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About Us: Locations & Policies

Mission Statement
Locations: Shadek-Fackenthal Library & Martin Library of the Sciences
History of the Libraries
Media Center & Media Services
Library Hours (choose Hours tab)
Computing, Borrowing, and Building Policies
Printing Policy
Access Policy
Friends of the Library

Mission Statement

The Library supports the mission of the College by providing scholarly resources vital to liberal education and by teaching the research skills necessary for lifelong learning. The Library is committed to developing knowledgeable information consumers. With this in mind, librarians and professional staff partner with faculty and students to enable effective discovery, access, evaluation and ethical use of information.

The Library will:
  • select and preserve materials in appropriate formats that reflect the accumulated knowledge of humanity;
  • provide access to scholarly resources in appropriate formats to support the curriculum;
  • provide well-equipped and comfortable spaces conducive to scholarly study, research, and the exchange of ideas;
  • instruct and guide the college community in the use and interpretation of information resources and technologies;
  • maintain and preserve the history of the College and its environs through its archives;
  • hire and retain a progressive and professional staff attuned to the academic needs of the college community;
  • create / purchase and maintain systems to provide reliable access to information;
  • continuously assess programs, services and collections;
  • cooperate with appropriate departments on campus to maximize information resources and services;
  • actively participate in regional and national library organizations to ensure effective service provision.
Adopted October 1993; revised 1999, 2004, 2009

Locations: Shadek-Fackenthal Library & Martin Library of the Sciences

Shadek-Fackenthal Library (SFL)                                              Martin Library of the Sciences (MLS)

Shadek-Fackenthal was constructed in 1938 and renovated in 1983. Holdings include American Studies, Anthropology, Art, Athletics, Business, Classics, Dance, Economics, Education, English, Film, Government, History, Music, Philosophy, Psychology journals, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Theater.

Martin Library of the Sciences was built 1990 (dedicated 1991). Holdings include Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth & Environment, Health Sciences Information Science, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology and Archives & Special Collections.

Learn more about Library history, benefactors and College Librarians here. Library annual report for 2010-2011 (PDF). Library six-year statistics for 2005-2011 (HTM).

Computing, Borrowing, and Building Policies

Computers, Copiers, Scanners & Fax Machines

Public computers are available throughout each library for research use. Computer access requires your F&M username and password (NetID). Files may be saved to the desktop shared folder, however the shared folders are emptied during mid-term and post-term breaks. Best policy is to save your files to a flash drive, Google or eDisk account. Do not disconnect any cables at any public machine. Be sure to log out when done.

The Library does not provide open Internet or computer access to users other than current F&M faculty, students and staff who have active Net IDs. We can provide one time, desktop access to visitors with a direct connection to the College, such as alumni, prospective and current parents, FPS spouses/partners and campus speakers. Library reference staff can login these visitors and record the transaction. At all times, priority is given to current F&M faculty, students and staff. Access to Library databases is restricted to current F&M faculty, students and staff due to license agreements. Both libraries provide guest computers with access to our online catalog.

The library can not be held liable for materials viewed and used. Displaying adult websites on public computers in the presence of others could be construed as sexual harassment. Please refer to the following College policies:
Copiers and scanners are available in both library buildings. There is a fax machine available in the College Center. Domestic faxes are $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. International faxes are $8.00 for the first page and $3.00 for each additional page.

Borrowing, Reserves, Interlibrary Loan & Fines

Students can borrow up to 50 books at a time, for 28 days. Log into My Account, to renew online. You can also request renewal by phone, 291-4223. Fines for overdue books are $0.25 per day, per book. Fines for a recalled book are $1.00 per day, per book. The cost for lost books is a minimum of $70.

Your professors will place additional readings for your class on reserve. The Reserve Desk is located next to the Circulation Desk at each library. You may have one reserve item out at a time. They may be borrowed for two hours at a time and must be used in the library. You must have a barcoded ID to borrow reserves. Fines are charged for overdue reserves at the rate of $1.00 per hour.

Materials either currently checkedout or not held by F&M can be obtained or borrowed from another lending library, using Interlibrary Loan or E-Z Borrow (books only, PA libraries only). ILL articles do not need to be returned. ILL books can be renewed after the 30-day borrowing period, however some lending libraries may not allow for renewal. E-Z Borrow books can be renewed online (as described above). ILL fines are $1.00 per day after a 1 week grace period. Overdue E-Z Borrow books are $0.25 per day, per book.

