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United States Government Manual, 2007-08
Ref. JK 421 .A3, kept at Reference Desk
Issued every October, this is the official directory of the U. S. government. The Manual provides information on the agencies of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, as well as quasi-official agencies, boards, and commissions. A list of the principal officials is provided, with descriptive information (statement of purpose, brief history, major programs and activities). This is a good source for addresses and phone numbers of specific offices. Older editions are kept in the regular book stacks. Also available on GPO Access


Budget of the United States Government:Fiscal Year 2008
Ref. HJ 2051 .A5 2008
This is a mammoth compilation of the administration's proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The current budget is provided in five volumes, plus a brief "Citizen's Guide." The Appendix contains 1,296 pages of detailed budget estimates arranged by agency. There is also a useful section of summary data, the President's budget message to Congress, and theoretical justifications for the proposals. There is a handy glossary of budget terms and a detailed index. Also available on GPO Access

The Guide to the Federal Budget: Fiscal 1998
Ref. HJ 2051 .G84 1998
A convenient guide to the congressional budget process and an overview of the federal budget. Contains selective statistical tables and brief analysis.

Historical Tables: Budget of the United States Government: Fiscal Year 2008
Ref. HJ 9 .U56 2008
Provides data on budget receipts, outlays, surpluses or deficits, and federal debt over extended time periods - usually from 1934 or 1940 to 1998. An excellent quick source for budget data.

Appropriations Hearings
U.S. Doc. Y4 AP 6/1:
Transcripts of hearings before the House Committee on Appropriations. These are published annually and fill many shelves in the government documents stacks. Generally these hearings are not available online.


United States Statutes at Large
Ref. Balcony KF 50 .U52 (1893 - )
This is the first permanent form of federal laws. One or more volumes are compiled for each legislative session. Recent laws are issued in "slip" format, arranged by Public Law number. Public Laws from 1995 to the present are available on GPO Access.

United States Code
Ref. Balcony KF 62 1992 .A2
This is the official codification of all federal laws, divided into 50 subject areas (or titles). Specific subject indexing is included, as well as a listing of the laws by popular names. Title 21 is Food and Drugs; Title 42 is Public Health and Welfare. Also available on GPO Access.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Ref. Balcony KF 70 .A34
This is a subject accumulation of rules currently in force, also divided into 50 titles (most of which correspond to the United States Code). It is nothing less than "a codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government." There is a separate index volume to the CFR. Title 21 is Food and Drugs (9 vols.) and Title 42 is Public Health and Welfare )4 vols.). The current edition is also available on GPO Access.

Federal Register
U.S. Doc. AE 2.106, Ground Floor
Published five days a week, this contains news of Executive rules and all presidential proclamations, rules and regulations of the various bureaus and departments of the federal government, decisions of fact-finding bodies, and all proposed regulations. Material from 1994 to the present is available on GPO Access. Only the most recent two years of the FR are retained in paper copy by the library.


Encyclopedia of Federal Agencies and Commissions
Ref. Balcony JK 9 .H536 2004
Good brief background, access and contact information.

Federal Agency Profiles for Students
Ref. Balcony JK 421 .F42 1999
A convenient guide to information about each major federal agency. The agency's mission, Organizational structure, programs, history, budget, and publications are presented. Includes Contact information and a brief bibliography.

Government Agencies
Ref. Balcony JK 421 .G65 1983
An excellent source of description and background information on most government agencies, bureaus, commissions and cabinet departments. Each entry includes the history and development of the agency, a current assessment of its role in U.S. government, and a list of reference sources. Chronological and genealogical charts in the appendix are very helpful in tracing the growth of the federal bureaucracy.

Congressional Quarterly Almanac (CQ)
Ref. Balcony JK 1 .C663 1980 - older volumes in general stacks
Provides a summary of legislative activity in Congress for a given year. Each volume begins with an overview of the particular congress, with the major accomplishments highlighted. The following chapters discuss the debate and passage of legislation in 9 broad areas (e.g., economy, defense, foreign policy, appropriations). Roll call charts for the bills are included, as are voting studies, presidential messages, and public laws.

The 2004 Prune Book: Top Management Challenges for Presidential Appointees
Ref. Balcony JK 723 .E9T715 2004
This rather off-beat reference book describes the duties, responsibilities and requirements for the top administrative positions in the U.S. government. Includes cabinet department secretaries, agency directors, and the most important assistant-level positions. Each cabinet department is included, along with the CIA, EPA, NASA, and the management agencies (GSA, OMB, OPM).

The American Political Dictionary, 8th Edition
Ref. Balcony JK 9 .P55 1989
One of several standard political dictionaries available in the library. This one is divided into 14 broad chapters, rather than following a typical dictionary format. Each chapter contains an alphabetical listing of key terms, a description of important agencies, discussion of important court cases, and the significance of the major statutes.

Federal Regulatory Directory, 10th Edition
Ref. Balcony KF 5406 .A15F4 2001
Profiles of the major (and lesser) regulatory agencies, as well as the agencies affiliated with the cabinet-level departments. Each profile gives historical background on the agency, a review of important regulations, recent developments, and an outlook for the near future.

The Book of the States, 2007
Ref. Balcony JK 2403 .B6 2007
An annual directory, published by the Council of State Governments, that provides an administrative overview of state government. Contains data on state finances, programs, regulations, and intergovernmental affairs. With supplements.

U.S. Government on the Web
Ref. ZA 5075 .H47 2003, this kept behind the Reference Desk
One of many guides to federal department and agency web sites.


GPO Access
A service of the US Government Printing Office and the Superintendent of Documents, this provides access to a wealth of current government information. It includes online access to Presidential documents, public laws, Supreme Court opinions, and federal regulations.

A service that provides access to web pages of government agencies and to government services in general.

Easy access to proposed federal regulations.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Updated daily with announcements, reports, regulations. The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research is an important component of the FDA.

National Institutes of Health
The home page of the NIH provides links to 27 specialized institutes and centers.

Thomas (Library of Congress)
The Library of Congress' electronic access to legislative information: bills, public laws, and committees.

CQ Weekly Reports
This publication updates the CQ Almanac with a weekly reporting and analysis of congressional activity. Provides text and summaries of major legislation. This is the best source for tracking the progress of a bill in congress and contains charts for "Bills to Watch" and "Status of Appropriations").

Washington Information Directory
An annual guide to the official and unofficial agencies and organizations that support the workings of the U.S. government. The directory is divided into 17 broad subject areas. Each section includes the departments and agencies of the federal government, congressional committees, and private organizations. Brief information is provided, with addresses, phone numbers and names of contact persons. Also includes several "ready reference" lists: foreign embassies and ambassadors, state officials, congressional offices, etc. Contains organization charts and other tables.

Connections to full-text newspaper articles (including the New York Times), business information, and legal resources.

Congressional Universe
Access to publications of the US Congress - indexing, abstracting, and some full-text of committee hearings, reports, bills, and public laws.

Social Sciences Full Text
Indexes and abstracts over 400 English-language periodicals in all areas of the social sciences, including politics and economics.

PAIS International (Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin)
Comprehensive subject index to periodical articles, books, government publications, and reports relating to economic and social conditions, public administration and global relations. Coverage is from 1972 to the present; updated monthly. An archival database, covering 1915-1976, is also available.

GPO Monthly Catalog
An index of all federal government publications from 1976 to the present.

Yahoo Government Links
A variety of government links can be found in the Yahoo menus; follow the path U.S. Government - Executive Branch - Departments and Agencies. You can also do free-text searching for political topics on Yahoo.

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