Access resources from on campus

Connection is automatic if you are on the campus network. Go to the Library Catalog or Journal Finder to check F&M access.

Access resources from off campus

  1. Download Cisco AnyConnect
  2. Install Cisco AnyConnect on your computer
  3. Launch Cisco AnyConnect
    • Enter server:
    • Hit Connect
    • Enter your F&M NetID & password
  4. Disconnect when done
NOTE: If you're using a mobile device, click here for instructions.

Log in to your library account

You can log in to your library account using the 13-digit code on the back and the last 4 digits on the front of your F&M ID. Use your account to renew books, see a list of checked-out items, and check on due dates.

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Rules for access and use of collections

  • 1. All researchers must fill out the required registration form and be prepared to provide identification if requested.
  • 2. NO FOOD or BEVERAGE is allowed in the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room.
  • 3. Outer clothing, attache cases, backpacks, and other similar items are to be left in the designated place.
  • 4. Researchers are asked to use pencil only to take notes. The use of pens is prohibited to avoid inadvertent damage to the materials.
  • 5. In some instances, the use of gloves (provided) may be required when handling certain types of materials.
  • 6. Materials are to be handled with care; they must not be marked, torn, cut, folded, soiled, traced over nor notes be written on top of the material, nor handled in any manner which might cause damage.
  • 7. To assist in maintaining the original order of the collections, researchers are requested to use only one folder from a box at one time and to preserve the order of the materials within individual folders. If there is any doubt as to the order or if there is any apparent damage, please notify the departmental staff.
  • 8. Materials from the department do not circulate and may not be removed from the reading room for ANY reason.
  • 9. For preservation purposes, access to original materials may be restricted if a published or digital reproduction is available for use.
  • 10. Material can be photocopied or scanned by Archives and Special Collections staff for personal research use only. At their discretion, staff may set restrictions to protect fragile or damaged materials and/or will refuse to reproduce copyrighted material in excess of "fair use". Personal cameras may be used with the permission of staff subject to the same rules. Use of reproduced materials in publication requires a permission to use form.
  • 11. We reserve the right to refuse access to archival materials to anyone who fails to abide by the above rules.

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