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CCS 122: 1968 - Global Texts

Tertiary Resources:

Encyclopedias Handbooks and Dictionaries: Here are good resources to put 1968 American issues in context with the decade. Some of that understanding will be important to your topic.

Historical Dictionary of the 1960šs
edited by James S. Olson
Reference Room E 841 .H58 1999

The Sixties in America
edited by Carl Singleton
Reference Room E 841 .S55 1999 (3 vols.)
To find other tertiary resources on non-American countries, do a subject heading search on
"Your country" - History - Dictionaries", or
"Your country - History - Encyclopedias"
Those resources located in the Reference Room could be most current and helpful.

Secondary Resources:

To find books, go to the library home page and to the library catalog. Try a:
"Keyword" search
Think of words to describe what you want and join them with "and". You will get a selection of books. Look at the full record of the ones that seem likely and notice the subject headings. Click on the subject heading(s) that seems to encompass your topic to find other books in the library which are described the same way.

"Subject Heading" search
Try the name of your country of interest, then "History". Choose the time period of interest for a list of books described that way.
For scholarly journal articles:

Try looking in these electronic indices for good articles. See: America: History and Life or Historical Abstracts; the first resource covers North America and the latter covers the rest of the world. From the library home page choose "Journals and Databases." Scroll down and make your selection. Add keywords that describe your topic. You will get a list of articles in different journals; some of those journals won't be in our library and you will have to get them through Inter-library loan (takes 10 days). You can always limit a search to a journal you know is owned by F&M.

Full text articles can be found through other resources on the "Journals and Databases" page such as JSTOR, Wilson Select Plus, and Project Muse. Use the same strategies as above.

Primary Resources:

Newspapers: These cover 1968 and are on microfilm.
Lancaster Intelligencer Journal
London Times, London Sunday Times
New York Times - indexes are in the Reference Room
Wall Street Journal - indexes are in the Reference Room
Washington Post
Magazines: These are indexed through the Readers Guide Cumulative Index, at the Index tables of the Reference Room.
America - On microfilm
Ebony - On microfilm
Esquire - On microfilm
Life - Back issues on ground floor
New Yorker - On microfilm
Newsweek - Back issues on ground floor
Saturday Evening Post - On microfilm
Saturday Review - Back issues on ground floor
Sports Illustrated - On microfilm
Time - Back issues on ground floor
US News & World Report - Back issues on ground floor
See JSTOR, a full-text journal database that encompasses the 1960s. Limit your search to publication dates of 1968 for articles in historical context. (From the library home page select "Journals and Databases", then "Jstor").

Published correspondence, diaries, oral histories:
On the online catalog search for an individual as author, or do a subject heading search for your topic and look for the primary materials listed above. For available oral histories of F&M people see:

Archival material:
Visit the F&M archives for access to records of the college, including the College Reporter, photographs, yearbooks, catalogs, and much more. Scanning and photocopying available at no charge. Archives & Special Collections is open M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm and Tuesday until 9:00pm

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