CRA Travel Tips




-       quickly determine location and dates

-       determine number of participants and skilled labor

-       assess current budget balance and funds needed

-       develop necessary fundraising and donors

-       establish all contacts for travel, location, work, funding and food

-       communicate regularly with group about what to bring and what to expect

-       collect available cell phone numbers, and all waiver forms

-       refer to CRA Policies regarding dues, dates and drop-outs




-       Travel Time has been used to coordinate group travel

-       Agents: Michele Fries, Chris Kangisser

-       Airports: Philadelphia, BWI

-       Trains: Amtrak, SEPTA (Philly regional)

-       Long train trips tend to be more expensive and exhausting

-       Vans: Alamo, local F&M vans to BWI

-       Direct flights have been cheaper and faster

-       Mini-vans are cheaper. F&M no longer allows rental of full-size vans

-       It is possible to swap-out participants 48 hours before flight




-       CRA trips to date have included Picayune, Pascagoula, and New Orleans

-       Trips have involved varying degrees of skills

-       To date, we have not had to provide tools or supplies

-       Skilled laborers have included: Steve Hicks, Steve Spadafore, Mike Joseph and Hans Gulati. We have also worked with a VA Baptist church, the Harrisburg Diocese and Common Ground

-       We worked with 100 Home (Red Cross, Salvation Army) during the Jan. 2008 trip. Site coordinators were Ed and Joe Castillo.

-       It might be a good idea to pre-train for basic skills, since there are no guarantees that CRA can procure skilled labor.

-       To date, CRA has not been able to find or use F&M skilled labor, like Facilities.


Lodging & Food


-       Lodging can be basic, but should be safe, clean and offer shower facilities

-       Location should have adequate cooking facilities for a group of 15-20.

-       Breakfasts and lunches tend to be cereals and sandwiches.

-       Group should find or assign cooks for dinners

-       Everyone is responsible for cleanup of lodging, kitchen and dining facilities