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NTW 134: Global Change

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Try a variety of subject headings including: climate change, global warming, greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, power sources, renewabl energy sources.


The ABC-CLIO Companion to the Environmental Movement
Sci Ref GE 197 .G76 1994
A detailed guide to the American conservation and environmental movement throughout history; includes much biographical information and good bibliographies.

Full access to more than 7100 articles, 115,000 definitions, 2,000 biographies, and research advances in science and technology. Updated daily.

Atlas of Global Change
Sci Ref GE 149 .G4813 1998
Color photographs highlight the diversity of landscapes, structures, forms, and colors. Intended to raise our awareness of natural processes and the consequences of human intervention.

Conservation and Environmentalism: an Encyclopedia
Sci Ref GE 10 .C68 1995
Information about issues, surveys, organizations, academic disciplines, government, publications. Arranged alphabetically, indexed. Signed articles include bibliographies.

Dictionary of Environment and Development
Sci Ref GE 10 .C78 1993
Brief entries on prominent people, places, ideas and environmental organizations. A good place to find comprehensive definitions.

Encyclopedia of Biodiversity
Sci Ref QH 541.15 .B56 E53 2001
Covers plant and animal diversity, loss, change and range ecology.

Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather
Sci Ref QC854 .E523 1996

Encyclopedia of Earth System Science
Sci Ref QE5 .E514 1992

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science
Sci Ref QH540.4 .E526 1999

Encyclopedia of Global Change
Sci Ref GE149 .E443 2002

Encyclopedia of Global Change: Environmental Change and Human Society
Sci Ref GE149 .E47 2002

Encyclopedia of the Biosphere
Sci Ref QH 343.4 .B5613 2000
Each volume address a different biome. Many color pictures and illustrations.

Energy Dictionary
SCI REF TJ163.2 H87
Features include an overview essay, some illustrations and a bibliography.

Energy Handbook
SCI REF TJ163.2 L63
Arranged in 16 chapters ranging from energy efficiency and conservation to geothermal energy. Data is drawn from many sources and well referenced.

Gale Environmental Almanac
Ref GE 80 .H69 1993
Dictionary, encyclopedia, bibliography, directory, case law reporter all in one. Includes chronology and chapters on the American conservation movement, government, business, science and international endeavors. An excellent place to begin. Well indexed.

Macmillan Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences
Sci Ref QE5 .E5137 1996

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Energy
SCI REF TJ163.2 M3
Includes over 300 articles written by specialists arranged in two parts: Energy Perspectives and Energy Technology. Bibliographies included.

National Audubon Society Almanac of the Environment
Sci Ref GE 195.7 .H37
Subtitled the Ecology of Everyday Life. Chapters include Body, Home, Community, Land and Ocean, and Cultural Ecology. Written in a chatty, non-technical manner. Clearly biased toward the conservation movement. Indexed.

The State of the Earth Atlas
Ref Atlas G 1046 .G3S4 1990
Contains world maps with graphic depictions of environmental topics (such as the extent of the rain forest, safe drinking water, population).

The United States Energy Atlas
SCI REF TJ163.25 U6C83 1986
Provides a review of both renewable and nonrenewable energy resources. Serves as a resource for those seeking detailed information on a specific resource and those who need an overview of broad areas. Includes a glossary, table of contents, index and list of suggested readings.


Bibliographies are book length guides to periodical and monographic literature on specific topics. Most of the time they are broad-based and comprehensive, so this library may not have much of the material referred to in the listings.
Beacham's Guide to Environmental Issues and Sources
Ref GE115 .B43 1993

Island Press Bibliography of Environmental Literature
Sci Ref QH541.Z2 I85 1993

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews
Searchable full-text access to annual reviews in the biomedical, physical, and social sciences.
Search by "table of contents." Coverage from 1984 - 1995.
Search abstracts only. Coverage from 1990 -1993.
Search the full-text of current volumes (1996 - present)

Selected list of Related Annual Reviews
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics
Annual Review of Environment and Resources

Indexes & Article Collections

Over 2.9 million records covering every major agricultural subject. Compiled by the National Agricultural Library of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Covers 1970 to the present.

