms. boxes) 

The Fortnightly Club was oganized in Lancaster, PA in 1908 to promote the mental, moral and social culture of its all-male membership . The collection includes meeting minutes, constitutions, correspondence and miscellaneous materials covering the years 1908 to the present. 

Benjamin Franklin Portrait Collection - .25lf (.5 ms. box) 

This collection contains several engraved portraits of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790). The collection was donated by Paul N. Schaeffer (F&M 1905). 

J. William Frey Collection of Pennsylvania Germania - 3.5lf (9 ms. boxes) 

J. William Frey, a professor of German and Russian at Franklin & Marshall from 1944-1980. complied this collection of materials documenting the folklife of the Pennsylvania Germans. The collection include publications about the Pennsylvania Germans and examples of Pennsylvania German language, art and music. 

J. William Frey Collection on the Soviet Union, 1956-74 - 3lf (7 ms. boxes)

This collection includes photos, postcards, publications and miscellaneous materials pertaining to the Soviet Union from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. The materials were collected by J. William Frey during his visits there. 


Richard B. Gehman Papers - 3lf (7 ms. boxes) 

This collection of the literary papers of Lancaster native, Richard Gehman includes materials used in the writing of several of his works, including Murder in ParadiseA Hell of a Life and Playboy's Playboy

Frederic and Bertha Goudy Collection - .25lf (.5 ms. box) 

This collection contains collected examples of typefaces designed by and work from the press of Frederic W. (1865-1947) and Bertha M. Goudy (d. 1935). 

W. W. Griest Collection of Lincolniana - 3.5lf (8 ms. boxes & oversize) 

William Griest's aim for his collection of Lincolniana was to assemble one copy of every know version of Abraham Lincoln's image regardless of format. The collection contains photographs, lithographs, mezzotints, and wood engravings of Abraham Lincoln dating from ca. 1865-1930. 

Ira Grushow Collection - 1.5lf (4 ms. boxes) 

This collections consists of the research, correspondence, drafts, proofs and reviews pertaining to the research and production of Ira Grushow's 1984 book The Imaginary Reminiscences of Sir Max Beerbohm


Haines Family Business Records - .5lf (1 ms. box) 

The Haines Family Business Records collection documents two distinct business enterprises run by the Haines Family of Lancaster County over several generations. The first section contains records of an early to mid- 19th century shad fishing company and the second features the business dealings of a late 19th century canning company/ general store. The shad fishing collection includes account books, attendance books, bills, business correspondence, and legal documents dated from 1833 to 1841, while the general store collection features business correspondence, bills and receipts from the year 1887. 

Neal and Estella Harris Papers - 3lf (7 ms. boxes, 1 flat box, 1 carton) 

This collection contains personal papers, correspondence, photographs scrapbooks, personal artifacts and sports memorabilia relating to Neal Okleigh Harris (1906-1982), a 1929 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, his wife Estella Elizabeth (Cooper ) Harris (1908-1990) and their families, the Harris' of Schuykill County Pa and the Coopers of Lancaster County Pa. Neal's brother Thorne Sanford Harris was a member of the Franklin and Marshall Class of 1923. 

Bill Hutson Collection - 27 lf (65 ms. boxes) 

This collection documents the professional career of contemporary African-American artist Bill Hutson. It contains personal materials relating to Bill Hutson's career as a fine artist and teacher. As a fine artist, these items include resumes, prizes, fellowships, exhibitions, interviews, images of artwork, personal photographs, and sales. As a teacher, items include C.V.s, employment histories, contracts, course syllabi, guest lectures, bibliographies, and curated exhibitions. -- The bulk of the collection consists of exhibition materials (catalogs and announcements) collected by Bill Hutson from 1970 to 2010. These unique materials document the development of African-American abstract art in the later half of the 20th century. In addition, the collection richly chronicles Bill Hutson's individual and group exhibitions over the course of five decades. 


Johannes Schwalm Historical Association Collection - 37lf (90 ms. boxes, 2 oversize, books) 

This collection consists of research materials gathered by the Johannes Schwalm Historical Asssociation an organization dedicated to the history of the Hessian soldiers who became citizens of the new United States after the American Revolution and their German-American descendents. Available to interested researchers are journals, monographs, family histories, articles, dissertations and manuscripts documenting German-American families, history and culture. 

Junior League of Lancaster Records - 11.83lf (23 ms. boxes, 9 flat boxes) 

This collection consists of the records of the Junior League of Lancaster, a women's volunteer organization established in 1923. As an institution committed to improving the surrounding community, the Junior League's records include administrative documents, publications, publicity clippings, and photographs of volunteer projects and services organized between 1923 and 2004. 


