Mission Statement


The Catastrophic Relief Alliance (CRA) was formed after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  This organization strives to provide both monetary and physical support through the rebuilding of areas afflicted by natural disasters.  Organizing biannual trips to various locations, CRA members act as both humanitarians and diplomats of Franklin And Marshall College.



Article 1: Membership


The CRA is open to all students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and affiliates of Franklin And Marshall College.  Membership begins with interest.  One becomes an active and permanent member upon planning and/or participating in a relief opportunity.  Upon graduation, active student members are given the opportunity to join the Alumni Advisory Board and continue participation.



Article 2: Executive Structure


The executive board of the CRA consists of a President, Vice President, Marketing Director (secretary), Fundraising Director (treasurer), Alumni Coordinator, and faculty and professional staff (FPS) Advisor.  As a collective, the executive board selects the trip location and all of the logistics including lodging, food, and means of travel. The following is a list of executive board member duties and obligations:



- Runs all membership and officer meetings

- Works with advisor on developing projects

- Establishes sub-groups as needed for projects

- Convenes meetings, makes phone calls, sends thank-yous to all college officials and outside agencies

- Runs all recruitment programs.


Vice President/President-Elect

- Handles all in-group communications, including meeting announcements

- Records and distributes meeting minutes

- Assists or stands in for President as needed

- Serves as President for successive academic year


Marketing director (Secretary)

- Develops all trifolds, leaflets and flyers.

- Manages all pictures and documents

- Often works in tandem with Treasurer


Fundraising director (Treasurer)

- Manages CRA budget, and listing of past and present CRA donors

- Stays aware of all internal and external fundraising opportunities

- Often works in tandem with Marketing director


Alumni coordinator

- Keeps CRA alumni informed of news and events

- Funnels all interest and donations to Treasurer



Article 3: Elections


Elections are held annually at the end of the Fall semester according to the standards of the Office of College Programs. The executive board members shall serve a renewable term of one year.  Any member may be nominated for each position, however forty-percent of active membersÕ votes is required to for inauguration.  If a running member chooses to study abroad a semester of his or her term in office, two members may choose to run on a split ticket.



Article 4: Amendment Process


Upon inauguration, executive members must review and approve the existing constitution and bylaws of the CRA.  In order to amend the constitution all amendments must pass a three-quarter vote by the executive board.




Article 5: Andy GulatiÕs Mantra















This Constitution was drafted by Nicole DeAugustine, Heather van der Grinten, Andy Gulati, and Samantha Schneider on the 14th of September of the year 2008.