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Research Tips: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I chat with a librarian or research assistant?

Yes, you can! Click on the "Ask Us" tab in the top right corner of the library's website and a chat widget will be embedded within the pop-up whenever a librarian is available to chat. If we are not available, please give us a call at (717) 291-4217 or send an email to

How can I access the Library's online resources when I'm not on the college network?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is needed to access Library resources when off campus - across the globe or across the street. Install Mac or PC Cisco AnyConnect from the Software Server..

Launch AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client from Mac Apps/CISCO or PC Start, enter server ( then CONNECT. Enter your NetID & password. Go to Mac menu bar icon or PC Start menu to Disconnect.

Suggestion: use VPN as needed for Library research, then disconnect for Facebook, etc. ASK US for assistance!

How can I connect to the wireless network?

The wireless network can be obtained anywhere in the Library, however signal strength can vary depending on the distance and number of computers currently using an access point. You may need to move about the Library to obtain a good signal.

Choose "FandM-WiFi" from the available wireless choices. The first time you connect to FandM-WiFi you will be prompted for a password, which is "wireless." Wireless registration is identical to wired (ethernet) registration.

As a member of the F&M community with a valid F&M username and password, you will only need to login during the initial connection. The new wireless network should remember your computer identification.

Where did my file go // Why won't a file open?

If you saved or downloaded files on a Library computer, the files should appear in the SAVE FILES desktop folder. You might sort the accumulated files by date, so the most recently downloaded files appear on top. Since files in the desktop folder will remain after logoff or restart, you will want to save files to your eDisk space or flash drive. All Save Files folders are generally emptied during Fall and Spring breaks, and at the end of each term.

If you cannot open a desired file, check to be sure file has the proper extension. For instance, Word files should end in .docx, Excel files should end in .xlsx. MS Office 2008 can open older Office files, such as .doc or .xls, but older Office applications cannot open new Office files.

It is always best to keep your file names short, with no unusual characters or spaces. Example: myfile.docx

How can I print both sides of a page?

So glad you're trying to save paper! Choose Print in any application. You may need to expand your print dialog window by hitting the arrow aside the default printer, then select Two-Sided next to Copies. In MS Office, at the Copies & Pages dropdown, choose Layout, then Long-Edge binding.

How can I check my GoPrint balance?

Check with a Librarian at the ASK ME desk to review your current balance. Details about printing at the Library or Computing Workroom can be found at our Printing policy.

How can I access eDisk using a PC or Mac, and how can I make eDisk files available?

Click the Start icon (lower left hand corner). Type in the Search programs and files field, and press Return. When prompted, enter your F&M NetID and unified password. When prompted to select which volume to open, choose the one with your name and click OK. This will automatically open your personal eDisk folder in Windows Explorer.

For Mac access to eDisk, go to for directions.

You can now copy any file to your Sites folder (Mac or PC connection to eDisk) for public access. Use this URL format (example):

How can I print multiple Powerpoint frames per page?

Open the desired Powerpoint presentation > choose File and Print in the menu bar > be sure Copies & Pages is chosen in the dropdown menu > at the Print What dropdown, choose 2 or more slides per page.

In the Copies & Pages dropdown, choose Layout if you wish to choose Long-Edge binding for two-sided prints.

You may want to print a few pages at first to gauge whether 2 or more slides per page is desired. Dark backgrounds or faint font colors may be difficult to produce.

How can I renew books // How many books can I checkout?

Choose My Account in the Library Catalog, then choose Renew My Materials. You can also choose RENEW from the Library home page. Enter your F&M ID barcode for user ID, then enter the last 4 digits of your SS# for the PIN. Check-mark the items you wish to renew. Some items cannot be renewed. If you are unable to access My Account, contact Circulation at 291-4223 or 291-4184.

Students can checkout up to 50 books at a time.

How do I cite web pages?

There are examples of newspaper, journal and website citations found at the Citation Guide section on the library homepage. Take a look at the MLA and APA manuals at the ASK ME desk for further examples.

How do I know if the Library has the book I need?

First identify the book title and/or author name in your citation. Go to BOOKS (catalog of books and other materials in the Library), then enter the book title and/or author name. If the book is present, the listing will indicate which location holds the title, and at what call number (call number locations and maps). If the volume is not present or is checked-out, you could request the book through E-Z Borrow or Interlibrary Loan.

How do I find articles?

Article citations, abstracts and full-text can be found amongst our many excellent library-supported databases. If you already know the database you are looking for (like JSTOR or LEXIS-NEXIS) you might jump to the resource on the A to Z List. If you are unsure about which database(s) to select, choose Subject Guides or Class Guides to help focus research. Determining appropriate KEYWORDS, developing good SEARCH STRATEGIES, and finding RELEVANT DATABASES are all important steps towards good research. Please see a research librarian at the Ask Me desk if you need assistance, or choose the Ask Us on any Library webpage.

How do I know if the Library has the journal I need?

First identify the journal title in your citation. Go to JOURNALS (our catalog of print and online journals in the Library), then enter the journal title. If the journal is present, the listing will indicate which location holds the title, and in what format. Also check E-Journal Portal for online journal articles.

If the title is not present in either holdings list, you could request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

Does the Library have job openings?

Please check the College Bulletin Board and choose "Libraries" for job openings at Shadek-Fackental and Martin libraries.

How do I find PMLA (Publications of the Modern Language Association)?

The PMLA ARCHIVE, 1884-2001, is available thru JSTOR. Current issues of the PMLA are received in print. The MLA Bibliography online database features the MLA Directory of Periodicals.

Where can I find SPSS?

The SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), one of the most widely available and powerful statistical software packages, can (only, Fall 2011) be found on public computers in the Shadek-Fackenthal computer classroom on the 2nd level. SPSS can also be found at the Innovation Zone or at the computer room at LS&P.

How does the USA Patriot Act affect me in the library?

The basics regarding the USA Patriot Act and libraries can be found here.

Who was John Marshall?

Born Sept. 24, 1755, near Germantown, Va. died July 6, 1835, Philadelphia. Marshall was the fourth chief justice of the United States and principal founder of the U.S. system of constitutional law, including the doctrine of judicial review. The first of Marshall's great cases in more than 30 years of service was Marbury v. Madison (1803), which established the Supreme Court's right to state and expound constitutional law. His most important decision in exercising this authority was in McCulloch v. Maryland (1819), which upheld the authority of Congress to create the Bank of the United States. During his tenure Marshall participated in more than 1,000 decisions, writing 519 of them himself. John Marshall's affiliation with F & M.

Where can I find genealogy, engraving, print and book-value information?

The F&M Library does not provide an appraisal service, and has very little genealogical information. Please refer to the following links for regional and national services.

I've just returned from a trip to Europe where I noticed lots of young people wearing Franklin & Marshall t-shirts and sweatshirts - not groups of students, just various individuals. Do you have lots of study abroad programs and students over there?

Excellent question. Franklin & Marshall, the American college, and Franklin & Marshall, the Italian fashion brand(!), have shared an originally contentious but ultimately satisfying relationship since about 2002. It's all documented in F&M's student newspaper, the College Reporter.

To read the articles, go to the Reporter's digital collection. Choose Advanced Search, type in "franklin marshall clothing company," and select College Reporter (2001-2011) from the drop-down menu. Three articles, spanning 2002-2010, tell the story.
Who do I talk to about giving a million dollars to the Library?

Our second most popular question! See the Circulation desk to ask about a Friends of the Library membership, or call the College Librarian's office at 717-291-4216 about LARGE gifts - and THANK YOU!

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