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College Archives

Record Groups

An outline of the records available in the College Archives is provided here. Each broad record group is divided into subgroups and then series within each subgroup. A more detailed, searchable database finding aid is available in the Archives.

Record Group Organizational Outline

Click to see subgroups within record groups.

Record Group

0      General

1      Franklin College, 1787-1852

2      Marshall College, 1837-1852

3      Franklin and Marshall Academy, 1871 - 1943

4      Trustees

5      Office of the President

6      Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

7      Vice President of Educational Services and Dean of Students

8      Vice President for Finance & Administration (Chief Financial Officer)

9      College Councils and Committees

10     Academic Departments

11     Student Organizations

12     Vice President for Alumni Programs and Development

13     Faculty and Staff Organizations

14     Athletics

15     Office of the Provost

(This group reflects the merged offices of VP and Dean for
Academic Affairs and VP and Dean for Educational Services, post 2001)

Subgroup Descriptions

Click for outline of series contained within subgroups. For RG 5 (Presidents) a different series arrangement is used.

RG 0 General or Miscellaneous records
0/1 Anniversaries

This series contains information relating to the anniversary celebrations of the College; including the Golden Jubilee (1903), the Sesquicentennial (1937) and the Bicentennial (1987).

0/2 Cooperative Groups

Groups with which the College is affiliated are documented in this series. The organizations include : the Central Pennsylvania Consortium, the Commonwealth Partnership, and the Centennial Conference.

0/3 F&M / Lancaster City

Information relating to the history of Lancaster City and/or the relationship between Franklin and Marshall College and the city is in this series.

0/4 Miscellaneous Publications

This series contains publications relating to F&M but which have no clear office of origin.

0/5 Traditions

Information relating to traditions at F&M such as the pajama parade, protest tree, college songs, etc. are housed in this series.

RG 1 Franklin College, 1787-1852
1/1 Trustees

Included in this series are subject files, deeds, charters, and minutes relating to the creation and administration of Franklin College. Also included are biographical files relating to members of the Board such as Benjamin Rush and John Hubley.

1/2 Presidents

Correspondence, publications and biographical information of President(s) of the College including; Gottlif Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg (President, 1787-1815)

1/3 Treasurer

Materials relating to the financial status of Franklin College present in this series including information on College Lands, treasurer's reports, and account records.

1/4 Faculty

Biographical information relating to instructors at Franklin College are included in this series.

RG 2 Marshall College, 1837-1852
2/1 Trustees

Included in this series are subject files and minutes relating to the administration of Marshall College.

2/2 President

This series includes biographical information, publications, correspondence, news clippings and subject files relating to Marshall College's two presidents Frederick Augustus Rauch (1836-1841) and John Williamson Nevin (1841-53) [Nevin's papers are found in 5/2]

2/3 Faculty

This series includes faculty minutes, subject files and biographical information relating to faculty members of Marshall College.

2/4 Student Life and Organizations

This series includes information relating to student publications, student organizations and other aspects of student life at Marshall College.

2/5 Alumni

Biographical information relating to the alumni of Marshall College is included in this series.

2/6 Alumni Association

Minutes of the Alumni Association and other subject files relating to the Marshall College Alumni Association are included in this series.

RG 3 Franklin and Marshall Academy, 1871-1943 Franklin and Marshall Academy was a college preparatory and boarding school that operated in cooperation with Franklin and Marshall College from 1872 until closing in 1943. Although it did not become a distinct institution until 1872, the Academy had existed as the preparatory department of Franklin College and Franklin and Marshall College since 1787. Through the vision of College president John Williamson Nevin and Principal Cyrus V. Mays, the preparatory department of F&M became Franklin and Marshall Academy in 1872 when a new building was erected on campus for the sole use of the Academy.

Rectors and Principals:

Rev. Joshua Derr 1853-1855
Various College faculty 1855-1867
Rev. F.A. Gast 1867-1873
Cyrus W. Mays 1873-1875
Various College faculty 1875-1885
William Ward Moore 1885-1897
Edwin M. Hartman and Thaddeus G. Helm (co-principals) 1897-1917
Edwin M. Hartman 1917-1943

3/1 Trustees

Reports to the Board of Trustees on the operation of the Academy and other subject files are included in this series.

