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HIS 170: Asians in America

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The best subject heading to search for recent books is "Asian Americans."

Doing a keyword search using terms describing your topic is another suggested approach. The Library Catalog is found at the top center of the Library's web page at

Census and Statistical Resources

Franklin & Marshall College has been a selective depository for United States federal documents since 1895. Government information can be found in a variety of formats: paper (or print); microfiche; CD-Roms; and web documents on the Internet. Most of the paper collection is housed on the Ground Floor of the Shadek-Fackenthal Library, arranged according to the Superintendent of Documents Classification. Microfiche are housed in the Microforms Reading Room on Level One, and CD-ROMs are housed in the Public Services Office, also on Level One.

Most federal documents are not contained in the Library Catalog. Indexes and other finding aids must be used to identify and locate these publications. A good place to begin is the Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.

The Library's Government eResources page (choose Government Information from the menu at left) provides links to dozens of statistical resources related to Federal, State and Local government.

One of the best places to start when looking for census data is the U.S. Census Bureau, which provides ways to search for data on Asian Americans at the Federal, State and County level.

For recent Census data and commentary, you could also try the:

Encyclopedia of The U.S. Census
Ref. HA 37.U55 E53 2000

Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2003
Ref. Desk HA 202.U8

Biographical and Bibliographical Resources

The Asian American Almanac
Ref. E 184.O6 A824 1995

Distinguished Asian American Political and Governmental Leaders
Ref. E 184.O6 N35 2002

Asian American Poets
Ref. PS 153.A84 A826 2002

Notable Asian Americans
Ref. E 184.O6 N67 1995

Asian American Playwrights
Ref. PS 338.A74 A9 2002

Periodical and Newspaper Articles

Full-text articles from regional newspapers, including access to Lancaster newspapers from 1995-present.

Full-text articles from major newspapers and magazines, from fifteen years ago up to today.

Full-text articles from over 600 scholarly journals. Coverage varies; recent years are not included.

Project Muse
Full-text articles from almost 250 scholarly journals. Coverage varies; usually from 1995 or 1996 to the present.

Historical Abstracts
Indexing for scholarly journals dealing with world history. Most citations include brief abstracts of the articles. Publications extend back to 1954. Subject coverage is from 1450 to the present.

Humanities Full Text
Indexing for scholarly journals, from 1983 to the present; contains abstracts and some full-text material. The major history journals are included.

Internet Resources

Internet sites can be helpful but take the time to evaluate them critically.
Asian American Net

Asian-Nation: Tha Landscape of Asian America

MedLine Plus on Asian Americans

SouthEast Asian Archive at UC Irvine

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