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MUS 171: Introduction to World Music

A few questions...

Have you gone to a performance by an international musician? What were your impressions?

Where can you listen to a foreign performer; on TV, radio, recordings, the Internet?

Where would you find biographical information about past and present international musicians?

Where would you find concert schedules, or reviews of performances?

Do you think other cultures have an impact on American music? Is American music truly American?

What other aspects of culture are effected by music; marketing, dating, rebellion, celebration?

Print Resources

Garland Encyclopedia of World Music
Ref ML 100 .G16 1998

Concise Dictionary of Music
Ref ML 100 .H897

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Ref ML 100 .N48

New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments
Ref ML 102 .I5N48

Garland Encyclopedia of Popular Music
Ref ML 102 .P66 G84

The Harvard biographical dictionary of music
Ref ML105 .H38 1996

Current Biography
Ref CT100 .C8

journals in our collection.....
Ethnomusicology, Perspective in New Music, 19TH Century Music, College Music Symposium ... this list is developing

Online Resources

Excellent source for full-text, to-date reviews and critiques of musicians and performances.

Search for recordings, under Popular and Classical Music. You may even find fan reviews.

Try the Arts & Humanites or Society & Culture. Musicians may have their own websites.

Music Index Online
Comprehensive index to over 640 journals covering musicological or organological topics, plus book reviews, record reviews, first performances, and obituaries.

Library Catalog
Catalog may be a good to look for criticism, scores and recordings.

Humanities Full Text
Indexes over 300 English-language periodicals, includes coverage of the performing arts. 1984 to the present.

Social Sciences Full Text
Indexes over 300 English-language periodicals, includes coverage of anthropology and sociology. 1983 to the present.

Real Player
You may already have RealPlayer on your computer,packaged with the newer versions of Netscape and Explorer. If your version doesn't work, or you can't find it, download RealPlayer 8 (free version) by selecting the above link. Use RealPlayer to play sound clips from many web sites, including: Smash Hits, an Indian Music web site.

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