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World War II Poster Collection

The Archives and Special Collections has a small collection of World War II posters including a series of streetcar posters (including some original art work) advertising war-related work at Lancaster-based Armstrong Cork Company. They are shown here in their entirety.

"Get a War Job at Armstrong's" Title features sailors with signal flags.(6-73)" Get Your Wartime Paycheck at Armstrong's" Features paycheck facsimile with title."Help Build the Corsair, Get Your Wartime Paycheck at Armstrong's" Features a flying corsair airplane. (3 copies)"Get a War Job at Armstrong's" Title features corsair aircraft in dogfight with enemy."Get a War Job at Armstrong's" Features US sailor and marine revealing "packaged" title "Get a War........".
Dohanos, Stevan (1907-1994) "Loose Talk Can Cost Lives" Features a sinking merchant ship at sea. Signed and dated 1942- Distributed in the interest of…British and American Ambulance Corps, Inc…New York. 14” x 20”
Wilkinson, Norman (1878-1971) "A Few Careless Words May End In This- " Features an image of a sinking ship and sailors in lifeboat. Printed for H.M. Stationery Office by Greycaine Ltd, Watford and London. 10"x15"
Yesley "… Because Somebody Talked" Features a dog waiting for his missing owner. Signed and dated 1943- US Government Printing Office, 1944 - Distributed for the Issuing Agencies by the War Information Office. 20” x 28”

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