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HIS 115: The Middle Ages

Print Resources

Accounts written by individuals who were not the actual participants in the topic at hand. Secondary accounts are of value to research since they may provide greater objectivity; and may provide a greater, different or changed perspective as a result of the passage of time. Common secondary resources include encyclopedias and dictionaries.

The Atlas of Medieval Man
Reference Room CB351 .P55 1985
This volume is an easy and fun place to begin your research. The general information, many illustrations and easy arrangement make it a good place to get ideas for research topics.

The Cambridge Medieval History
Reference Room D117 .C3
This resource was compiled from 1911 to 1936, is arranged chronologically and provides an historical perspective on scholarship of the Middle Ages as well as the detailed information itself. This would be a good resource to use once a research topic has been selected, especially one defined within a time period. There are excellent maps available in the back of each volume. New volumes for some time periods are added when published; check the New Cambridge Medieval History at D117 .N48.

Dictionary of the Middle Ages
Reference Room D114 .D5 1982
This is a multi-volume set arranged alphabetically and easy to use. Each topic article has a bibliography at the end for further research.The final volume indexes the entire set and refers the user to other related topics.

Medieval England : An Encyclopedia
Reference Room DA129 .M43 1998
This current resource contains a great deal of information on England during the Middle Ages. The bibliographies which follow each topic article are broken down into primary and secondary resources. There is a very good selection of maps, also.

New Catholic Encyclopedia
Reference Room BX 841 .N44 1967
This is a multi-volume set with illustrations, maps and bibliographies which will be helpful in researching religious topics or gaining a religious perspective on issues.


The Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies became
The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies in the fall of 1995.
(1989- Present) Ground Floor, Bound Periodicals
General coverage of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Indexed in: Humanities Full Text, America History and Life and Historical Abstracts

A collection of abstracts and articles from over 100 scholarly journals considered primary representatives of their disciplines.

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History
(1964 - 1973) Main Stacks D119 .S8

Historical Abstracts
General history coverage of the Middle Ages and Renaissance topics. (excluding the U.S. and Canada) from 1450 to the present. Covers abstracts from 1954 to the present.

1943- present, Ground Floor, Bound Periodicals
Emphasizes studies in ancient and medieval history, thought and religion.

Web Resources

Alta Vista
Terrific starting point for web resources of quality.

Book of Hours Virtual Archive
Spend time at this site which contains excellent subject specific information to enhance your research.

Guide to the Middle Ages on the Web
An excellent site to start with due to the clear and simple presentation.

The Labyrinth : Resources for Medieval Studies
Sponsored by Georgetown University this site is full of links to informative sites.

links2go - Medieval Studies
A resource that supplies links to other sites on the topic. Look for those affiliated with a college or university; a URL that ends in “.edu”

Medieval Feminist Index
This site provides an excellent index for scholarly articles concerning medieval women.

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