Biological Abstracts
Covers all literature in the life sciences journal from 2003 - present. Enables simultaneous searching with Web of Science and Medline. Includes some links to full-text articles, although primaraly used for index and abstract navigation and retrieval. Indexes printed materials from 1918 - 1996 (print subscription canceled after 1996).

Biological & Agricultural Index via OmniFile Full Text Mega
Indexes nearly 250 domestic and international English-language periodicals with life sciences and agricultural subjects. Includes book reviews. Covers 1983 to the present.

Searchable full text aggregation of more than 60 bioscience research journals. The titles are published by scholarly societies and have formerly been available in print. Access to individual journal titles can also be found on the Biology "by Subject" page.

A collection of over 60 subject-specific indexes and databases (most are listed here).

GPO Monthly Catalog
Over 380,000 records on all subjects of interest to the U.S. government. Covers July 1976 to the present.

General Science Full Text
Journals and magazines from the U.S. and Great Britain, covering all major scientific fields. Indexing from 1984 to present, abstracting from 1993 to present.

More than 500,000 records covering international literature on geology, geography, and ecology. Covers 1980 to present.

Nearly 2 million records about geology and earth sciences. Covers 1785 to the present (North America) and 1933 to the present (entire world).

A collection of abstracts and articles from over 100 scholarly journals, many dating from the nineteenth-century to the last 4 or 5 years.

Connections to newspaper articles (including New York Times and Washington Post), business information (including SEC filings), and legal resources (including state and federal case law).

PAIS International
Index to policy-oriented literature (books, journal articles and U.S. and foreign government documents). International coverage of information about political, economic and social issues and events in specific countries. Covers 1972 to the present.

Web of Science (ISI)
The Institute of Scientific Information's premier citation databases in the physical, life, and social sciences. Search for articles that cite a known author or work or by standard search queries. Covers 1965 to the present.

Government Resources

Congressional Committee Hearings
Provides links to the full text of the transcripts of selected House and Senate committee hearings, 1995 to the present.

Congressional Universe
Indexing, abstracting, and some full-text of publications of the U.S. Congress. Covers 1970 to the present.

GPO Catalog of U.S. Government Publications
An index for federal publications that provides direct links to those documents that are available online. Covers July 1976 to the present.

Thomas (Legislative Information from the Library of Congress)
A major source for finding bills, public laws, and other congressional materials.

Publications from the Department of Energy
Science Library Docs E.....
A variety of reports, manuals, and statistical compilations.

Monthly Energy Review
microfilm (1978-98) and,
Issued by the Energy Information Administration, Office of Energy Markets and End Use, U.S. Department of Energy. Contains current and historical statistics on U.S. production, storage, imports and consumption of petroleum, natural gas and coal. Website provides the latest issue and historical information.

Annual Energy Review

International Energy Annual.
SCI TJ163.13 I573 and SCI DOC E 3.11/20:date (microfiche) and
Website provides most recent issue and historical data.

International Energy Outlook
SCI DOC E 3.11/20-3:date (paper with more recent on microfiche)
Related projections available at

Publications from the Environmental Protection Agency
Science Library Docs EP.....
A variety of reports, manuals, and studies - some are on microfiche.

Internet Resources

A. Search Engines/Portals
B. Criteria to consider when evaluating Web sites:
    1. Authority: Who is responsible for the content? Are they an expert on the topic? Does the author identify her/him/them-self?

    2. Objectivity: Why was the site created? Is the information presented with a minimum of bias? Is the site meant to persuade the reader?

    3. Content: What is presented? Is the content focused, or does it stray all over the place? Is the site appropriate for research/scholarly purposes? Is the design of the site more important than the content?

    4. Accuracy: Does the site feature a list of sources, or bibliography, or links to other similar sites? Are other authorities cited?

    5. Currency: Is the web site current? Is it currently being maintained? Is there indication of when it was last updated anywhere on the page?
* TIP: When using a web site for research, print a copy of the first page for verification. Web sites come and go easily!

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