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Dictionary of Literary Biography
Afro-American writers from the Harlem Renaissance to 1940, V. 51
Afro-American writers, 1940-1955, V. 76
Afro-American writers after 1955 : Dramatists and prose writers, V. 38
Afro-American fiction writers after 1955, V. 33
Ref PN 451 .D5

DLB Documentary Series: Black Aesthetic/Arts Movement (1960s-70s)
Ref PS 129 .D48 1982

Modern black writers
Ref PN 841 .M58 1999

The essential Black literature guide
Ref PN 841 .V35 1996

The Schomburg Center guide to black literature
Ref PN 841 .V36 1995

Contemporary African American novelists
Ref PS 374 .N4 C658 1999

The Oxford companion to African American literature
Ref PS 153 .N5 O96 1997

African American writers
Ref PS 153 .N5 A344 2001

African American authors, 1745-1945
Ref PS 153 .N5 A32 2000

Black American writers
Ref PS 153 .N5 B55

Black American women in literature : a bibliography, 1976 through 1987
Ref PS 153 .N5 G57 1989

A bibliographical guide to African-American women writers
Ref PS 153 .N5 J67 1993

Masterpieces of African-American literature
Ref PS 153 .N5 M264 1992

Selected Black American authors
Ref PS 153 .N5 P3

The Harlem Renaissance and beyond : Literary biographies of 100 Black women writers, 1900-1945
Ref PS 153 .N5 R65 1990

Black authors
Ref PS 508 .N3 Z2 1991

Afro-American writers
Ref Z 1361 .N39 T78

Africana: the encyclopedia...
Ref DT 14 .A37435 1999

The African-American atlas
Ref E 185 .A79 1998

Reference library of Black America
Ref E 185 .R44 1997

The Harvard guide to African-American history
Ref E 185 .H326 2001

The African-American century
Ref E 185.96 .G38 2000

Black saga: the African American experience
Ref E 185 .C519 1999

Notable Black American men
Ref E 185.86 .N68 1998

The atlas of African-American history and politics
Ref E 185 .S574 1998

Dictionary of Afro-American slavery
Ref E 441 .D53 1997

Facts on File encyclopedia of Black women in America
Ref E 185.96 .F2 1997

Reference library of Black America
Ref E 185 .R44 1997

Encyclopedia of African-American culture and history
Ref E 185 .E54 1996

The timetables of African-American history
Ref E 185 .H295 1995

Who's who in African-American history
Ref E 185.96 .W54 1994

African American women
Ref E 185.96 A45 1993

Black women in America
Ref E 185.86 .B542 1993

Notable Black American women
Ref E 185.96 .N68 1992

Chronology of African-American history
Ref E 185 .H64 1991

The Negro almanac
Ref E 185 .N385 1989

A dictionary and catalog of African American folklife of the south
Ref GR 110 .A47 P93 1999

African-American traditions in song, sermon, tale, and dance, 1600s-1920
Ref Z 5956 .A47 S68 1990

Gale Literary Series
Literary Index (Gale)
This is an online index to the following print volumes:

Twentieth Century Literary Criticism
Ref PN 771 .C59

Contemporary Literary Criticism
Ref PN 771 .G27

Dictionary of Literary Biography
Ref PN 451 .D5


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TOPIC:"Are there any similarities in the lives of female Harlem Renaissance writers?"


American literature--Afro-American authors--History and criticism
Women and literature--United States--History--20th century
American literature--Women authors--History and criticism


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1963- MLA Bibliography

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1983- Humanities Full Text


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African American Literature
Voice of the Shuttle: African American Studies
African American Writers: Online E-Texts

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