Food, Drink, Recycling & Trash

Sealed drinks are permitted throughout the libraries. Food is only permitted in the Shakek-Fackenthal Periodicals Reading Room, and in the Martin Library "Snack Area" (near Periodicals). Blue (drink containers) and Green (office paper) recycling units can be found throughout the libraries. Please clean up all trash when done working at any study space or public computer.

Quiet Study & Cell Phones

Quiet study can be found on the 2nd and 3rd levels of both Shadek-Fackenthal and Martin. Quiet study is self-maintaining and self-policing, but please consult with a librarian if you are unable to encourage quiet study. Cell phones calls may be used in the library lobbies, foyers and stairwells, unless you are a considerate texter. Be kind to your fellow students and avoid unecessary disturbances!

Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms can be found throughout Shadek-Fackenthal and Martin. Some spaces allow for groups of 6 to 8 students. While discussion in study rooms is permissable, please be aware that these rooms are not sound-proof. Study rooms may be reserved by F&M students, faculty and staff at the circulation desk at each library.

Animals in Library Buildings

These situations include persons bringing pets, service animals, or therapy animals into Library buildings. Animals are not allowed in library buildings unless they are registered service or therapy animals. Service and therapy animals must be registered with the Office of Disability Services in order to be allowed in Library buildings. For more information, please see

Printing Policy

The GoPrint print management system is installed in several spaces around campus, including both Libraries, the Harris Center's Innovation Zone, and at the Life Sciences computer lab. Students can print normally from public computers, then review and choose to release their jobs at the GoPrint release station nearest the printer. Wireless printing is not available.

The Fine Print
  • Black & white printing costs $.04 per page, regardless if printing one or both sides. Color printing costs $.50 per page, regardless if printing one or both sides.
  • The noted "Credit Available 500.00" refers to your operating window for printing. So you may print up to a $500 print limit during a print billing cycle. This does NOT mean you have $500 in free printing! Presently this is a display fuction that cannot be edited. If you have any questions, please see a librarian at the Ask Me desk.
  • Printing charges will appear on student bills three times per year - early November, early February, late April for seniors and late May for underclasses.
  • Library staff can check and adjust user print charges. Adjustment is limited to print problems due to hardware or software malfunction. Reimbursement forms are available at service desks at the Libraries and the Innovation Zone.
  • Students printing Honors Theses or doing Hackman research can request credit for those print jobs.
  • There is a 100 page limit and 30MB file size limit per print job. There is no limit to how many jobs you can print, so you can divide larger print jobs to meet the 100 page and 30MB file limits.
  • Print jobs will be automatically deleted from the GoPrint Station after 2 hours. Clock begins when print job is issued.
  • Issued printjobs are archived for 6 hours, and can be freely retrieved if needed.
Tips & Tricks
  • Consider saving and reading PowerPoint presentations and PDFs onscreen whenever possible.
  • Use simple filenames, with extensions, such as english-paper.docx . Filenames with symbols, spaces and without extensions can confuse printers, resulting in blocked print queues.
  • Be fair to fellow printers by printing 5 printjobs at a time. Issuing 20 or 30 printjobs all at once can cause considerable queues and unhappy peers!
  • Use basic fonts whenever possible, such at Times or Ariel. Complex or obscure fonts may not be in the printer font library and can cause printjobs to fail. Saving files as PDFs might also allow complex files to print normally.
  • If you must print a PowerPoint document, be sure the background color is light and print multiple slides per page. To adjust background color, choose Format, then Slide Background, click on Color and choose Automatic. To print multiple slides, choose File, Print, click on Slides next to Print What, and choose the number of slides per page.
  • Printing directions can differ between types and versions of applications. Please consult with a librarian at the Ask Me desk if you are unsure how best to print.
  • Print double-sided print whenever possible. Reduce waste and save money!

Access Policy

Visitors are welcome to use the collections and services of the College Library during regular posted building hours. Most computers in the library require College issued usernames and passwords, and are primarily intended for use of databases restricted by licensed agreement. Community users browsing our online catalog, seeking information published by the federal government, or wishing to access .edu, .gov or .mil websites are welcome to use the guest computers for these purposes.