Martha Keller Papers - 2.5lf (6.5 ms boxes) 

This collection contains the literary papers of Lancaster-born poet Martha Keller Rowland (1902-1971) who contibuted numerous poetry pieces to the Saturday Evening Post, Harpers, New Yorker, and Atlantic magazines. Her major works included two books of poetry Mirror to Mortality, 1937; Brady's Bend and other Ballads, 1946; and a children's book War Whoop of the Wily Iroquois, 1954. 

Albert S. Kerr Papers (F&M 1926) - .25lf (.5 ms. box) 

This collection contains essays written by Albert Kerr while he was a member of the class of 1926 at Franklin and Marshall College. 

Charles H. Kessler Family Papers - .75lf (1.5 ms boxes) 

This collection consists of correspondence between members of the Jewish-American Kessler family of Pottstown, Pennsylvania dating from the World War II period (1940-1946). Also included in the collection are newspapers and other items relating the war and the Kessler Family. The bulk of the collection includes the letters to home written by father David, and sons Charles and Robert Kessler while the three served in the armed forces of the United States. The materials were personally collected and maintained by Charles Kessler, a 1970 graduate of the Associate Degree Program at Franklin and Marshall College. 

Elizabeth Clarke Kieffer Papers - .5lf (1 ms box) 

This collection consist of notes for an unpublished anecdotal history of Franklin and Marshall College written by Elizabeth Clarke Kieffer (1900-1991). Kieffer served from 1928-1956 as a reference librarian in the Franklin and Marshall College Library. From 1956-1959 she served as the librarian of the Lancaster County Historical Society, and from 1959-1966 as the archivist of the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society. In addition, she was an active local historian and genealogist and published many works on those subjects. 

Charles Z. Klauder Research Collection - .5lf (1 ms box) 

This collection consists of research material documenting the work of Philadelphia architect Charles Zeller Klauder, 1872-1938. Of particular interest is the material on buildings constructed at Franklin and Marshall College between 1923 and 1931. All of the materials in this collection were collected and donated to the Archives and Special Collections in 1999 by F&M American Studies Professor David Schuyler.

Kneedler Family Papers - 1lf (2.5 ms boxes) 

This collection consists of letters, photographs and other material relating to four members of the Kneedler family of Greensburg, PA who attended Franklin and Marshall College in the 20th century. The largest portion of the material are letters written by Robert Glen, and Jay Ivan Kneedler (members of the Class of 1927). Their letters are particularly interesting as they depict student life in the 1920s. The second largest part contains the papers of A. Richard Kneedler, a 1965 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, Professor of French, Administrator, and President of the College from 1988-2002. 


Lancaster County Academy Records -.25lf (.5 ms. box) 

The Lancaster County Academy was established in 1827 as a private secondary school. This collection contains committee reports, trustee minutes, correspondence, receipts, subscription lists, construction bids (1827- 1841) relating to this institution. 

Lancaster County Ephemera Collection - .75lf (2 ms. boxes) 

This collection of materials consists mostly of published items relating to the tourist trade and businesses of Lancaster County. The collection was assembled from disparate aquisitions of a similar nature by Archives and Special Collections staff.

Lancaster County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Records - .5lf (1 ms. box) 

This collection contains the records of the Lancaster County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Founded in 1872, the mission of the SPCA was “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the county of Lancaster and for the enforcement of all laws heretofore or hereafter enacted for the protection of dumb animals.” The collection consists of the articles of incorporation (charter), by-laws, lists of members from 1872-1895, reports of agents, and minutes dating from 1872-1912. The Society was disbanded on March 20, 1912 when the members voted to merge with the Lancaster County Humane Society. 

Lancaster Day Care Center Records - 3.5lf (9 ms. boxes) 

This collection contains the records of the Lancaster Day Care Center, a public, non-profit community day care facility founded in 1915 as the Lancaster Day Nursery. Record series include Organizational History, Administrative Materials, Financial Information, and Publicity. The organization celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015, changing its name to the Lancaster Early Education Center. 

Lancaster Farmland Trust Records - 1lf (2 ms. boxes) 

This collection contains the administrative, outreach, and publicity records of Lancaster Farmland Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the rich and productive farmland of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Strengths of the collection include comprehensive financial and administrative records of the organization, and a complete run of organizational newsletters. 

