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Special Collections

Archives & Special Collections Subject Guide

This is a quick guide by subject to all manuscript collections and selected special collections and archival records held by the Archives and Special Collections. To see a complete listing of manuscript collections and archival record groups click on the appropriate link.

  1. Art and Artists
  2. Art of the Book/Book Arts
  3. Autographs
  4. Business Records
  5. F&M History
  6. F&M Student Life
  7. Lancaster City/County History
  8. Lancaster City/County Organizations
  9. Lancaster City/County People
  10. Literary Papers
  11. Military
  12. Music
  13. Pennsylvania-German Folklife
  14. Science
  15. Secondary Schools
  16. Theater, Television & Film
  17. Women
  18. 20th-century history

Art and Artists

Bill Hutson Collection
Caroline Peart Papers

Art of the Book

Stauffer Bookplate Collection
Frederic and Bertha Goudy Collection
Benjamin Franklin Portrait Collection


Gloria and Warren Leventhal Collection
Herbert H. Rawnsley Autograph Collection
Miscellaneous Manuscript Group 1- (Personal Papers)

Business Records

Haines Family Business Records
Righter and Sutton Lumber Company Records
Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection Group 3- (Business Records)

F&M History

Theodore Appel Family Papers (F&M 1842)
College Archives Records
Elizabeth Clarke Keiffer Papers
Kneedler Family Papers
Bernard Wolff Papers
Charles Z. Klauder Research Collection

F&M Student Life

E.J. Bonebrake Papers (F&M 1855)
Robert Campbell Collection (F&M 1953)
College Archives Records
Diagnothian and Goethean Literary Society Records
Oliver T. Everhart Papers (F&M 1854)
Robert Faulkender Papers (F&M 1942)
Albert Santee Kerr Papers (F&M 1926)
Kneedler Family Papers
Francis M. Mull Papers (F&Mn 1930)
Samuel M. Roeder Papers (F&M 1875)
Nathan Christ Schaeffer Papers (F&M 1867)
David McNeeley Stauffer Papers (F&Mn 1862)
Marshall F. L. Ziegler Papers (F&M 1908)

Lancaster City/County History

City of Lancaster Records
Lancaster County Ephemera Collection
Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection Group 2 - (Legal/Government Papers)

Lancaster City/County Organizations

Cliosophic Society Records
Fortnightly Club Records
League of Women Voters of Lancaster County Records
Linnaean Society of Lancaster Pa. Records
Lancaster County SPCA Records
Lancaster Farmland Trust Records
Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection Group 4- (Non-Profit Organizational Papers/Publications)
Woman's Humane League of Lancaster County Records
West End Revolver (Club) Records

Lancaster City/County People

Theodore Appel Family Papers
Rev. Daniel Berger Papers
Neal and Estella Harris Papers
Mifflin Family Papers
Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection Group 1- (Personal Papers)
Sarah McIlvaine Muench Family Papers
North Family Papers
Joseph C. Passmore Papers
Reynolds Family Papers
John Sehner Papers

Literary Papers

Richard D. Altick Papers
Marcialito Cam Papers
Richard B. Gehman Papers
Ira Grushow Collection
Mifflin Family Papers
Edward J. Nichols Collection
Martha Keller Papers
John F. Suter Papers
David Small Papers
Francis Lyman Windolph Papers
Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection Group 5 (Literary Manuscripts)


American Revolution
Johannes Schwalm Historical Association Collection
Mexican American War
Reynolds Family Papers

United States Navy
Reynolds Family Papers
Jonathan Messersmith Foltz Papers

American Civil War
Jonathan Messersmith Foltz Papers
W. W. Griest Collection of Lincolniana
C.H. Martin Collection of Lincolniana
Edward J. Nichols Collection
Vincent Fowler Pottle Collection of Lincolniana
Reynolds Family Papers
David McNeeley Stauffer Papers
J. C. Pehrson Diary (MSS 1)
Diary of Unknown Soldier in the 11th Maine Regiment (MSS 1)

World War I
WWI Poster Collection
WWI at Franklin and Marshall College (RS 10/33/01)
David A. Landis (FMA 1916) Diary (RS 03/05/02)

World War II
Theodore A. Distler Papers (RS 05/07/04)
WWII at Franklin and Marshall College (RS 10/33/01)
Charles H. Kessler Family Papers
WWII Poster Collection

Vietnam War
Vietnam Voices : An Oral History Collection (RS 10/10/01)


J.M. Darlington and S.G. Pontius Sheet Music Collection
Gloria and Warren Leventhal Collection

Pennsylvania German Folklife

Thomas R. Brendle Collection of Pennsylvania Germania
Broadside Collection of the German American Imprint Collection
Unger-Bassler Frakturschriften Collection from the German American Imprint Collection
Frey Collection of Pennsylvania-Germania
Notes for a Pennsylvania Dutch Dictionary by Alfred Shoemaker (RS 10/34/01)
Pennsylvania German Society Records

Linnaean Society of Lancaster, Pa. Records
Reynolds Family Papers

Secondary Schools
Lancaster County Academy Records
Franklin and Marshall Academy Records(RS 03/01/02)

Theater, Television & Film
Alexander Corbett Collection of Theater Memoribilia
James Lapine Collection
Paul Leventhal Memorial Archive, Gloria and Warren Leventhal Collection
Franklin J. Schaffner Collection
Green Room Theater Records (RS 10/08/01)
F&M Film Series Posters (RS 11/06/01)

F&M Women (RS 13/02/01)
Infirmary Auxiliary (RS 13/02/01)
Women's Studies Records (RS 10/29/01)
Martha Keller Papers
League of Women Voters of Lancaster County Records
Junior League of Lancaster Records
Caroline Peart Papers
Theodore Appel Family Papers
Task Force on Coeducation (RS 09/54/01)
Woman's Humane League of Lancaster County Records
Women's Studies Collection

20th-century history
Charles Steinman Foltz, Jr. Papers

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