The primary clientele of the College Library are the current students, faculty and professional staff of Franklin and Marshall College. Our first objective is to meet the academic needs of this clientele and ensure their reasonable access to the resources and services of the libraries. Other users may be asked to yield to the needs of our primary users. (see access policy above for details)

The College Library reserves the right to enforce policies on food, drink, smoking, or established building rules and guidelines. Those who abuse privileges will be asked to leave, and may no longer be permitted to use College Library facilities. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. Parents must supervise children and remind them that others may be studying or working on projects that require a quiet environment.

User Group Borrowing Privileges Type of Card No# of books ILL Databases
F&M students yes F&M ID 50 yes all
F&M FPS yes F&M ID 100 yes all
F&M Spouses yes F&M ID 50 yes .edu, .gov
F&M Dependents1 yes F&M ID 5 yes .edu, .gov
F&M Retirees yes F&M ID 100 yes all
F&M Alumni yes F&M ID 5 no .edu, .gov
F&M Alumni Spouses yes F&M ID 5 no .edu, .gov
ACLCP Schools - Faculty, Staff & Students 2 yes FOL card 5 no .edu, .gov
Lancaster Theological Seminary - Faculty yes FOL card 5 no .edu, .gov
Lancaster Theological Seminary - Students yes FOL card 5 no .edu, .gov
PA School of Art & Design yes FOL card 5 no .edu, .gov
PA Academy of Music yes FOL card 5 no .edu, .gov
Lancaster Bible College no none 0 no .edu, .gov
Colleges not indicated no none 0 no .edu, .gov
North Museum (not volunteers) yes F&M ID 5 yes all
Friends of the Library yes FOL card 5 no .edu, .gov
Friends of the College yes F&M ID 5 no .edu, .gov
CTY Staff yes CTY ID 50 no .edu, .gov
CTY Students 3 no none 0 no .edu, .gov
Archives Visitors no none 0 no .edu, .gov
High School Students 4 no none 0 no .edu, .gov
Jr. High Students no none 0 no .edu, .gov
Elementary School Students no none 0 no .edu, .gov

1- A dependent is no longer considered as such upon reaching the age of 21 years.

2 - Albright, Alvernia, Bloomsburg, Bucknell, Dickinson, Dickinson Law, Elizabethtown, Gettysburg, HACC, Juniata, Kutztown, LVC, Lycoming, Messiah, Millersville, Penn College of Technology, Penn State Harrisburg, Shippensburg, State Library of PA, Susquehanna, US Army War College, Wilson, York

3 - CTY may use computers if supervised by CTY staff

4 - High School students must be accompanied by an adult, unless a student is 18 years of age.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library at Franklin & Marshall College was organized in October 1986 as a prelude to the bicentennial celebration of the College. The purpose of the Friends is to advance the Library as a cultural and historical resource both within the College and in the larger community by providing support for development of library collections beyond the confines of the instructional program. We hope, moreover, to instill among the students who pass through its doors a sense of the Library as something more than a place to study and a warehouse of books.

Books, however, are uppermost on the agenda of the Friends. The primary use of membership dues is for books and manuscripts whose acquisition would not normally be possible using the funds supplied by the College for regular library purchases. These may include examples of contemporary book making from small presses, additions to established rare books and manuscript collections (such as the Unger-Bassler Collection of German Americana), or simply desirable works too expensive to be purchased otherwise.

The activities of the Friends include public lectures featuring speakers who address a variety of topics relating to books, libraries, collecting and preservation. Members of the Friends of the Library also receive borrowing privileges to all circulating library collections (as noted in the Access Policy). In-library Internet access is limited to the domains .edu, .gov and .mil.

Friends must be 21 years of age. Membership is open to all who wish to consider themselves Friends of the Franklin & Marshall College Library in the following membership categories:

Active - Single $25.00
Active - Couple $35.00
Contributing $50.00
Sustaining $100.00
Patron $250.00 and above

The membership year begins January 1. Initial membership beginning after July will run until the second succeeding year.

Current F&M students and Seniors 65+ are invited to join the Friends at the rate of $5.00 per year.

To join, please drop us a note with your Name, Address and Membership Contribution, or print and complete the online Friends of the Library application (.pdf), and send to:

Friends of the F&M College Library
Shadek-Fackenthal Library
P.O. Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003

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