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World War I Poster Collection

Inventory of posters by anonymous or unidentified artists

1 Interchurch World Movement. features Lincoln & quote. 2 items. 21x27

2 "All America thinks and acts on National Thrift Day, Feb 3". YMCA. 1 item22x29

3 "Eat more corn." United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 2 items. 16x29

4 "United We Serve." United War Work Campaign. 170,500,000. 2 items. 20x30

5 United War Work Campaign. poster for church. 2 items. 19x25

6 "Buy United States Government Bonds." Liberty Bell & Independence Hall. 2 items. 20x30

7 "Buy Liberty Bonds." features profile of Lincoln & quote. 2 items. 20x30

8 "Help fill the war chest/Humanity calls you." features chest filled with money. 2 items. 20x30

9 "White someone gives his life - what are you giving? - think a minute. All of the Red Cross War Fund goes for War Relief." blue border, white background, red cross. 1 item. 20x27

10 "A little starving child brought back to life because you went without some luxury. All of the Red Cross War Fund goes for War Relief." blue border, white background, red cross. 1 item. 20x27

11 Quote by Secretary of the Treasury. Second Liberty Loan of 1917. features soldier holding U.S. flag and sailor holding sign saying "We Depend On You." 1 item. 20x30

12 "The Reformed Church in the United States 400th anniversary of the Reformation..." features heads of Reformed Church educational institutions.1 item. 21x28

13 "The spirit of the War camp community service, Home hospitality." United War Work Campaign. 2 items. 20x30

"The spirit of the War camp community service, Invitations to Home entertaining." United War Work Campaign. 1 items. 20x30

14 "My Daddy bought me a Government Bond". Third Liberty Loan. features child holding bond. 1 item. 20x30

15 "United War Work Campaign." Victory Boys & Girls. 2 items. 25x38

16 "United War Work Campaign." Company poster. 2 item. 25x38

31 "They died for you (killed on the field of battle) Buy Liberty Bonds." features young men from Lancaster County. 2 items. 26x40

76 War Chest Fund poster for business. 1 item. 17x24

88a Red Cross. 1 item

88b "Join the Red Cross." heart shaped. printed on both sides. 1 item.

89 "Make good the promise/Second War Fund/One hundred mission dollars/May 20th-27th." features rainbow coming out of pot of gold in America connecting North America to Europe. 1 item. 11x21

90 "The War of Munitions/How Great Britain has mobilized Her industries." 1 item. 16x21

91 "Humanity Calls? Dare you refuse?" 1 to 31 War Chest. 2 items. 11x21

92 Cablegram. American expeditionary force France. quote from Pershing. United War Work Campaign. 1918 Nov 11-, 18. 1 item. 14x22

96 "Third Liberty Loan Subscriber." red, white & blue flag. Washington, D.C.: Capital Publishing. Bond. 2 items. 9x7

97 "Keep them smiling/this home is helping our boys over there/United War-Work Campaign." features sailor, soldier & officer. red, white & blue border. 2 items. 11x7

98 "The Greatest mother of the world/Join the Red Cross/-All you need is a heart and a dollar." Red Cross nurse holding child on stretcher. Red Cross. 2 items. 10x6

99 "For Our Soldiers and Sailors/November 11-19/National War Work Council." inverted orange triangle. 2 items. 10x7

100 "Third Liberty Loan." features liberty bell. Owners Emblem. triangle. color. 2 items.

101 "Honor Flag of the Third Liberty Loan." The North American. 1917 Apr 7. 1 item. 9x7

102 American Flag. color. 48 stars. 1 item. 7x5 (at widest)

103 "We are pledged to buy." War Saving Stamps Campaign. blue & white. features "Torch of Liberty."1 item. 8x5

104 "Member of United States Food Administration." home card. U.S. emblem. 1 item. 9x6

105 "Member of United States Food Administration." to be hung in front window. U.S. emblem. 1 item. 9x6

106 "Help your American Red Cross Campaign (Jun 18-25)." 1 item. 9x12

107 "Flags of our Allies." Supplement to The North American. 1917 Jun 17. 1 item. 9x12

108 "Last evidence that anyone cares." YMCA. 1 item. 8x14

109 YMCA. "War-Zone home for our boys 'over there.'" National Campaign Nov 11-19 (1917?). 1 item. [miniature of Butler poster ] 8x14

111 French Officer (J. Joffrey) from Public Ledger 1917 May 6. features U.S. & French flags. colored. 1 item. 9x12

112 "Victory Girls." United War Work Campaign. features an eagle. 2 items. 12x8

113 Red Cross, white background, blue border. (1 large red cross & 5 small one pasted on). 1 item. 7x11

114 Liberty Bell. "Third Liberty Loan." blue. 2 items. ht=12

22 "Pour le Retour Souscrivez 4e. emprunt National Credit Foncier D'Algerie et de Tunisie, 43 Rue Cambon, Paris." (French) Signed R.P. 1 item. 41x28

128 "The Call to Duty: Join the Army for Home and Country" [Image] Adapted from the sculpture by Edoardo Cammilli. Published by the Recruiting Committee of the Mayor's Committee on National Defence. 1 item. 30x40

132 "Are you working with Schwab? Charles M. Schwab Director General of the Emergency Fleet Corporation says..." Issued by Publications Section, Emergency Fleet Corporation, Philadelphia. Photo by C. Haimovitz Public Ledger Philadelphia. 1 item. 22x32.

135 “We Belong- 100% Strong” American Red Cross (Lacks usual Red Cross emblem printed in center of poster) 1 item. 18x24.

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