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SPA 486: Eroticism & Modernity

How do you feel about the research process?

When I think about doing research, I feel...
overwhelmed: 3 votes (23.08%)
confused: 0 votes (0%)
nervous: 0 votes (0%)
confident: 4 votes (30.77%)
like I don't know where to start: 3 votes (23.08%)
like I can find everything I need via Google: 3 votes (23.08%)
Total Votes: 13

What part of the research process do you find to be most challenging?

The part of the research process I find to be most challenging is...
choosing a topic: 0 votes (0%)
narrowing the focus of a topic: 3 votes (27.27%)
finding resources: 1 votes (9.09%)
knowing which resources I can use and cite: 0 votes (0%)
revising my original topic based on the research I am finding: 2 votes (18.18%)
citing: 1 votes (9.09%)
writing: 2 votes (18.18%)
editing: 1 votes (9.09%)
all of the above: 1 votes (9.09%)
Total Votes: 11

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