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GOV 240: Political & Social Change in Non-Western Societies

International Organizations

UN - United Nations
IMF - International Monetary Fund
WB - World Bank
OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
United States Department of State
United States Department of Commerce
Peace Corps, Greenpeace

General Reference Sources

Europa World Yearbook
Ref. D2 .E8 2005

International Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia, & Oceania, 1750-2000
Ref. HA 4675 .M552 2003

World Development Indicators 2005 (World Bank)
Ref. HC 59.15 .W656 2005

Encyclopedia of Democracy (4 vols.)
Ref. Balcony JC 423 .E53 1995

Selected Sources on Countries

The Far East and Australasia 2005
Ref. DS 1 .F3 2005

The Middle East and North Africa 2004
Ref. DS 49 .M5 2004

South Asia 2004
Ref. DS 331 .S6518 2004

Africa South of the Sahara 2005
Ref. DT 351 .A37 2005

South America, Central America, and the Caribbean 2006
Ref. F 1408.29 .S69 2006

World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties, 3rd Ed. (3 vols.)
Ref. Balcony JF 2011 .W67 1999

Nigeria, a country study
Ref. DT 515.22 .N53 1992 (prepared by the Library of Congress; there is a “country study” for most countries)

International Financial Statistics
Ref. HG 61 .I58 (recent year in Reference Room, previous 9 years found on Ground Level)

Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices (annual; US State Dept.)
Ref. HF 1410 .C69

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (annual; US State Dept.)
Ref. Balcony JC 571 .U48 (also available on the State Department's Web Site - see below)

Amnesty International Repport 2005: The State of the World's Human Rights
Ref. Balcony JC 571 .A44 2005

Online Sources

Full-text newspapers, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and papers from other countries.

Social Sciences Full Text
Guide to the literature of the social sciences, 1983- present

PAIS International
Public Affairs Information Service, updated monthly.

Periodical Abstracts
From over 1,500 scholarly and popular journals.

CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online
A comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs. Includes full-text of articles, proceedings from conferences, books, journals, and policy briefs.

U.S. Department of State

Terrific starting point for web-resources.
Try the “Business and Economy” and “Government” sections.

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