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Henry S. Williamson Medalists 1922-present.

The Williamson medal is the college's highest student award presented annually to the outstanding senior of the graduating class. The medal was created through a gift from Owen J. Moon and named in honor of Henry S. Williamson (1853-1917), a Lancaster businessman, philanthropist, and a member of the Franklin & Marshall board of trustees who donated funds for the construction of Williamson Field.

1922Harold Adams
1923John Light Atlee, Jr.
1923John Light Atlee, Jr.
1924Robert Cummings Zecher
1925John Calvin Truxal
1926Paul Augustus Kunkel, Jr.
1927Harold Jay Budd
1928James Ziegler Appel
1929Charles Russel Zweizig
1930Elias Eiester Phillips
1931William Gordon Landreth
1932John Gorman Walsh
1933William Gibney Diffenderfer
1934John Nevin Schaeffer, Jr.
1935John Neal Bethune
1936Joseph Nunzio Cascio
1937Fred Girvin Hocking
1938Kenneth Ingvard Greisen
1939Edgar Smith Rose, Jr.
1940Charles Henry Lecrone, Jr.
1941Richard Predmore Vaughan
1942Emory Coblentz Swank
1943Joseph Michael Doughty
1944Nathaniel Ellmaker Hager, Jr.
1945Roger Jacob Steiner
1946Bruce Peale Ryder
1947Francis Ellsworth Ringer
1948Emmett Carl Boyle, Jr.
1949Carl Hess Brubaker, Jr.
1950John Russell Hughes
1951William Harry Rader
1952Karl Guy Klinges
1953Richard Nelson Clewell
1954John Geist and Phil Long
1955Thomas Edward Headrick
1956George John Morgan
1957Stanley John Dudrick
1958Charles Franklin Smith
1959Roger Edwin Bolton
1960Charles Dean Crystle
1961John Ward Moore
1962John E. Hambright
1963Robert J. Kafin
1964Robert Tobin Lasky
1965David Featherman
1966Harold C. Mathews
1967Philip Jeffrey Hay
1968Leslie Lenkowsky
1969Michael Scheininger
1970Charles Henry Woernle
1971Frederick Goldberg
1972Gregg J. Weir
1973Judith M. White
1974Marc Golden
1975Brian Flaherty
1976Deborah E. Cohn
1977Loretta Ann Angell
1978Jennifer Whiting
1979Mark A. Monborne
1980Charles William Ormsby
1981Eric S. Holmboe
1982Sara Adams
1983Vanessa Christman
1984Evan S. Siegelman
1985Joseph Daniel Capristo
1986Gary S. Fischer
1987Robert B. Belser, Jr.
1988Elizabeth A. Eide
1989Michael J. Lengle
1990Matthew Hieu Tran Bui
1991Christopher Morabito
1992Steven P. Scalet
1993Melissa Hawkins
1994Tricia Vos
1995Donnell Butler
1996Amil Dasgupta
1997Aaron M. Griffith
1998Katherine Hennessey
1999Nadia Chaudhri
2000Haley Rintel
2001Amanda J. Rader
2002Lara A. Margolis
2003Nathan McGovern
2004Ellen Baier
2005Dunuwille Eranda Ruwan Jayawickreme
2006Stacey Blanck
2007Pierre Ankomah
2008Laura Beth Michaels
2009Aditi Malik
2010Erik Kelly
2011Chelsea Schein
2012Judith Stapleton
2013Alexis Rae Teevens
2014Michael Christopher Haines

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