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Research Resources: Class Guides

GOV 309: The Congress


Encyclopedia of the American Legislative System (3 vols.)
Ref. Balcony JF 501 .E53 1994

Congressional Quarterly Almanac (CQ)
Ref. Balcony JK 1 .C663 1961 - 2004
also available online. Provides a summary of legislative activity in Congress for a given year. Each volume begins with an overview of the particular congress, with the major accomplishments highlighted. The following chapters discuss the debate and passage of legislation in 9 broad areas (e.g., economy, defense, foreign policy, appropriations). Roll call charts for the bills are included, as are voting studies, presidential messages, and public laws.

Congressional Directory, 2009-2010: 111th Congress
Ref. Balcony JK 1011 2009-10
Also available on FDSys.

Almanac of American Politics 2012
Ref. Balcony JK 1012 .A44 2012 (older volumes in the stacks)
Provides a detailed look at members of Congress and their districts; includes voting records and election results. A copy is also ON RESERVE in the library (and a copy can be found in the Government Department's office).

Congressional Quarterly's Guide to Congress, 6th Ed. (2 vols.)
Ref. Balcony JK 1021 .C565 2008
Encyclopedia coverage of the work of Congress.

Congress and the Nation, 2005-2008: Politics and Policy in the 109th and 110th Congresses
Ref. Balcony JK 1021 .C6 Vol. 12 (with 11 previous volumes)
Detailed summary and analysis of the work of specific congresses.

Congress A to Z, 5th Ed.
Ref. Balcony JK 1021 .C554 2008
A good dictionary of terms and concepts.

Historical Dictionary of the U. S. Congress
Ref. Balcony JK 1021 .S37 2011
Brief background information, arranged by names and topics.

Committees in the U. S. Congress, 1789-1946 (4 vols.)
Ref. Balcony JK 1029 .C64 2002

Committees in the U. S. Congress, 1993-2010
Ref. Balcony JK 1029 .C64 2011

Committees in the U. S. Congress, 1947-1992
Ref. Balcony JK 1029 .N45 1993

Vital Statistics on Congress 2008
Ref. Balcony JK 1041 .V58 2008

Directory of Congressional Voting Scores and Interest Group Ratings, 3rd Ed. (2 vols.)
Ref. Balcony JK 1051 .S555 2000

Encyclopedia of the United States Congress (4 vols.)
Ref. Balcony JK 1067 .E63 1995

Congressional Districts in the 2000s: A Portrait of America
Ref. Balcony JK 1341 .C65 2003


Congressional Bills
Bills from 1993 to the present are available on FDSys.

United States Statutes at Large
Ref. Balcony KF 50 .U52 (1893 - )
This is the first permanent form of federal laws. One or more volumes are compiled for each legislative session. Recent laws are issued in "slip" format, arranged by Public Law number. Public Laws from 1995 to the present are available on FDSys.

United States Code
Ref. Balcony KF 62 1992 .A2
This is the official codification of all federal laws, divided into 50 subject areas (or titles). Specific subject indexing is included, as well as a listing of the laws by popular names. Also available on FDSys.

Congressional Committee Hearings
U.S. Doc. Y4 ....
Printed transcripts of hearings before House and Senate committees on a variety of topics. Recent hearings are also available online through FDSys.

Congressional Record
U.S. Doc. X/A ....(1921 - present in paper; 1873-1921 on microfilm
Daily transcripts of speeches and remarks delivered on the floor of the House and Senate. The CR is also available online, from 1994 to the present, through FDSys.


Budget of the United States Government:Fiscal Year 2013
Ref. HJ 2051 .A5 2013
This is a mammoth compilation of the administration's proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The current budget is provided in five volumes, plus a brief "Citizen's Guide." The Appendix contains 1,413 pages of detailed budget estimates arranged by agency. There is also a useful section of summary data, the President's budget message to Congress, and theoretical justifications for the proposals. There is a handy glossary of budget terms and a detailed index. The online version of the Fiscal Year 2011 Budget is available on FDSys

Historical Tables: Budget of the United States Government: Fiscal Year 2013
Ref. HJ 2051 .A5 2013
Provides data on budget receipts, outlays, surpluses or deficits, and federal debt over extended time periods - usually from 1934 or 1940 to 2015. An excellent quick source for budget data. The online version of the Fiscal Year 2011 Historical Tables is available on FDSys

Appropriations Hearings
U.S. Doc. Y4 AP 6/1:
Transcripts of hearings before the House Committee on Appropriations. These are published annually and fill many shelves in the government documents stacks. Generally these hearings are not available online.


A service of the US Government Printing Office and the Superintendent of Documents, this provides access to a wealth of current government information. It includes online access to Presidential documents, public laws, Supreme Court opinions, and federal regulations.

Thomas (Library of Congress)
The Library of Congress' electronic access to legislative information: bills, public laws, and committees.

CQ Almanac
An annual overview and analysis of congressional activity. See the description above, in the first section of the class guide. Coverage is from 1945 through 2009.

CQ Weekly Reports
This publication updates the CQ Almanac with a weekly reporting and analysis of congressional activity. Provides text and summaries of major legislation. This is the best source for tracking the progress of a bill in congress and contains charts for "Bills to Watch" and "Status of Appropriations").

CQ's Politics in America
Similar to the Almanac of American Politics, with slightly more analysis. The volumes from 2000 to 2008 can be searched here.

Connections to full-text newspaper articles (including the New York Times), business information, and legal resources.

Congressional Search
Access to publications of the US Congress - indexing, abstracting, and some full-text of committee hearings, reports, bills, and public laws.

Social Sciences Full Text
Indexes and abstracts over 400 English-language periodicals in all areas of the social sciences, including politics and economics.

Catalog of Government Publications
An index of all federal government publications from 1976 to the present.

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