Our Mission

The Catastrophic Relief Alliance (CRA) is a student-based organization Franklin & Marshall College, formed after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. CRA strives to provide support by rebuilding homes afflicted by natural disasters and housing distress. Operating under the maxim "think globally, act locally," CRA works within the United States, and in our Lancaster, Pennsylvania community.

Contact CRA adviser, Andy Gulati for more information at agulati@fandm.edu
Relief Trips & Local Projects

Picayune, Mississippi, January 2006 (pics)
New Orleans, Louisiana, May 2006 (pics)
Pascagoula, Mississippi, January 2007 (pics)
Pascagoula, Mississippi, January 2008 (pics)
New Orleans, Louisiana, May 2008 (pics)
Galveston, Texas, January 2009 (pics, press)
Lancaster "Betty Jones," May 2009 (pics, press)
Galveston, Texas, January 2010 (pics, press)
Galveston, Texas, January 2011 (pics, press)
Lancaster "Underwood Fire," March 2011 (pics)
F&M Responds to Japanese Disaster (press)
Lancaster "Wall project," October 2011 (pics, press)
Lancaster "Dumpster project," October 2011 (pics)
Sawyersville, Alabama, Jan 2012 (pics, press)
Lancaster "Mr. Bill's" March & April 2012 (pics)
Lancaster "Heidi's & Mr. Bill's (pics)
Bastrop, Texas, January 2013 (pics, press, press)
Staten Island, NY March 2013 (pics, press, press)
New Orleans, Louisiana, January 2014 (pics, press)
Milagro House, March 2014 (pics, press)
Staten Island, NY May 4-7 2014 (pics, press)
Lancaster "CRA & PIT" August 2014 (pics, press)
Lancaster "Dumpster, pt 2" November 2014 (pics)
Milagro House, November 2014 (pics, press)
New Orleans, Louisiana, January 2015 (pics, press)
Milagro House, March 2015 (pics, press)
Milagro House, June 2015 (pics)
Milagro House, October 2015 (pics)
Houston, Texas, January 2016 (pics, press)
Milagro House, March 2016 (pics)
Houston OR Baton Rouge? January 2017
CRA Executive Board

Student leaders: Rafael Benitez '18, Aaron Hoffman '17, Alessandra Rella '19
Retired student leaders: Temuulen Ankhbayar '17, Yixu Chen '16, Rakeb Lemma '16
Adviser: Andy Gulati (press)
Den Mother: Doris Hall-Gulati
Alumni Coordinator: Linh Tran '13
Best Friends: Lisa Brooks '85, Laura Fiore, Hans Gulati, Steve Hicks (press), Mike Joseph, Steve Spadafore, Andrew & Kathryn Thompson, Jesse & Tewlyn Yoburn

Documents & Links

CRA Constitution (2009)
Travel Tips
Ware Institute for Civic Engagement
Our Benefactors

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Forms, Policies & Waivers

Policies (pdf)
Waiver (pdf)
CRA Mini Flyer (pdf)

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