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GOV 245: African Politics

Reference Sources on Africa

Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa
Ref DT 2 .E53 1996

Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience
Ref DT 14 .A37435 2005

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Africa
Ref DT 3 .C35 1981

Pan-African Chronology...1400-1865
Ref DT 17 .J46 1996

Who's Who in Africa: Leaders for the 1990s
Ref DT 18 .R35 1992

The United States in Africa: A Historical Dictionary
Ref DT 38.1 .S53 1989

Africa: South Of The Sahara 2005
Ref DT 351 .A37 2005

Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara 4 vols.
Ref DT 351 .E53 1997

For most countries in Africa, the following 3 series of reference books are available:
- country study (area handbook)
EX: Ghana: A Country Study
Ref DT 510 .G44 1995
Federal Research Division, Library of Congress online here

- world bibliographical series
EX: Ghana
Ref DT 510 .M93 1991

- historical dictionary
EX: Historical Dictionary of Ghana Second Edition
Ref DT 510 .M38 1995
International Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750-1993
Ref HA 4675 .M55 1998

World Development Indicators 2005 World Bank
Ref HC 59.15 .W656 2005

Social Indicators of Development 1996 World Bank
Ref HC 59.69 .S63 1996

World Development Report 2005 World Bank
Ref HC 59.7 .W659 2005

African Development Report 2004 African Development Bank
Ref HC 800 .A1A354 2004

African Development Indicators World Bank
Ref HC 800 .A1A356 2004

African Development Sourcebook UNESCO
Ref HC 800 .A5658 1991

Contemporary African Politics and Development: A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1981-1990
Ref HC 800 .Z2C66 1994

International Financial Statistics (monthly) International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Ref HG 61 .I58

General Reference Sources

Europa World Year Book 2005. 2 vols.
Ref D 2 .E8 2005

Statesman's Yearbook 2005
Ref JA 51 .S7 (This volume is kept at the Reference Desk)

World Encyclopedia Of Political Systems And Parties, Third Edition 3 vols.
Ref JF 2011 .W67 1999

Encyclopedia Of The Third World, Third Edition. 3 vols.
Ref HC 59.7 .K87 1987

Oxford Companion to Politics of the World
Ref JA 61 .O95 1993

Encyclopedia of Democracy 4 vols.
Ref JC 423 .E53 1995

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2003 (U.S. Dept. of State)
Ref JC 571 .U48 2003
The 2004 report is available online at the State Department's web page

A Global Agenda: Issues before the 58th General Assembly of the United Nations
Ref JX 1977 .A1 U5244 2003-04

Indexes and Abstracts

Social Sciences Full Text
Indexes over 300 English-language periodicals covering anthropology, economics, psychology, social work, sociology, and related fields. Covers 1983 to the present.

PAIS International
Index to policy-oriented literature (books, journal articles and U.S. and foreign government documents). International coverage of information about political, economic and social issues and events in specific countries. Covers 1972 to the present.

GPO Monthly Catalog
An index of all federal government publications from 1976 to the present.

GPO Access
Provides access to government information such as laws, bills, the budget, and much more. Database produced by the Government Printing Office. Covers from 1895 to the present; volumes 1976 are in the Reference Room.

The Times Index (London) 1960-
Ref. AI / 21 / T46
complete indexing of the London TIMES and its various supplements
full-text of articles from the past 10 years is available on LEXIS-NEXIS

Connections to newspaper articles (including New York Times and Washington Post), business information (including SEC filings), and legal resources (including state and federal case law).

CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online
A comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs. Includes full-text of articles, proceedings from conferences, books, journals, and policy briefs.

Internet Sites

Yahoo Africa Links

U.S. Department of State

Organization of African Unity (OAU)

Foundation for Democracy in Africa

United Nations Development Programme

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