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Scholars Square is a repository for digital collections at Franklin and Marshall College. It includes collections of digitized primary source material, visual resources, and scholarship produced by the F&M community. The collections are grouped into four communities: College History, F&M Scholarship, Special Collections, and Visual Resources. Some additional related material exists outside Scholars Square.

Click on the link to begin exploring Scholars Square or read more about the collections in the sections below. For tips about browsing and searching in Scholars Square, see the F&M Digital Collections library guide.

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College History

College History collections encompass digitized archival documents and published material related to the history of Franklin and Marshall College. Items include College publications, photograph albums, and documents, such as this account of Franklin College noting Benjamin Franklin's financial contribution.

Account of Franklin College in the Borough of Lancaster [List of paid subscribers]
Franklin College, Frederick Kuhl, and David McNeely Stauffer.
"Account of Franklin College in the Borough of Lancaster
[List of paid subscribers]." 1789. MS.
Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA. Scholars Square.
[Part of the F&M Founding Documents Collection]

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Franklin and Marshall College student newspapers are also available online.

F&M Scholarship

F&M Scholarship encompasses the intellectual output of students, faculty, and staff at Franklin and Marshall College. The Theses Collection provides access to F&M student theses since 2005. Other collections showcase scholarship produced by specific departments or relate to specific academic events and awards.

Information about submitting items to Scholars Square can be found in the F&M Digital Collections library guide.

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Special Collections

F&M Special Collections houses unique historical material. Digitized collections include items related to the Pennsylvania German community, such as the Pennsylvania German Fraktur Collection. Other online collections relate to local history, including the architecture of Lancaster buildings.

DBucherzeichen [Bookplate] of Eva Ulrich, dated April 25, 1793
Bucherzeichen [Bookplate] of Eva Ulrich, dated
April 25, 1793.
1793. Franklin and Marshall College,
Lancaster PA. Scholars Square. [Part of the
F&M Pennsylvania German Fraktur Collection]

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Visual Resources

The inclusion of visual resources in Scholars Square provides access to curriculum-relevant images, supplementing the visual content already available through other resources licensed by the college.

For more information about visual resources at F&M, see the Visual Resources library guide

American Herstory, Mystory, Ourstory by Sanda Aronson
Aronson, Sanda. American Herstory,
Mystory, Ourstory. 1988. Scholars Square.
[Part of the F&M Visual Resources Collection]

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