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GOV 342: Asian Politics


Europa World Year Book 2001. 2 vols.
Ref. D 2 E8 2001
Contains chapters on each country of the world and the major international organizations. A brief introductory survey is supplemented by a comprehensive statistical survey. This is a good, quick source for recent statistics on a country. Also, the text of the Constitution, a government directory, the diplomatic corps, the press, and trade organizations are included.

Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices annual
Ref. HF 1410 .C69 2001
Compiled by the State Department for Congress.

International Financial Statistics monthly, with an annual yearbook
Ref. HG 61 .I57
Financial data on every country, compiled by the International Monetary Fund

Statesman's Yearbook, 2001.
Ref. Desk JA 51 S7
An annual directory of international organizations and the countries of the world. The basic information is comparable to what is found in EUROPA, though EUROPA's statistical and directory sections are more comprehensive. This volume is kept at the Reference Desk.

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices annual
Ref. Balcony JC 571 .U48
Compiled by the State Department for Congress.

World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties, 3rd Edition 3 vols.
Ref. Balcony JF 2011 .W67 1999
Contains detailed profiles for each country of the world.


The Far East and Australasia, 2001
Ref. DS 1 .F3 2001
Similar to the Europa World Yearbook, but with more detailed profiles of the countries.

Encyclopedia of Asian History 4 vols.
Ref. DS 31 .E53 1988
Contains information on the political development of the Asian nations.

The Asian Political Dictionary
Ref. DS 31 .Z57 1985

Columbia Chronologies of Asian History and Culture
Ref. DS 33 .C63 2000
A good source for tracing political events. Arranged by country.

North Korea: A Country Study
Ref. DS 932 .N662 1994
Part of the "Area Handbook Serices" produced by the Library of Congress. Similar volumes are available for the other Asian countries.


Connections to full-text newspaper articles (including the New York Times), business information, and legal resources.

Social Sciences Full Text
Indexes and abstracts over 400 English-language periodicals in all areas of the social sciences, including politics and economics.

PAIS International (Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin)
Comprehensive subject index to periodical articles, books, government publications, and reports relating to economic and social conditions, public administration and global relations. Coverage is from 1972 to the present; updated monthly.

Yahoo Government Links
A variety of government links can be found in the Yahoo menus; follow the path U.S. Government - Executive Branch - Departments and Agencies. You can also do free-text searching for political topics on Yahoo.

U.S. Department of State
Includes press releases, embassy contacts, and Background Notes on other countries.

Area Handbook Series
The electronic version of the Country Studies from the Library of Congress.

United Nations
Contains useful links to material about human rights and economic development.

International Monetary Fund
Includes extensive information on individual countries.

World Bank
Includes reports on global economic prospects, countries and regions.

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