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NTW 108: Food Consumption & Production

Background Sources

Food, Energy and Society
HD9000.6 P55 1979
Explores the interdependencies of food, energy and society. Includes a bibliography.

Report of the World Food Council
JX1977.A2 A 1992
Presents recommendations and conclusions related to migration and food security, green revolution and more.

World Agriculture: Toward 2000
HD9000.5 W564 1988
Provides a global perspective on food production, consumption and trade. Addresses many issues like technology, policy and ecology.

Statistical Sources

Gale Book of Averages
REF HA155 G34 1994
Covers food consumption, production and expenditures. Some international statistics.

Gale Country and World Rankings Reporter
REF HA 154 G35 1995
Answers questions on world food surplus.

Handbook of International Economic Statistics
REF HA155 U54 1998
Provides country data on production of agricultural commodities (rice,sugar, grain).

Illustrated Book of World Rankings
REF HA155 K87
Includes charts and tables which rank international food production per capita. Also covers food consumption of particular food products by country.

Statistical Abstract of the United States
SCI REF HA202.U8 1999
Includes comparative international statistics on food consumption, expenditures and agricultural trade.

Statistical Abstract of the World
REF HA154 S83
Includes data on food products manufactured and top agricultural products. Articles arranged by country cover geography, demographics, health, education, science and technology,
manufacturing, finance, economics and trade. Detailed index.

Statistical Yearbook (United Nations)
REF HA12.5 U63
Provides country data on production of food, crops, cereals, livestock and commodities.

Full-Text Sources

Facts on File
Ref D 410 F3
A weekly digest of world news, particularly useful for updating recent changes in government leadership or policy, newly published economic indicators, or basic facts about major events. Find articles on world food programs and farm prices.

CQ Researcher
Ref H 35 C67
Covers major issues in approximately 6,000 word essays that present current developments, main elements of controversy, arguments on both sides, and major influences for each subject. Issues covered include the green revolution, the grain crunch and world hunger.

Global Food Quarterly
Presents worldwide developments that affect the future of farming, paying particular attention to trade and environmental policy. Published by the Center for Global Food Issues of the Hudson Institute.

Government Sources

FATUS : Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States
SCI DOC A93.17/7:994/1 fiche
Tables give imports and exports: value of agricultural products, by country of destination ( or origin); quantity and value of principal agricultural products, by country.

Global Food Assessment, 1980
SCI DOC A105.22:159
Report provides data of food production and describes international and U.S. food aid policies.

The State of Food and Agriculture
SCI REF S401.U6 A317
Looks at food and agricultural production and trade worldwide. Also examines changing priorities for agricultural science and technology in developing countries.

World Food Needs and Availabilities, 1988/89:Winter
SCI DOC A93.48:988-89-3
Provides a global assessment of food production and needs worldwide.

Indexes and Abstracts

Library Catalog
Excellent starting point to find book and periodical resources found in the libraries. Try searching subjects like food consumption, food supply, food crops and agricultural productivity.

A collection of over 60 subject-specific indexes and databases. Locate related information by selecting Public Affairs & Law , Social Sciences, or Business & Economics.

Search both Academic Universe and Statistical Universe. In Academic Universe you’ll find full text of newspaper articles, business information and legal resources. Try General News Topics and World News. Statistical Universe provides indexing and some full text of statistical publications from the US Government and many private organizations.

Internet Sources

Foreign Agricultural Service

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

OECD Statistics

Food, Land, Population and the U.S. Economy

A Exploratory Model of the Impact of Rapid Climate Change on the World Food Situation

Northern Light

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