3/2 Administration

News clippings, grade report ledgers, catalogues, and other subject files relating to the maintenance and operation of F&M Academy are included in this series. Also included is biographical information and subject files on the life and work of Edwin M. Hartman, Principal of the Academy.

3/3 Faculty

Biographical information relating to instructors and coaches at FMA.

3/4 Student Life

Subject files relating to student life at Franklin and Marshall Academy are included in this series.

3/5 Alumni

This series includes subject files documenting the activities of the FMA Alumni Association including information on class reunions and biographical information relating to graduates of the Academy.

3/6 Athletics

RG 4 Trustees
4/1 Board of Trustees

Contains minutes of Board meetings from 1853, resolutions, correspondence, and biographical information on members.

Chairs of the Board :
James Buchanan (1852-65)
John Cessna (1866-94)
George F. Baer (1894-14)
William Uhler Hensel (1914-15)
B. F. Fackenthal (1915-41)
Paul Kieffer (1941-56)
William Schnader (1956 -67)
Robert Sarnoff (1967 -72)
Charles Siegfried (1972 -77)
L. James Huegel (1977-85)
Aaron Martin (1985-91)
William Simeral (1991-94)
William Seachrist (1994-99)
Doreen Boyce (1999-2004)
Dale Frey (2004-2010)

4/2 Board of Overseers

RG 5 Office of the President Contains annual reports, correspondence, memoranda, publications, addresses, and inaugural and biographical information of the Presidents of F&M.

5/1 Emanuel Vogel Gerhart (1855-66)

5/2 John Williamson Nevin (1866-76)

5/3 Thomas Gilmore Apple (1877-89)

5/4 John Summers Stahr (1890-1909)

5/5 Henry Harbaugh Apple (1910-35)

5/6 John Ahlum Schaeffer (1935-41)

5/7 Theodore A. Distler (1941-55)

5/8 William Webster Hall (1955-56)

5/9 Frederick deWolfe Bolman (1956-62)

5/10 Anthony Roberts Appel (1962)

5/11 Keith Spalding (1963-83

5/12 James L. Powell (1983-88)

5/13 A. Richard Kneedler (1988-2002)

5/14 John Anderson Fry (2002-2010 )

Interim- John F. Burness (2010-2011) see RG 04/01/02

05/15 Daniel R. Porterfield (2011-)

RG 6 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of The College 6/1 Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

This series contains information on convocations and commencements; biographical information, reports and memoranda of Academic Deans of the College; and student honors theses.

Pipes, Bruce (1996- )
Rosenstein, George (1995, Interim)
Woods, Dr. Susanne (1991-1995)
Stewart, Charles N. (1990, Interim) [see 10/32/14]
Douglass, Gordon K. (1987-1990)
Dewey, Bradley R. (1984-1987) [see 10/23/14]
Traina, Richard P. (1974-1984)
Vanderzell, John H. (1969-1974) [see 10/14/14]
O'Brien, Kenneth B. Jr. (1966-1969)
Glick, G. Wayne (1962-1966) [see 10/23/2]
Darlington, James McCown (1956-1962) [see 10/4/13]
Breidenstine, A.G. (1951-1956)
Gibson, Daniel Zachary (1947-1951)
Bomberger, Richard Watson (1931-1947)
Omwake, Howard Rufus (1919-1931)

6/2 Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Voelker, Joe (1998 - )
Rosenstein, George (1994-1995; 1996-98)
McDowell, Dr. Nancy (1988-1993)
Thomas, Roger D.K. (1986-1988) [see 10/12/18]
Karlesky, Joseph J. (1983-1985) [see 10/14/18]
Dewey, Bradley R. (1974-1979) [see 10/23/14]
Darlington, James M. (1970-1974) [see 10/4/13]
Charles, Norman (1969-1970) [see 6/11/2]
Darlington, James M. (1965-1968) [see 10/4/13]

