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Encyclopedia of Education
Ref LB 15 .E47 2003

Encyclopedia of American education
Ref LB 17 .U54 2001

Women in Higher Education
Ref LC 1569 .W66 2002

Historical Dictionay of Women's Education in the United States
Ref LC 1752 .H57 1998

American Eras
Ref E 169.1 .A4719

The Writer's Guide to Everyday life in Colonial America
Ref E 162 .T26 1997

The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800's
Ref E 165 .M5

Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History
Ref E 169.1 .E624 2001

Encyclopedia of the United States in the 19th Century
Ref E 169.1 .E626 2001

Civil War Years
Ref E 468.3 .D44

The Library of Congress Civil War desk reference
Ref E 468 .L58 2002

Benjamin Franklin
Ref E 302.6 .F8 D88 1997

Thomas Jefferson
Ref E 332.79 .B76 1998

The Encyclopedia of Women's History in America
Ref HQ 1410 .C85


Search the catalog to find out what books, journals, newspapers, videos, maps, CDs, music, etc., the library owns.
NOTE: There are no journal articles in the catalog!
To find a book, begin by conducting a Keyword search our your topic.

Analyze your topic or research question and break it down into its key concepts, which becomes the Keyword search. Once you have found a record for an item that looks useful, click on a Subject Heading to retrieve other items with similar content.





A free book-exchange service among academic libraries in Pennsylvania. If F&M's copy of a book you want is unavailable, try E-Z Borrow to get the book quickly!
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Accessible Archives

America: History and Life

Education Full Text

HarpWeek: the Civil War Era 1857-77


New York Times, 1851-2001

Poole's Plus / Nineteenth Century Masterfile

Journals, Magazines & Newspapers @ F&M and Interlibrary Loan(ILL)

To determine whether or not the F&M Library owns a journal, use the Journals, Magazines & Newspapers @ F&M feature on the Library's web site. If the library does not have a journal you need, and you have at least 1 week - 10 days before your assignment is due, you can submit an Interlibrary Loan: request journal articles & books (ILL) request to have the journal article acquired for you by the library. Allow 3-7 days for the article to arrive.


The raw building blocks of research in both the humanities and social sciences are original materials authored/created by individuals who are the actual participants in the topic at hand. These include a wide range of documents, both written, oral and visual such as...
  • letters (correspondence)
  • diaries
  • narratives
  • memoirs
  • maps
  • accounts
  • speeches
  • interviews
  • oral readings


Criteria to consider when evaluating Web sites:
1. Authority: Who is responsible for the content? Are they an expert on the topic? Does the author identify her/him/them-self?

2. Objectivity: Why was the site created? Is the information presented with a minimum of bias? Is the site meant to persuade the reader?

3. Content: What is presented? Is the content focused, or does it stray all over the place? Is the site appropriate for research/scholarly purposes? Is the design of the site more important than the content?

4. Accuracy: Does the site feature a list of sources, or bibliography, or links to other similar sites? Are other authorities cited?

5. Currency: Is the web site current? Is it currently being maintained? Is there indication of when it was last updated anywhere on the page?
For more information on evluating web sites, consult the "How To" guides on the library web site.

TIP: When using a web site for research, print a copy of the first page to verify its existence.

If you have any questions, concerns, research anxiety, etc., contact:
Lisa Stillwell, Information Literacy Librarian,
291-3844 or

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