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ANT 110A: Social Anthropology: Islam

How to find background information

Use reference sources to get ideas for topics, to get background information, and to guide you to additional information.
The encyclopedia of politics and religion. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, c1998. 2 volumes.
Reference Room BL65.P7 E53 1998

The concise encyclopedia of Islam. San Francisco : Harper & Row, 1989.
Reference Room BP40 .G42 1989

A dictionary of Islam : being a cyclopaedia of the doctrines, rites, ceremonies, customs, with the technical and theological terms, of the Muhammadan religion. New Delhi : Asian Educational Services; Ottawa Laurier Publications, 1996.
Reference Room BP40 .H8 1996

The Muslim almanac : a reference work on the history, faith, culture, and peoples of Islam. Detroit, MI: Gale Research, c1996
Reference Room BP40 .M83 1996

The Oxford history of Islam. New York: Oxford University Press, 1999.
Reference Room BP50 .O95 1999

The Oxford encyclopedia of the modern Islamic world. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.
Reference Room DS35.53 .O95 1995 4 volumes

The Encyclopaedia of Islam. Leiden: Brill, 1960-
Reference Room DS37 .E523 11 volumes

Encyclopedia of the modern Middle East. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 1996.
Reference Room DS43 .E53 1996 4 volumes

The Cambridge encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa. New York : Cambridge University Press, 1988.
Reference Room DS44 .C37 1988

The Middle East. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, c2000.
Reference Room DS63.1 .M484 2000

Encyclopedia Iranica . London; Boston: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1982-
Reference Room DS253 .E52

Historical atlas of the Middle East. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993.
Reference Room Atlas Area G2206.S1 F7 1993

Atlas of the Middle East. New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., c1988.
Reference Room Atlas Area G2205 .K33 1988

The Cambridge atlas of the Middle East and North Africa . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987.
Reference Room Atlas Area G2205 .C3 1987

The Arab-Israeli conflict: its history in maps. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1976.
Reference Room Atlas Area G2206.S1 G5 1976

How to find books

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How To Find Journal and Newspaper Articles

Available from the Library web page under Indexes and Article Collections. Browse the entire list to find databases relevant to your particular topic. The databases listed below are most likely to be useful:
ATLA Religion Index
Comprehensive database in religious and theological scholarship. Covers from 1949 to the present.

Anthropology Plus
Provides extensive worldwide indexing of journal articles, reports, commentaries, edited works, and obituaries in the fields of social, cultural, physical, biological, and linguistic anthropology, ethnology, archaeology, folklore, material culture, and interdisciplinary studies. Covers over 2500 journals, 19th century to the present. Updated quarterly.

Historical Abstracts
Comprehensive international historical coverage (excluding the U.S. and Canada) from 1450 to the present. Covers abstracts from 1954 to the present.

Connections to newspaper articles, business information, and legal resources.

PAIS International
Index to policy-oriented literature (books, journal articles and U.S. and foreign government documents). International coverage of information about political, economic and social issues and events in specific countries. Covers 1972 to the present.

Sociological Abstracts
Full version comprehensive database of over 1500 journals covering sociology, social work, and other social sciences. Covers 1963 to the present.

Wilson Select Plus
Contains full-text articles from 800 periodicals. Covers 1994 to the present.

How to get articles and books

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Citation Guides

Click on the box How to Cite, Search, etc. on the library homepage for information on citation styles and advice on how to evaluate print resources and web sites.

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