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Library research workshops are available for students upon request from faculty members. In consultation with the professor, the liaison librarian designs an actively engaging workshop to immerse students in research resources and prepare students to successfully complete course assignments.

Workshops are created for all course levels, and can feature:
  • effectively searching the catalog and scholarly databases
  • evaluating information sources
  • effective internet searching for scholarship
  • citing information sources
  • ethical use of intellectual property

Librarians also collaborate with faculty on digital assignments, such as:
  • Wikipedia Education Program
  • Digital storytelling
  • Online Timelines
  • and more

For Connections 1 and 2 faculty: Teaching the Connections Curriculum: Integrating the Library

To schedule a Library Research Workshop, contact the liaison librarian for your department:


  1. Check our catalog before making a request. Sorry - we do not purchase textbooks for the collection.

  2. For an Audio Request, please search our online music collection, DRAM before placing a request for a CD.

  3. For a Video Request, please search our streaming video vendor, Kanopy before placing a request for a DVD or Blu-ray (Learn more about Kanopy here. Faculty are encouraged to stream any content from Kanopy in class or within Canvas. All streaming content comes with public performance rights. Specific titles may be requested if they are not available on the Kanopy site; however, there is no guarantee that every title will be available in streaming format. You can search Kanopy here. See here for more information about public performance rights.

  4. For an E-Resource Request, please keep in mind that journal and database subscriptions represent a substantial ongoing financial commitment on the part of the Library and requests will be reviewed once per semester. Consider whether interlibrary loan might meet your and your students' research needs.

  5. Provide as much information (title, author, etc.) on the form as possible.

  6. Plan to request 4 to 6 weeks before needed (or longer, depending on availability).

  7. Faculty who are traveling or doing research overseas or elsewhere and find resources of interest that they would like to purchase for the Library are welcome to do so providing that-
    • The Library does not currently own the title in question (we do not purchase duplicates).
    • The intent to purchase the item and the details (cost, etc.) is communicated to the Library prior to the purchase.
    • All receipts or other proof of purchase are retained to be submitted to the Library so that these documents can be submitted to the Business Office and the faculty member can be reimbursed.

Questions may be directed to Tom Karel, Collection Development Librarian (x3845) or to Bonnie Powers, Content Services Librarian (x3843).


To place items on reserve, bring the physical items to the main desk in either library with a completed Course Reserve Form (PDF). Please feel free to call x4410 if you have any questions.


The policy for screening media at F&M is a College Policy and can be found here. This policy should be consulted prior to any decision about showing a film on campus in order to determine whether having public performance rights (PPR) is necessary.
Once the determination has been made that PPR are required, the Library can assist you in two ways:
  1. Identifying films that are part of the Library's collection and carry PPR
  2. Providing assistance in acquiring PPR by making an initial contact.



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