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HIS 409: Colonial America

European History Sources

Historical Dictionary of European Imperialism

Ref D217 .H57 1991
People, places, events. Well-indexed, brief essays.

Chronology of World History

Ref D 11 .M39 1999
This 4-volume set provides a year-by-year listing of events and accomplishments in politics, economics, science, medicine, the arts and society. Volume 2, "1492 - 1775: The Expanding World" is especially useful.

Cambridge Modern History

Ref D 208 .N4
Especially volumes 6,7,8, which cover 1688-1793. Good for overall background.

Dictionary of Eighteenth-Century World History

Ref D 286 .D53 1994
People, places, events, and ideas.

American History Sources

Dictionary of American History

Ref E 174 .A43 1976
Comprehensive, ten-volume work of essays on a wide range of topics.

Encyclopedia of American History, 7th Edition

Ref E 174.5 .E52 1996
Contains useful chronological and background information on the period 1578-1775.

Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies

REF E 45 .E53 1993
This 3-volume set contains brief essays on issues relating to the North American Colonies. Some essays include brief bibliographies.

American Eras: The Colonial Era, 1600-1754

REF E 162 .A5144 1998
Brief articles and biographical sketches, arranged by broad subject areas. Each chapter contains a "Topics in the News" section and a short bibliography.

The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Colonial America

REF E 162 .T26 1997
Provides regional overviews, with a focus on food & drink, clothing, marriage & family, economics, trades, architecture, religion and the arts.

Encyclopedia of Colonial and Revolutionary America

Ref E 188 .E63 1990
Brief essays on a wide variety of topics relating to the era. This volume plays particular attention to the history of women, Afro-Americans, Native Americans , social and economic history. It is well indexed and provides brief bibliographies.

Chronicle of America

REF E 174.5 .C47 1995
An illustrated chronology of American history, interspersed with brief articles.

Encyclopedia of American Political History : Studies of the Principal Movements and Ideas
REF E 183 .E5 1984
A 3-volume set, with long essays on broad topics. Contains a detailed subject index.

The American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature

REF D 20 .Z2A44 1995
An annotated bibliography of nearly 27,000 books published between 1961 and 1992 in the field of history. Of special interest are Section 39 : Colonial North America and Section 41 : American Revolution and Early Republic.

Abstracts & Indexes (Periodical Articles)

America: History and Life
Comprehensive bibliography of articles on the history and culture of the United States and Canada. Covers 1964 to the present.

Historical Abstracts
Comprehensive international historical coverage (excluding the U.S. and Canada) from 1450 to the present. Covers abstracts from 1954 to the present.

Humanities Full Text
Indexes over 300 English-language periodicals covering classical studies, history, literature, performing arts, philosophy, and related fields. Covers 1984 to the present.

Primary Sources

Pennsylvania Gazette. 1728 - 1789

Bound Periodicals
Weekly newspaper published in Philadelphia.
The 1728-1800 volumes can be searched on the Accessible Archives website.

Yahoo - 18th Century American Links
A list of relevant web sites within Yahoo's U.S. History menu.

American Memory (Library of Congress)
Links to a collections at the Library of Congress; can search by topics or time periods.

Virginia Colonial Records Project

18th Century Sources
Links to a wide variety of World Wide Web pages relating to the 18th Century. Includes sites pertaining to military, cultural and social subjects.

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