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BIO102: Tuberculosis

Print Materials

Reference Sources
The American Heritage Stedman's Medical Dictionary
Sci Ref R121.A53 2002
Brief entries provide clear, accurate and jargon-free definitions.

Cecil Textbook of Medicine
Sci Ref RC46.C423 2000
Classic medical text in its 22nd edition.

Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases
Sci Ref RC112.T87 1998
Serves as a guide to a wide range of infectious diseases and lists sources of additional information. Features a bibliography, websites, organizations and hot-lines.

Encyclopedia of Microbiology
Sci Ref QR9.E53 2000
Articles are well organized and often include a glossary and bibliography. Make use of the index to locate a wide range of topics from the structure of genes to disease. 4 vol.

Encyclopedia of Public Health
Sci Ref RA423.E53 2002
Includes wide array of articles for topics related to public health including tuberculosis, drug resistance, immunizations.

Encyclopedia of Social Issues
Ref HN57.E59 1997
Contains two brief articles on tuberculosis.

Global Health Statistics
Sci Ref RA407.M87 1996
Reports the incidence, prevalence, and mortality estimates for over 200 conditions reported in the Global Burden of Disease study.

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine
Sci Ref RC46.H333 2001
Considered the Bible of internal medicine.

Health at a Glance
Sci Ref RA407 H435 2001
Statistics highlight changes in health status and health systems across OECD countries.

Health in the Americas
Sci Ref RA407.5 L3 P18 2002
Volume 1 includes statistics and analysis of the current health situation. Volume 2 offers analysis for each of the 48 countries and territories of the Americas.

Oxford Companion to the Body
Sci Ref QM7.O96 2001
Focuses on normal body function although some diseases and medical conditions of social and historical significance are covered. Includes suggested readings.

Oxford Textbook of Public Health
Sci Ref RA 425.O9 1997
Presents the range, philosophy and historical development of public health. 3vols.

Portrait of Health in the United States
Sci Ref RA407.3 P67 2001
Presents trends based on health correlates, conditions, care and consequences.

Statistical Handbook on Infectious Diseases
Sci Ref RA643.W33 2003
Covers trends, TB and HIV, case rates by demographics, subpopulations and forms of the disease.

Vital Statistics of the United States, Vol. II - Mortality
REF HA203.A22 v.2
Statistics on tuberculosis can be found in Section I, "General Mortality" in Table 1-7, "Death Rates for 72 Selected Causes."
Government Publications
United States Statutes at Large
Ref Balcony KF 50 .U52
The laws of the United States, published chronologically and arranged by Public Law number. First published in "slip" or pamphlet form. Available electronically on GPO Access and Thomas.

United States Code
Ref Balcony KF 62 1994 .A2
The laws of the United States, codified into 50 different "titles" or subject areas. Many of the environmental laws are found in Title 42, "Public Health and Welfare." Available electronically on GPO Access and Thomas.

Code of Federal Regulations
Ref Balcony KF 70 .A3
The regulations of the departments and agencies of the United States, codified into 50 titles. Title 40 deals with "Protection of the Environment." Available electronically on GPO Access.

Federal Register
Docs AE 2.106:
Published daily (Monday-Friday), this contains the proposed regulations from the departments and agencies of the US government. Available electronically on GPO Access.

Health United States
Sci Ref RA 407.3 .U57
An annual compilation of data from the National Center for Health Statistics. Health statistics are also available through Statistical Universe and FedStats.

Online Resources

I. Indexes & Abstracts
Biological Abstracts
Covers all literature in the life sciences journal from 2003 - present. Enables simultaneous searching with Web of Science and Medline. Includes some links to full-text articles, although primaraly used for index and abstract navigation and retrieval. Indexes printed materials from 1918 - 1996 (print subscription canceled after 1996).
Location: Science Reference QH301 .B37

General Science Full Text
Journals and magazines from the U.S. and Great Britain, covering all major scientific fields. Indexing from 1984 to present, abstracting from 1993 to present.

GPO Monthly Catalog
Over 380,000 records on all subjects of interest to the U.S. government. Covers July 1976 to the present.

MEDLINE provides access to over 12 million citations back to the mid-1960's in all areas of medicine, including dentistry and nursing.

PAIS International
Comprehensive subject index to periodical articles, books, government publications, and reports relating to economic and social conditions, public administration and global relations. Covers 1972 to the present.

Sociological Abstracts
Full version comprehensive database of over 1500 journals covering sociology, social work, and other social sciences. Covers 1963 to the present.
II. Full-Text Resources
A collection of abstracts and articles from over 100 scholarly journals considered primary representatives of their disciplines.

Connections to newspaper articles, business information, and legal resources. Search both Academic Universe and Statistical Universe. Try General News Topics or Medical. Statistical Universe provides indexing and some full text of statistical publications from the US Government and many private organizations.

Project Muse
Searchable access to scholarly journals in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and mathematics. Provides full-text access to journals including the History of Medicine.

III. General Resources
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Contains news items, statistics, and links to publications.

Congressional Universe
Indexing and some full text of publications from the US Congress, 1970 to the present.

Access to statistics fro over 100 federal agencies.

Locate related information by selecting General Science, Life Sciences, Medicine, Public Affairs & Law.

GPO Access
Links to current laws, bills, regulations, Supreme Court cases, and more US Government information.

Library Catalog
Excellent starting point to find book and periodical resources found in the libraries.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Includes reports from Tuberculosis Research Activities.

National Institutes of Health
Contains links to the major health agencies of the US Government.

Statistical Universe
Indexing and some full text of statistical publications from the US Government and many private organizations.

Yahoo Government Links
A variety of government links can be found in the Yahoo menus; you can also do free-text searching for scientific or environmental topics on Yahoo.

IV. Selected Resources
F & M Magazine article
Article about the tuberculosis course and project.

Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation

Charles P. Felton National Tuberculosis Center at Harlem Hospital
These sites are from the three national tuberculosis centers in the U.S.A. They have information for both the general public and health professionals and have many useful links.

The EQUI-TB Knowledge Programme

Francis J. Curry National Tuberculosis Center

Global Alliance for TB Drug Development

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Global Tuberculosis Institute
The New Jersey Medical School Global Tuberculosis Institute is a force in the effort to conquer and cure tuberculosis worldwide.

International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
This site has useful information about the IUATLD's publications, conferences, and courses.

National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention
This site has information for both the general public and health professionals, describes publications of the CDC (Including Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis and Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports) and has a FAQ page.

Partners in Health

Stop TB Partnership

Tuberculosis 2007: A Medical Textbook

Tuberculosis Control Program, New York City Department of Health
Sites are intended primarily for the general public.

World Health Organization-Tuberculosis Prevention and Control
A rich site with information about WHO's publications (for example, the Global Tuberculosis Report 2000), TB fact sheets, and many useful links.

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