Scholars Square is a dynamic, web-based institutional repository featuring the intellectual output of the college. As students and faculty create research material and scholarly publications in increasingly complex digital formats, there is a need to collect, preserve, index, and distribute this ever-growing corpus of digital research.

Scholars Square will manage these materials in a professionally maintained archive, giving them increased visibility and accessibility over time.

Submitting Items

To establish a Scholars Square Sub-Community or Collection for your academic department or organization, please contact Christopher Raab, Archives and Special Collections Librarian (x4225).

To submit items to Scholars Square, please consult the Scholars Square Submission Instructions Document. College Library staff will catalog and upload your final submission into ScholarsSquare.


Scholars Square policy and marketing information:

Author's Rights & Copyright

Copyright Notice: Unless otherwise stated, authors retain the copyright for all content posted to Scholars Square. All materials in Scholars Square are subject to Title 17 of the U.S. Code.

For a list of publishers' policies regarding authors' rights to publish pre-prints and post-prints in a repository such as Scholars Square, search the Sherpa Romeo Database or the OakList Database. If you do not already have permission to deposit your work in a digital repository, you may need to write directly to the publisher to request this permission. To make this process easier, Scholars Square has provided a template (RTF) to use when contacting publishers. You can modify the template as needed, or just fill in the blanks with the appropriate information. Some publishers can also be contacted about permissions via an online web form on their site.

Contributors are strongly encouraged to assign Creative Commons licenses to submissions in order to increase access while retaining certain rights. Descriptions of licenses, as well as instructions on attaching these to files, can be accessed at Creative Commons.

For practical advice when submitting journal articles, please visit SPARC's Resources for Authors website and click on Introduction to Copyright Resources.

For still more information on digital preservation, public domain, and copyright, please visit the Digital Preservation site at the Library of Congress, Peter Hirtle's Copyright Term and the Public Domain, and the U.S. Copyright Office.


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