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TDF 225: Costume Design

Print Possibilities

Listed below is a sampling of mostly-color picture books. Most are from the GT call number range. You may also find useful information and pictures in the DA-DE-E-F areas for World and US History, the N area for Art, the PN area for Film, the PR area for Theater, and the TT area for costume design. With this sort of class it is best to get a sense of where in the library you are likely to find worthwhile materials, go to those shelf areas and flip through the books.

Dictionary of Costume
GT 507 .W5

A History of Fashion
GT 510 .B53 1975

20,000 Years of Fashion: The History of Costume and Personal Adornment
GT 510 .B6713 1987

Historic Costume: A Resume of Style and Fashion from Remote Times to the Nineteen-Sixties
GT 510 .L4 1967

The Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes
Ref GT 510 .R3313

Mirror, Mirror: A Social History of Fashion
GT 511 .B37

Fashion: From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day
GT 513 .C58

A Pictoral History of Costume
GT 513 .P53 1998
great illustrations, but no text or dates

Costumes of the Greeks and Romans
GT 545 .H6 1962
black and white drawings

Medieval Costume Armour and Weapons
GT 575 .W293 1962

Victorian Fashions & Costumes from Harper's Bazar 1867-1898
GT 595 .B56 1974
excellent black-and-white drawings

Everyday Fashions of the Twenties
GT 615 .E93 1981
drawings, taken from print advertising

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Costume and Fashion
Ref GT 720 .C37 1994

The Art of Dress: Fashion in England and France 1750-1820
GT 736 .R53 1995

Dress in Ireland
GT 806 .D86 1989
mostly black-and-white, but one of the few books we have on Irish costume

The Art Book
Ref N 40 .A775 1994
popular art volume, represents wide time and geographic range, arranged by artist name

Costumes and settings for Shakespeare's plays
PR3091 .W48 1982

Other Possibilities

The MOTHER of all book databases. If you can't find it in our library, you'll find it here, although you may need to use Interlibrary Loan.

HarpWeek: the Civil War Era 1857-77
Limited span of US history, but serves as a good source of primary information, particulary the advertising.

Good full-text journal database. Limited to 100 journals, with a concentration in History.

Yahoo Arts > Design Arts > Stagecraft > Costuming
It may be worthwhile to research theater companies.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Fantastic art museum, significant Renaissance and Medieval collections. Worth the trip!

Museum of Costume
In your spare time, during Spring Break, jet over to the UK to take a look at historical English costumes from the 17th to 20th century. Or, you could look at a few pictures online.

Films, films, films....
F&M has a good VHS film collection, or you may want to try the local Blockbuster. Look for quality productions that are more likely to be historically accurate.

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