James Lapine Collection - 6.5lf (16 ms. boxes) 

This collection contains scripts, documents, publications, photographs, and audio-visual materials relating to the theatrical, television, and film work of Tony Award-winning Broadway playwright, librettist, and stage and film director James Lapine, a 1971 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College. The bulk of the collection consists of materials relating to three Lapine-directed films and television adaptations of Lapine’s theatre work. This includes footage, scripts and production materials from his films Earthly Possessions (1999), Life with Mikey (1993) and Impromptu (1991), as well as television adaptations of Passion (1995) and Sunday in the Park with George. Materials relating to films Six by Sondheim (2013), Into the Woods (2014), and Custody (2015) are also included.

League of Women Voters of Lancaster County Records - 9lf (22 ms. boxes) 

The League of Women Voters Records document the history of the organization in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The collection includes minutes, publications, publicity materials and subject files relating to League causes. 

Leinbach Family Papers (ca. 1745-1930) - 2lf (4 ms. boxes & oversize) 

The Leinbach Family Papers consist of correspondence, legal documents, photographs and fraktur compiled by this Central Pennsylvania family. The collection includes correspondence from a soldier serving in World War I, and a religious missionary working in Persia. 

Paul Leventhal Memorial Archive, Gloria and Warren Leventhal Collection - 6.5lf (15 ms. boxes, 1 flat box) 

This collection consists of autographs, sheet music, newspapers, periodicals, and playbills. Autographs are of various famous and/or prominent individuals in the field of politics, entertainment, and the military. Most autographs are of late 20th century persons, dating from the 1960s to the 1990s. Also contained in the collection is sheet music for popular songs dating from 1847 to the 1950s, newspapers and periodicals from the 19th and 20th centuries, and Theater playbills. Most 19th-century publications are religious in content. Playbills date from ca. 1920 to 2007 and mostly cover the NY stage. All materials in this collection were donated to the Archives and Special Collections by Gloria and Warren Leventhal (F&M Class of 1953) between 2002 and 2008. 

Linnaean Society of Lancaster, Pa. Records - 2lf (4.5 ms. boxes & oversize) 

The Linnaean Society was organized and chartered in 1862 by several local Lancaster individuals interested in studying and learning about the natural world. In 1889, the group was given quarters on the Franklin and Marshall College campus to meet and house their collections. The group disbanded in the early 1920's but their collections provided the core natural history collections of the North Museum. The collection consists of administrative materials, correspondence, section reports, and drawings. It is especially rich in works by the society members, S.S. Rathvon and Jacob Stauffer. 


C.H. Martin Collection of Lincolniana - 1lf (2 boxes) 

This collection consists of biographical, commemorative, and pictorial material on Abraham Lincoln dating from ca. 1865 to the 1950s. Included are articles, pamphlets, postcards, facsimiles, memorabilia, prints, advertising, and news clippings containing information about, or commemorating Lincoln. The collection is particularly strong in Lincoln iconography and lore. Also included is personal correspondence of C.H. Martin, Lancaster Lincoln researcher, and member of the Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania.

Mifflin Family Papers - 18lf  (38 ms. boxes & 4 flat drawers) 

The Mifflin Family papers consist of correspondence, legal documents, and photgraphs documenting over 200 years of this Lancaster County family. The collection is especially rich in materials relating to work of the prominent turn of the century poet, Lloyd Mifflin Jr. 

Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection -5lf (10 ms. boxes, 3 flat file drawers) 

This artificial collection contains ephemera, individual letters, land deeds, etc. which do not fit the criteria to become individual manuscript collections. 

Sarah McIlvaine Muench Family Papers - 11lf (26 ms. boxes) 

The Muench collection documents the ancestors and family of Sarah Ellmaker [McIlvaine] Muench of Lancaster County PA. Several prominent families in Lancaster County history are represented in the collection including: the Ellmaker, McIlvaine, Hubley, Fordney, Cox, Jenkins, and Michael families. The collection consists of correspondence, notes, legal documents, newspaper clippings, articles, programs, postcards and photographs dating from the mid-18th through the 20th century. 

Francis M. Mull (F&M non grad 1930) Papers - .5lf (1 box) 

This collection consists of 100 letters received by Francis Marion Mull of Jeannette, Pennsylvania while a student at Franklin and Marshall College from 1926 to 1928. Although a member of the Class of 1930, Mr. Mull apparently never received his degree having quit school sometime after December 1928. The majority of the letters were written by Francis' parents and girlfriend/wife Evalyn. Others were written by hometown friends. 


Edward J. Nichols Collection - 1lf  (2 ms. boxes) 

This collection consists of the correspondence, notes, reviews and clippings pertaining to Edward J. Nichols book Toward Gettysburg, a biography of General John Fulton Reynolds (see MS 6). 

