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NTW 113: Architecture and Nature

Print Resources

Consult these sources for background information and excellent illustrations. This is only a small sample of items found in our libraries. Check the Library Catalog for more items in the collection.
Encyclopedia of Religion
Ref BL31 .E46 1986

World Religions
Ref BL82 .B68 1997

The panorama of the Renaissance
Ref CB361 .P23 1996

International Dictionary of Historic Places
Ref CC135 .I585 1994

World Eras
Ref D20 .W67 2001

Greece and the Hellenic Tradition
Ref DF757 .E53 2000

Encyclopedia of China
Ref DS705 .P47 1999

Cultural Atlas of Japan
Ref DS821 .C62 1988

Encyclopedia of American Indian contributions to the world: 15,000 years of inventions and innovations
Ref E54.5 .K46 2002

The Ancient Americans
Ref E59 .P42 S3613 2000

Handbook of North American Indians
Ref E77 .H25

Dictionary of Art (also online)
Ref N31 .D5 1996

The Oxford companion to Christian art and architecture
Ref NA31 .F55 1998

Illustrated dictionary of architecture
Ref NA31 .B83 1998

The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Ref NA31 .B83 1998

International dictionary of architects and architecture
Ref NA40 .I48 1993

Who's who in architecture : from 1400 to the present
Ref NA40 .W48

Encyclopedia of Architectural and Engineering Feats
Ref NA200 .L32 2001

A dictionary of ancient Near Eastern architecture
Ref NA212 .L45 1988

The encyclopedia of ancient Egyptian architecture
Ref NA215 .A7513 2003

Pictorial dictionary of ancient Athens
Ref NA280 .T68

Encyclopedia of 20th century architecture
Ref NA680 .E495 2004

Architecture and Ornament
Ref NA2840 .M36 1997

A dictionary of landscape architecture
Sci Ref SB469.25 .M67

The Oxford companion to gardens
Science SB469.25 .O95 1986

Landscape architecture sourcebook: a guide to resources on the history and practice of landscape
Sci Ref SB470.53 L36 1997

Online Resources

Consult these sources for abstracts and full text. Check our Journals list at F&M to see if we own the journal title, volume and dates. You may need to borrow the item(s) from other libraries through Interlibary Loan.
Art Full Text
Variety of international English-language arts publications. Indexing from 1984 to present, abstracting from 1994 to present.

Grove Art Online
Online version of the 34-volume text covering all forms of the visual arts from prehistory to the 1990s. Includes 41,000 articles and 10,000 color images.

Grove Music Online
Online version of the New Grove Dictionary of Music, this online resource is updated quarterly and is considered to be the premier authority on music. Also includes New Grove Dictionary of Opera. May be a good source for information about the architecture as it relates to entertainment and musical performance.

A collection of abstracts and articles from over 200 scholarly journals, many dating from the nineteenth-century to the last 4 or 5 years. The strength of Jstor is still history, but there are substantial collections in music and science.

Readers' Guide Retrospective
Comprehensive indexing of 500 of the most popular general-interest periodicals published in the United States and reflects the history of 20th century America. The complete database covers the years 1890 through 1982. Reader's Guide and Lexis-Nexis might be good resources for current articles dealing with modern architecture (a good example would be the architectural proposals to memorialize "911").

The OCLC Online Union Catalog. Over 55 million records of many types of material cataloged by OCLC member libraries around the world. Updated daily. You will almost certainly need to use Interlibary Loan to obtain items found in Worldcat. Be sure to give yourself at least 2 weeks to borrow items from other libraries

Philosopher Index
What is nature? What is man's relationship to nature? A comprehensive scholarly database covering book and journals since 1940 in philosophy.

ATLA Religion Index
What is the essential natural element for which the gothic cathedral was designed? Comprehensive database in religious and theological scholarship. Includes index citations, journal articles, essays in multi-author works, and book reviews from ATLA's print indexes: Religion Index One (RIO), Religion Index Two (RIT), and Index to Book Reviews in Religion (IBRR). Covers from 1949 to the present.

Can you think of ways which you have been affected by a particular space? The APA's index of journals, books, dissertations, and reports on psychology and related fields. Includes indexing from Psychological Abstracts. Covers 1887 to the present.

Science Full Text, General
What is the connection between Pythagorean arithmetic ratios and nature? Journals and magazines from the U.S. and Great Britain, covering all major scientific fields. Indexing from 1984 to present, abstracting from 1993 to present.


Take a look at this category, or try a general search in

Japenese Garden Database
Full-text collection of core journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Ancient City of Athens
Full-text collection of core journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
Full-text collection of core journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Natural Building Colloquium
The use of natural materials; such as, straw, bamboo and clay to build houses.

Hanna-Honeycomb House
"The Hanna-Honeycomb House is the best example of Frank Lloyd Wright's innovative and hexagonal design. More information on Wright can be found at the Ken Burn's PBS website.

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