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BIO 323: Ecological Concepts and Applications

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Excellent starting point to find book and periodical resources found in the libraries. Try searching subjects like ecosystem management, restoration ecology and environmental protection

Web of Science (ISI)
The Institute of Scientific Information's premier citation databases in the physical, life, and social sciences. Search for articles that cite a known author or work or by standard search queries. Covers 1991 to the present.

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Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics

Annual Review of Energy and Environment

A collection of abstracts and articles from over 100 scholarly journals considered primary representatives of their disciplines. The General Science and Ecology sections are expecially relevant. Choose PRINT from within JStor to print articles at proper margin settings. You may need go to SET PREFERENCES to select desired Printing preferences. Be aware that JStor articles can take a long time to print. See a Reference Librarian, or call 291-4217 if you need assistance.

Journal Sites

Conservation Biology

Conservation Ecology

Ecological Applications

Ecological Monographs


Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Journal of Applied Ecology


Science 1960-1996 and Science 1997- .

Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Internet Resources

Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Program

Fish and Wildlife Service Invasive Species Program (Under Construction)

Long Term Ecological Research Network

National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

US Geological Survey Biological Resources Division

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