6/3 Associate Dean for Research

6/4 Assistant Vice President for Information Resources

6/5 Center for Information Systems and Computing Services

6/6 College Collections (Art Gallery)

6/7 College Library

College Librarians:
Snelson, Pamela (1998 - )
Myers, Charles (Interim, 1997 - 98 )
Spencer, Kathleen (1982-96)
Lewis, David W. (Acting, 1981)
Haskell, Peter C. (1977-1981)
Pease, William A. (1967-1977)
Anstaett, Herbert Bulow (1927-1967)
Stone, Doris E. (1922-1927)
Luttenberger, Mrs. B.W. (1920-1922)
Leonard, Ethel M. (1919-1920)
Bowman, Ellen Kathrin (1918-1919)
Schiedt, Madeleine J. (1915-1918)
Kieffer, John B. (1888-1903)
Stahr, John S. (1874-1888) [see 5/4]
Appel, Theodore (1853-1874) [see 10/17/2]

6/8 Academic Technology Services

6/9 North Museum

6/10 Registrar

6/11 Special Programs

6/12 Writing Center

RG 7 Vice President of Educational Services and Dean of Students 7/1 Vice President's Office

Drum, Dr. Alice M. (1988- 2001)
Byrne, Rita A. (1984-1988)
Balcziunas, Peter J. (1979-1984)
Stead, Ronald S. (1971-1974)
DePuy, Hadley S. (1962-1965)
Winters, Richard Honodel (1955-1962)
Kent, Charles Imbrie (1954-1955)
Breidenstine, A.G. (1947-1951)

7/2 Associate Vice President for Advisement and Counseling and Dean of Freshman

7/3 Associate Dean of Educational Services

7/4 Associate Dean for Advisement and Multicultural Affairs

7/5 Dean of Student Programs

7/6 Dean of Residential Life

7/7 Admissions

7/8 Campus Ministries/ Ware Institute

7/9 Career Services

7/10 College Center

7/11 Counseling

7/12 Infirmary

RG 8 Vice President For Finance and Administration (Chief Financial Officer) 8/1 Vice President

8/2 Business Office

8/3 Facilities and Operations

8/4 Administrative Vice President

8/5 Institutional Research

8/6 Personnel

8/7 Security

8/8 Student Aid

8/9 Treasurer

8/10 John Marshall Investment Corporation

8/11 James Street Improvement District (JSID)

8/12 Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Capital Projects

8/13 Capital Programs Management

RG 9 College Councils and Committees 9/1 Academic Council

9/2 Advisory Council

9/3 American Studies Committee

9/4 Arts Council

9/5 Asian Studies Committee

9/6 Budget Priorities Committee

9/7 Business Majors Committee

9/8 COTE (Committee on Teaching Effectiveness)

9/9 Campus Religious Life Committee

9/10 Church Relations Committee

9/11 College Entertainment Committee (CEC)

