Records Management at Franklin & Marshall College


The Franklin and Marshall College Archives oversees the permanent records of the college. The records management program exists to support the operations of the college, to identify and preserve records of enduring historical and administrative value, and to promote efficiency and economy in the storage and retrieval of college records.

A college record is any recorded information which is created, received, used, or filed in the course of official college business. Records are not necessarliy paper items - they may reside on a personal computer, on a server or network, on disks or CDs, or on microfilm. Photographs, audiotapes, videotapes, and college memorabilia are also considered official college records.

Services and Schedules

Records Management is a service that the College Archives is pleased to provide for the Franklin and Marshall community. The permanent retention schedules listed below identify what to keep, and when to transfer records to the College Archives.

(Permanent Retention Schedules currently under development.
Please see our Records Retention Guidelines for now.)

If you have any questions concerning the records management program at Franklin and Marshall College, or the transfer of archival records, please contact Christopher Raab, Archives and Special Collections Librarian, at x4225, or email at

updated 05/12/05