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STS 112: History of Science

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology
Sci Ref Q 121 .M3 1992
"...up-to-date, authoritative, and comprehensive coverage of all disciplines in science and engineering." (preface) 20 volumes.

Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia
Sci Ref Q121 .V3 1995 "...topics are presented from a very practical viewpoint, with reduced emphasis on complex theory." (preface) 2 volumes. Very accessible, good place to look for topic ideas.

Dictionary of the History of Science
Sci Ref Q125 .B98
One volume; brief reviews of basic topics.


Breakthroughs : A Chronology of Great Achievements in Science and Mathematics, 1200-1930
Sci Ref Q125 .P327 1985
Contains brief descriptions of significant developments, year-by-year, itemized by specific fields of science.

History of Science and Technology : a Narrative Chronology
Sci Ref Q125 .S43713 1988
Covers pre-history to 1970. Arranged by century and discipline.

Timetables of Science
Sci Ref Q125 .H557 1988
"A chronology of the most important people and events in the history of science." (title page)

Great Events from History II: Science and Technology Series. 5 vols.
SCI Ref Q125 .G825 1991
A chronological listing of major scientific events with a summary essay and bibliography. Covers 1888-1991.

Biogaphical Information

Biographical Dictionary of American Science : the Seventeenth through Nineteenth Centuries
Sci Ref Q141 .E37 1990
Contains brief biographical entries for American scientists who were active before the publication of the first edition of American Men of Science. This also covers women whose contributions were not acknowledged by their contemporaries.

Women in Science: Antiquity through the Nineteenth Century
Sci Ref Q141 .O34
Begins with textual essay on women's involvement in science as it progressed through history.

Biographical Dictionary of Scientists: Astronomers
Sci Ref QB35. B56 1984
A concise volume containing biographical sketches for well-known astronomers throughout history. This also contains a historical introduction to the field of astronomy, a glossary of terms, and a detailed index. The library has similar volumes for biologists, chemists, and physicists in the reference collection.

Dictionary of Scientific Biography
Sci Ref Q141 .D5
Known as the DSB, this set consists of long essays on important deceased scientists. It is useful for background information as well as a brief critical analysis of the scientist's work. Short bibliographies accompany each entry. 16 volumes. Volume 15 includes several long topical essays.

The Great Scientists. 12 vol.
Sci Ref Q141 .G767 1989
Short essays on the life and work of scientists throughout history. Arranged alphabetically. Contains bibliographies.


Bibliographies of the History of Science and Technology
This series is designed to guide the reader into the literature of the particular discipline covered. These are critical and selective bibliographies, usually annotated and well-indexed. Some titles and call numbers are:
History of Biology Sci Ref Z 5320 O9 1989
History of Chemical Technology Sci Ref Z 7914 C4 M84
History of Modern Physics Sci Ref Z 7141 B78 1983
Medieval Science and Technology Sci Ref Z 7405 H6 K74
Earth Sciences Sci Ref Z 6031 P67 1983
History of Science and Technology in the United States Ref Z 7405 H6 R67 1982

ISIS Bibliography
Sci Ref Z 7405 H6 I2
Comprehensive bibliography for any history of science topic. Monographs and articles are listed, some with annotations or references to reviews. The cumulative volumes are arranged according to individuals, institutions, and subjects. The annual volumes are arranged chronologically, with subdivisions for the main fields of science.

Guides and Handbooks

A Guide to the Culture of Science, Technology and Medicine
Sci Ref Q 175.5 G84
Presents an interdisciplinary approach to the study of science and related fields. Each chapter deals with a specific area such as history of science, or history of medicine, and includes an extensive bibliography. A good source for identifying topics for papers.

Information Sources in the History of Science and Medicine
Sci Ref Z 6658 I53 1983
Each section begins with descriptive overview of a particular topic, such as history of medicine, and concludes with extensive bibliographies. Indexed.

Newton Handbook
Sci Ref QC16.N7 G54 1986
Surveys all of Newton's work, scientific and other, to find out "of individual works how they came to be composed, what they say, how and when they were published, their significance, and where they can be found today." (preface)

Magill’s Survey of Science: Life Science Series. 6 vol.
Sci Ref QH307.2 M34 1991
Short essays on topics relating to living organisms, evolution, and ecological issues. Contains glossaries of terms and bibliographies.

Indexes and Abstracts

General Science Full Text
Journals and magazines from the U.S. and Great Britain, covering all major scientific fields. Indexing from 1984 to present, abstracting from 1993 to present.

Applied Science and Technology Literature
English-language periodicals covering engineering, mathematics, physics, and computer technology. Covers October 1983 to the present.

Humanities Full Text
Indexes over 300 English-language periodicals covering classical studies, history, literature, performing arts, philosophy, and related fields. Covers 1984 to the present.

Wilson Select Plus
Contains full-text articles from 800 periodicals. Covers 1994 to the present.

Historical Abstracts
Comprehensive international historical coverage (excluding the U.S. and Canada) from 1450 to the present. Covers abstracts from 1954 to the present.

America: History and Life
Comprehensive bibliography of articles on the history and culture of the United States and Canada. Covers 1964 to the present.

A collection of abstracts and full-text articles from over 100 scholarly journals considered primary representatives of their disciplines. Available electronically on the library's home page - Electronic Resources - JSTOR.

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