If your question is not answered by the content on this page, please contact the Interlibrary Loan staff - available in Shadek-Fackenthal weekdays from 8am-4pm - via or (717) 358-4224.

Can textbooks be requested using ILL?
No, textbooks are not eligible to be requested via ILL.

What should I do if I am having trouble logging into my ILLiad account?
Sometimes server upgrades interfere with ILLiad logins. To regain access, try:
  • clearing the cache of your browser
  • exiting the browser and re-opening it
  • using a different browser to log in

Who can use F&M's ILL service?
Current students, professors and professional staff members.

How long will it take for my item(s) to get here?
The ILL process takes anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending upon the availability of requested items.

Can I check the status of my requests?
Yes! Log in to ILLiad and click on "Active Requests."

How will I know when my requested items are available for me to use?
  • For articles, you will be notified via email message* when an article is available for downloading from ILLiad. Should the providing library send a photocopy, we will send it to you via campus mail. (*To prevent ILLiad notification messages from being delivered to a spam folder, we highly recommend you add the email address to your list of contacts/trusted addresses soon after creating your account.)
  • For books and other physical items, you will be notified through your F&M e-mail account when the item is ready to be picked up at the Shadek-Fackenthal Library main desk. The due-date will be noted on the band wrapped around the item.

How do I download my requested articles?
Log in to ILLiad and click on "Articles Available for Download."

How will I know when my ILL item is due back at the library?
The item's due-date appears on the band wrapped around the item.

Can I view a list of all items checked out to me?
Yes! Log in to ILLiad and click on "Items Checked Out."

Where do I return my borrowed ILL items?
Return the items to the main desk at either Shadek-Fackenthal Library or Martin Library of the Sciences.

How can I request a renewal for items I have borrowed?
First, check the band wrapped around the item - if the statement "No Renewals" appears, no option for renewing the item will appear in ILLiad. If that statement does not appear, Log in to ILLiad, then:
  • click on "Items Checked Out"
  • click on the Transaction Number of the item for which you would like to request a renewal
  • click on the "Renew Request" link and your renewal request will be initiated. Within a few days you will receive an email message indicating whether or not your request was accepted by the providing library. If so, a new due date will be assigned. If the renewal request was denied, the item will remain due on the original due date.

Are there fines for overdue ILL items?
Yes. The fine for overdue ILL items is $1/day.

I damaged/lost the ILL item I borrowed. What should I do?
Notify ILL staff members know as soon as possible so that they may inform the providing library to learn of replacement fees, etc.

Can I cancel requests?
Yes! Log in to ILLiad, then:
  • click on "Active Requests"
  • click on the Transaction Number of the request you would like to cancel
  • click on the "Cancel Request" link. Doing so will nofity ILL staff to delete the request from your account.

Can I view a record of all of my ILLiad requests?
Yes! Log in to ILLiad and click on "Record of All Requests."


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