North Family Papers - 2.5lf (5 ms. boxes, 1 oversize box) 

The North Family papers contain correspondence, official documents, scrapbooks and genealogical materials documenting the North Family of Columbia and Lancaster, PA. Hugh North Jr. gave the funds to endow a natural history museum in Lancaster which now bears his name. 


Joseph C. Passmore Papers - .25lf (.5 ms box ) 

J. C. Passmore was born June 4, 1818, the son of John Passmore, the first mayor of Lancaster, PA. As a young adult, Passmore studied law, passing the bar in 1841. In later life, he became a teacher at St. James College in Maryland and and Episcopal minister. This collection contains letters between J. C. Passmore and George W. Hunter during his first year as a lawyer in Lancaster. 

Caroline Peart Papers - 3 lf (8 ms box ) 

This collection contains the personal papers of Columbia, Pennsylvania born artist Caroline Peart (1870-1963). Strengths of the collection include personal correspondence between Caroline Peart and her husband Christian Brinton. Additional strengths include the civil war correspondence and papers of her father, industrialist John Peart. Lastly, an extensive collection of influential images provides insight into the development and understanding of Caroline Peart's artistic style.

Pennsylvania German Society Records - .25lf (.5 ms. box) 

This collection contains materials related to the Pennsylvania German Society, a nonprofit, educational organization, founded in 1891 and devoted to the study of Pennsylvania-German culture and history in Pennsylvania. Instrumental in the history of the society were members associated with Franklin and Marshall College such as George Baer, John S Stahr, and Frank Reid Diffenderffer. The society is currently headquartered in Kutztown. 

Vincent Fowler Pottle Lincolniana Collection - .5lf (1 ms box & oversize) 

The Pottle collection features photographs, lithographs and mezzotints of Abraham Lincoln and those connected to the Lincoln presidency. 


Herbert H. Rawnsley Autograph Collection - 3lf (5 ms. boxes, 5 oversize boxes, 1 flat drawer) 

This collection consists of unpublished correspondence and documents dating from the 13th through 20th centuries relating to and/or signed by historically prominent individuals such as scientists, authors, statesmen, physicians and English rulers. Also included in the collection are examples of English and American (Pennsylvania) legal papers such as deeds and a few early examples of published material such as newspapers. Dr. Herbert H. Rawnsley, a 1940 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, donated this collection to the College in 2001. The materials were personally collected by Dr. Rawnsley during a period of 20 years. 

Reynolds Family Papers, 1765 - 1934 - 6lf (16 ms. boxes, 75 vols. & oversize) 

The Reynolds Family Papers contain correspondence and diaries from this prominent 19th century Lancaster family. The collection includes materials relating to William Reynolds' adventures with the U.S. Exploring Expedition (aka. the Wilkes Expedition, 1838-42) and documents John Fulton Reynolds' experiences in the Mexican-American War and Civil War. 

Righter & Sutton Lumber Company Records - .25lf (.5 ms. box) 

This collection contains business correspondence, legal and financial documents, and orders relating to the lumber business of Washington Righter and his partner, Mr. Sutton, of Columbia, PA during the period 1847 - 1877. 

Samuel Marsteller Roeder (F & M 1875) Papers - .25lf (.5 ms box) 

This collection contains correspondence and diaries of F&M alum Samuel Roeder. The diaries depict life at Franklin and Marshall College and the Lancaster area from 1875-78. 


Rev. Nathan C. Schaeffer Papers - .25lf (.5 ms. box) 

Contains personal papers and honorary degrees given to Nathan Christ Schaeffer (1849-1919), Franklin and Marshall College Alumni and member of the Board of Trustees. 

Robert L. Schaeffer Family Collection - .25lf (oversize materials) 

This collection consists of archival documents collected by or pertaining to the family of Robert L. Schaeffer an F&M Alumnus (1904) and Trustee from 1950 to 1965. Most of the materials are family-related and/or of Pennsylvania-German cultural interest. Specific biographical material on Schaeffer can be found in the College Archives. 

Franklin J. Schaffner (F & M 1942) Collection - 50lf (109.5 ms. boxes, 8 flat boxes, 11 drawers) 

The film, theater, and television career of Academy Award winning director (and Franklin & Marshall College alum) Franklin Schaffner is documented in this collection. Scripts, screenplays, production and publicity materials, photographs and memorabilia from the films "Patton", "The Planet of the Apes", "Papillion", "The Boys From Brazil" are among those featured in the collection.

John F. Sehner Papers - .5lf  (1 ms. box) 

This collection contains the personal correspondence of a prominent 19th century Lancaster, PA businessman. The materials cover the period from 1858 - 1878. 

