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ANT 330: Anthropological Studies of Religion

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Encyclopedia of Religion
Ref. BL 31 .E46 1986
Contains lengthy essays on all aspects of religious beliefs and practices, both historical and contemporary. Includes a long essay on "Anthropology, Ethnology and Religion". Volume 16 is an index to the set.

Facts on File Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend
Ref. BL 303 .M45 1988
This is a comprehensive encyclopedia of myths, legends, folklore and fables from all cultures. One of the most recent reference sources on mythology. Contains a detailed subject index and an index of cultural and ethnic groups.

Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience
Ref. BL 2525 .E53 1988
Contains lengthy essays on broad topics within American religion, such as "Ethnicity and Religion", "Religious Prejudice and Nativism", and "North American Indian Missions." Volume 3 contains a detailed subject index.

Encyclopedia of Cults, Sects and New Religions
Ref. BL 2525 .L49 1998
Information on approximately a thousand religious groups.

Encyclopedia of American Religious History
Ref. BL 2525 .Q44 1996
Entries on lives, movements and other phenomenon.

Historical Dictionary of Buddhism
Ref. BQ 130 .P74 1993
Short articles on various aspects of Buddhism are found in this volume: historical development, texts, ideas, practices, rituals, meditation, mythology, sacred places, the social order, and the arts. Contains an extensive bibliography.

Encyclopedia of African American Religions
Ref. BR 563 .N4 E53 1993
Covers African American religious leaders and groups.

Encyclopedia Judaica
Ref. DS 102.8 .E46 1972
The major encyclopedia on the Jewish religion and life.

Dictionary of Anthropology
Ref. GN 11 .D48 1986

Outline of World Cultures
Ref. GN 345.3 .M87 1983
A subject guide to the Human Relations Area Files (HRAF), which the library owns on microfiche.

Encyclopedia of Sociology
Ref. HM 17 .C5 1992
Contains lengthy essays on the major topics and concepts in sociology. Includes essays on major anthropological concepts (such as "Cross-cultural Analysis") and various religious topics. A selective bibliography is appended to each article.

Encyclopedia of Death
Ref. HQ 1073 .E54 1989
This volume covers religious, sociological and psychological aspects of death.

How To Find Journal and Newspaper Articles

Abstracts in Anthropology
Ref Index Z5112 .A15

New York Times Index
Ref AI21 .N44
Covering the years 1851 through 1991, this set is housed in the Library's Reference Room.

America History and Life
Comprehensive bibliography of articles on the history and culture of the United States and Canada. Covers 1964 to the present.

Anthropology Plus
Provides extensive worldwide indexing of journal articles, reports, commentaries, edited works, and obituaries in the fields of social, cultural, physical, biological, and linguistic anthropology, ethnology, archaeology, folklore, material culture, and interdisciplinary studies. Covers over 2500 journals, 19th century to the present. Updated quarterly.

Historical Abstracts
Comprehensive international historical coverage (excluding the U.S. and Canada) from 1450 to the present. Covers abstracts from 1954 to the present.

Humanities Full Text
Indexes over 300 English-language periodicals covering classical studies, history, literature, performing arts, philosophy, and related fields. Covers 1984 to the present.

Connections to newspaper articles, including New York Times and Washington Post.

PAIS International
Index to policy-oriented literature (books, journal articles and U.S. and foreign government documents). International coverage of information about political, economic and social issues and events in specific countries. Covers 1972 to the present.

Religion Index (ATLA)
Comprehensive database in religious and theological scholarship. Includes index citations, journal articles, essays in multi-author works, and book reviews from ATLA's print indexes: Religion Index One (RIO), Religion Index Two (RIT), and Index to Book Reviews in Religion (IBRR). Covers from 1949 to the present.

Social Sciences Full Text
Indexes over 300 English-language periodicals covering anthropology, economics, psychology, social work, sociology, and related fields. Covers 1983 to the present.

Sociological Abstracts
Full version comprehensive database of over 1500 journals covering sociology, social work, and other social sciences. Covers 1963 to the present.

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