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STS 149: Saving Rain Forests

Background Sources and Bibliographies

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture.
Ref F1406 .E53 1996
Contains a section on environmental movements.

Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Ref F1406 C36 1992
Look for the section on the physical environment.

Environmental Profiles: A Global Guide to Projects and People
Ref GE 1 .K38 1993
A guide to people and organizations active in environmental causes. There are many references to rainforests in the index.

Conservation and Environmentalism: An Encyclopedia
Ref GE 10 .C68 1995
Contains a 3-page article on “Tropical Rainforests.”

Gale Environmental Almanac
Ref GE 80 .H69 1993
Part encyclopedia, part directory, this book contains some basic information on rainforests and the Rainforest Action Network.

Beacham's Guide to Environmental Issues and Sources
Ref GE 115 .B43 1993
Subject bibliography to all aspects environmental issues. Chapters 35 and 36 devoted to Rain Forests and Temperate Forests respectively (volume V). Annotated and indexed.

Encyclopedia of Environmental Studies
SCI Ref QH 540.4 .A84 1991
Short entry on ecology of rain forests and current problems.

Mcgraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Environmental Science
SCI Ref QH 540.4 .M3
Briefly describes characteristics of rain forests and current situation.

Last Rain Forests : A World Conservation Atlas
SCI Ref QH 541.5.R27 L38 1990
Begins with textual essays covering what are rain forests, why we need them, what's happening and concludes with an essay on the challenge of conservation. The atlas portion pictures and describes various rain forests in specific areas.

Island Press bibliography of environmental literature
SCI Ref QH 541.Z2 I85 1993

Facts on File
Ref D 410 F3
A weekly digest of world news, particularly useful for updating recent changes in government leadership or policy, newly published economic indicators, or basic facts about major events.

CQ Researcher
Ref H 35 C67
(Formerly Editorial Research Reports)
Covers major issues in approximately 6,000 word essays that present current developments, main elements of controversy, arguments on both sides, and major influences for each subject.

CQ Weekly Reports
Ref JK 1 C15
This publication updates the CQ Almanac (Ref JK 1 C663) with a weekly reporting and analysis of congressional activity. Provides text and summaries of major legislation.
Subject/name index.

Indexes and Abstracts

Library Catalog
Excellent starting point to find book and periodical resources found in the libraries.

General Science Full Text
Journals and magazines from the U.S. and Great Britain, covering all major scientific fields. Indexing from 1984 to present, abstracting from 1993 to present.

PAIS International
Index to policy-oriented literature (books, journal articles and U.S. and foreign government documents). International coverage of information about political, economic and social issues and events in specific countries. Covers 1972 to the present.

Sociological Abstracts
Full version comprehensive database of over 1500 journals covering sociology, social work, and other social sciences. Covers 1963 to the present.

Business Full Text, Wilson
Indexes more than 300 international English-language business magazines covering accounting, finance, management, and small business. Covers January 1986 to the present.

Full-Text Sources

Connections to newspaper articles (including New York Times and Washington Post), business information (including SEC filings), and legal resources (including state and federal case law).

A collection of abstracts and full text articles from over 100 scholarly journals considered primary representatives of their disciplines.

Internet Resources

Brazilian Tropical Databases
EnviroLink Library
LANIC - Latin American Network Information Center
Organization of American States
Rainforest Action Network
United Nations Convention on Climate Change
Yahoo: Rainforests - Try this category to find Rain Forest-related web sites, or search Yahoo!
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