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ENG 106:

Reading and Writing Poetry


General Sources on Poetry

New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics
Ref PN 1021 .N39 1993

The Poetry Dictionary
Ref PN 1021 .D78 1995

Dictionary of Poetic Terms
Ref PN 1042 .M93 2003

Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry in English
Ref PR 601 .O9 1994

Biographical & Critical Sources

Contemporary Literary Criticism (multivolume set) [GALE]
Ref PN 771 .C59

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism
(multivolume set) [GALE]
Ref PN 771 .G27

Poetry Criticism (multivolume set) [GALE]
Ref PN 1010 .P499

American Poets Since World War II(Dictionary of Literary Biography) [GALE]
Ref PN 451 .D5 v. 5, 105, 120, 169, 193

Contemporary Authors (2 series) [GALE]
Ref Z 1224 .C6


World Poets
Ref PN 1021 .W67 2000

Encyclopedia of American poetry: The twentieth century
Ref PS 323.5 .E53 2001

Contemporary Poets
Ref PR 603 .C6 2001

Contemporary American Women Poets
Ref PS 151 .C665 2002

Asian American poets
Ref PS 153 .A84 A826 2002

African American poets
Ref PS 153 .N5 P48 2002

Contemporary gay American poets and playwrights
Ref PS 325 .C656 2003

Critical Survey of Poetry (English Language Series)
Ref PR 502 .C85 1982

American Literary Scholarship

An annual publication featuring two chapters that survey American poetry.
Ref PS 3 .A47

The Library Catalog
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Library Catalog

Literary Index [Gale]
A comprehensive index to all literary series published by the Gale Publishing Group. > Subject Resources > English > Indexes & Abstracts >
Literary Index [Gale]

Literature Online Poetry Collection > A-Z List>
Literature Online Poetry Collection

Indexes to Texts

Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry
Useful for locating poems in collections.
Ref PN 1022 .C63 2004

The Library Catalog
Search using the poet's name as "Author." >
Library Catalog

Literature Online Poetry Collection > A-Z List>
Literature Online Poetry Collection


Humanities Abstracts > A-Z List>
Humanities Abstracts
Features abstracts of journal literature in the Humanities.

MLA Bibliography > A-Z List>
MLA Bibliography
Provides comprehensive indexing of literature journals published all over the world.

Lexis-Nexis > A-Z List>
Access to hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, all full-text.


To determine whether or not the F&M Library owns a journal, use the Journals, Magazines & Newspapers @ F&M feature on the Library's web site.

If the library does nothave a journal you need, and you have at least 1 week before your assignment is due, you can submit an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) request to have the journal article acquired for you by the library.



American Poetry Review
American Scholar
Antioch Review
Atlantic Monthly
Centennial Review
Chicago Review
College English
Georgia Review
Gettysburg Review
Hudson Review
Kenyon Review
Massachusetts Review
New Criterion
New Letters

New Yorker
North American Review
Ontario Review
Paris Review
Partisan Review
Poetry Northwest
Sewanee Review
Southern Review
Virginia Quarterly Review
Yale Review

To learn what other journals the library owns, search Journals, Magazines & Newspapers @ F&M.


Inter-Library Loan (ILL) is a free service through which the F&M library obtains for members of the F&M community materials not owned by F&M. To use ILL, complete the online request form as completely and accurately as possible. You do not have to know at what library the material you need can be found--ILL takes care of that for you. ILL requests typically take between 3 and 7 days to be fulfilled. ILL articles are yours to keep, and will be sent to your campus mail box. ILL books are available for pick-up at the Circulation Desk, and circulate for the amount of time indicated by the lending library.

E-Z Borrow is similar to ILL, but is only for borrowing BOOKS which either the library does not own, or the library's copy is already checked-out to someone else. One can request books via E-Z Borrow either directly through the Library's Catalog, or the library's web site.


The Academy of American Poets

American Verse Project

Electronic Poetry Center

Favorite Poem Project

International Library of Poetry

About: Poetry

Poetry Daily

Poetry Magazine

Poetry Webring

Poets and Writers

Representative Poetry Online

Sonnet Central



Criteria to consider when evaluating Web sites:

1. Authority: Who is responsible for the content? Are they an expert on the topic? Does the author identify her/him/them-self?

2. Objectivity: Why was the site created? Is the information presented with a minimum of bias? Is the site meant to persuade the reader?

3. Content: What is presented? Is the content focused, or does it stray all over the place? Is the site appropriate for research/scholarly purposes? Is the design of the site more important than the content?

4. Accuracy: Does the site feature a list of sources, or bibliography, or links to other similar sites? Are other authorities cited?

5. Currency: Is the web site current? Is it currently being maintained? Is there indication of when it was last updated anywhere on the page?

TIP: When using a web site for research,
print a copy of the first page for verification.

The raw building blocks of research in both the humanities and social sciences are original materials authored / created by individuals who are the actual participants in or witnesses of the topic at hand. These include a wide range of documents, both written, oral and visual such as...

• letters (correspondence)
• legal testimony
• diaries
• legislative debate
• narratives
• statistics
• memoirs
• advertisements
• maps
• poems
• first-hand accounts
• newspaper articles
• speeches
• interviews
• oral readings
• novels


For more information, contact Lisa Stillwell,
Information Literacy Librarian, ext. 3844.

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