David Small Papers (F&M 1960) - 8lf (20 ms. boxes) 

The works of fiction writer and Franklin and Marshall College alum, David Small are documented in this collection. The collection includes drafts, reasearch notes and proofs of his published writings. 

David McNeeley Stauffer Papers ( F&M non-grad,1862) - 1.5lf (3.5 ms. boxes) 

The Stauffer Collection documents the career of David McNeeley Stauffer. Stauffer, a Civil War veteran, became a prominent civil engineer building railroads in Central America and a noted bookplate artist, The collection contains his diaries (1862, 1875-81, 1891), engineering daybooks (1882-90), and samples of his artwork. 

Stauffer Bookplate Collection - .25lf  (.5 ms. box) 

This collection consists of late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century bookplates designed by various artists, primarily including those designed by F&M alum David McNeely Stauffer. Although Stauffer spent most of his career as a civil engineer, he was noted for his work as a copper and steel engraver and designed bookplates for many prominent libraries including Franklin and Marshall. Stauffer also provided illustrations for Joseph Henry Dubbs' 1903 history of Franklin and Marshall College. 

John F. Suter (F & M 1935) Papers - 1.5lf (4 ms. boxes) 

The works of mystery-writer and Franklin and Marshall College alum, John Suter are represented in this collection. Included are drafts and galley proofs of his short stories, and audio recordings of his early radio plays. 


Unger-Bassler Frakturschriften Collection - 2lf (525 items) 

A component of the Unger-Bassler German-American Imprint Collection, this collection contains fine examples of printed and hand-illustrated geburts und taufscheins (birth and baptismal certificates), vorshrifts (writing specimens), haus segens (house blessings), drawings, and bucherzeichens (bookplates) created by Pennsylvania Germans.


West End Revolver (Club) Records - .25lf (.5 ms. boxes) 

This collection contains records of the West End Revolver, a Lancaster club that operated from ca. 1890- ca. 1940. The West End Revolver was apparently a private library/ reading club that circulated reading material among its members and perhaps discussed readings. Among the members were numerous individuals associated with Franklin and Marshall College, including Joseph H. Dubbs, Jacob Bausman, Richard Conrad Schiedt, Helen Stahr (Mrs. Edwin M.) Hartman, George F. Mull, John S. Stahr, Henry Harbaugh Apple, and Jefferson Kershner. 

Francis Lyman Windolph Papers (F & M 1908) - 1lf (2 ms. boxes) 

The Windolph papers document the career of Lancaster lawyer and author, F. Lyman Windolph. This collection includes Windolph's personal correspondence, typescripts and publications of his poetry. 

Bernard C. Wolff Papers - .5lf (1 ms box) 

This collection contains correspondence written to Bernard C. Wolff by German Reformed ministers interested in, and potential contributors to, the union of Franklin and Marshall College. The bulk of the materials in this collection dates from the year 1852. The collection also includes some personal correspondence between Wolff and John Williamson Nevin. 

Woman's Humane League of Lancaster County Records - 1.75 lf (4 ms. boxes) 

This collection contains the administrative, outreach, and publicity records of the Woman's Humane League of Lancaster County, a non-profit organization founded in 1917 and dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to, and care of, children, girls, aged persons, and animals within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In more recent years, the mission of the Humane League of Lancaster County has been to ensure the health, happiness and welfare of domesticated animals in Lancaster County. The collection includes minutes and financial records, newsletters, and newspaper clippings. 

Women's Studies Collection - 2.75lf (6.5 ms. boxes) 

Consists of feminist-related literature documenting issues in the field of Women's Studies in the United States as well as materials relating to specific Lancaster-area women's advocacy organizations and issues of local interest.

Women in World War I Collection - 1.33lf (4 ms. boxes) 

This collection contains original and reproduction materials such as books, correspondence, photographs, postcards, magazines, posters and sheet music from the period of World War I (1914-1918) that represent the roles of women in the war in words and images. Also included is the correspondence of a male soldier to his parents. 


Marshall F.L. Zeigler Papers (F & M 1908) - .25lf (.5 ms. box) 

This collection contains coursework and classroom notes created by Marshall F. L. Zeigler (F&M 1908) while a student at Franklin and Marshall College, 1904-1908. 

Zorach Collection of East German Literature - 1.5lf (4 ms. box) 

This collection consists of literature from the former Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany) collected by Franklin and Marshall College Professor of German, Cecile Zorach. Literature consists of government and non-governmental publications (some propagandic in nature), guidebooks, and magazines on themes such as politics, nuclear war, economics, youth, education, culture, and tourism. The bulk of the literature dates from the 1980s and gives a view of socialism in a Soviet-influenced, Eastern-Bloc country during the late Cold War period.