9/12 College Exhibitions Advisory Committee

9/13 College Senate

9/14 College Studies Review

9/15 Committee to Investigate May 22

9/16 Community Life Committee

9/17 Concert Committee

9/18 Continuing Education and Special Programs

9/19 Education Committee

9/20 Educational Planning

9/21 Educational Policy

9/22 Faculty

9/23 Faculty Council

9/24 Fair Practice

9/25 Fringe Benefits

9/26 Governance Committee

9/27 Hazardous Substance Committee

9/28 Interfraternity Council

9/29 Institutional Animal Care & Use

9/30 Institutional Review Board

9/31 Judaic Studies

9/32 Judicial Committee

9/33 Lancaster Alumni Council

9/34 Mueller Lectureship

9/35 Musical Theater Committee

9/36 Off-Campus Study

9/37 Parents Council

9/38 Pre-Healing Arts Committee

9/39 Pre-Law Committee

9/40 Professional Standards Committee

9/41 Quality of Student Life

9/42 Science, Technology & Society Committee

9/43 Student Life Committee

9/44 Substance Education & Policy Review Board

9/45 Women's Studies Committee

9/46 Appel Memorial Lectures Committee

9/47 Baccalaureate Committee

9/48 College Studies Program Committee

9/49 European Studies Program Committee

9/50 Alternative Merit Systems Committee

9/51 Parent's Weekend Committee

9/52 Japanese Studies Program Committee

9/53 Task Force on Internal Communications

9/54 Task Force on Coeducation

9/55 Performance Studies Program Committee

9/56 Committee on Student Rules

9/57 Committee on Grants

9/58 Commission on Higher Education

9/59 Living the Dream Planning Committee

9/60 Committee on Student Worker Compensation

9/61 Committee on Annual Giving

9/62 Committee on Computing and Technology Planning

9/63 Task Force on Sexual Awareness

9/64 Committee on Special Programs

9/65 Committee on Teacher Preparation

9/66 Curriculum Study Committee

9/67 College Scholar Committee

9/68 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Education Committee

9/69 Ad-hoc Committee on Campus Daycare

9/70 Committee on Long Range Planning

9/71 Student-Faculty Forum Committee

9/72 Task Force for Facilities Planning

9/73 Committee on Overseas Students and Exchanges

9/74 Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid

9/75 Committee on the Appel Award

9/76 Committee to Plan the College Center and College Center Advisory Group

9/77 Master Plan Advisory Committee

9/78 Task Force on Wellness

9/79 Admissions Committee

RG 10 Academic Departments 10/0 General/Faculty

General information about the faculty and academic programs. See RG 09/22 and 09/23 for faculty meeting minutes, etc.

10/36 Africana Studies

10/1 American Studies

The American Studies program was established in 1975.

Department Chairs :

Schuyler, David (1988-92, 1994-95, 1997-98, 1999-2008)
Andrew, John A. [see 10/15] (1976-88, 1993-94, 1995-97)

10/2 Anthropology

The Anthropology became a major and the department was officially organized in 1965. However, individual courses in archeology were offered through the History Department prior to this time.

Department Chairs:

Levine, Mary Anne (2006-
Bastian, Misty (2003-2006
Billig, Michael (1995-1998)
McKee, Dr. Lauris (1992-95)
McDowell, Nancy A. [See 6/2]
Taggart, James M. (1980-83, 1986-87, 1988-92, 1998-2002)
Kinsey, W. Fred III (1974-80)
Hoffer, Carol P. (1973-74)
Holzinger, Charles H. (1965-73)

10/3 Art and Art History

Courses in esthetics were a part of the Franklin and Marshall College curriculum almost from the College's inception. However, official courses under the heading of Art were not designated in the College Catalog until 1954-55. A major in Art was first offered in 1966-67 when the department of Art was formally established. In 2001 the department name was changed from Art to Art and Art History.

Department Chairs :

Amelia Rauser (2016- )
Kostis Kourelis (2015-2016)
Michael Clapper (2012-2015)
Virginia Maksymowicz (2009-2012)
Liu, Jun-Cheng (2006-2009)
Kent, Richard (2003-2006)
Aleci, Linda S. (1994-95, 2000-03)
Cunningham, Linda, (1982-86, 1987-89, 1992-94, 1995-96)
Peterson, James C. (1978-81, 1982-83, 1996-1998)
Kihlstedt, Folke T. (1976-78, 1981-82, 1986-87, 1989-92, 1998-2000)
Ames, Kenneth (1971-72)
Whiting, Edmund (1966-71, 1972-76)
Cavanaugh, John Matthew (1964-66)

10/28 Asian Studies

10/38 Biological Foundations of Behavior

10/4 Biology

The first College Catalog in 1853-54 lists courses in Natural History which include the study of biology. The discipline was declared a major in 1915-16.

Department Chairs :

Sipe, Tim (2003-2006)
Triman, Kathleen (2000-2003)
Miller, Kirk (1996-2000)
Feit, Ira (1994-95)
Thompson, Roger (1993-94, 1995-96)
Fluck, Dr. Richard (1990-93)
Pike, Carl S. (1986-90, 2006-2008)
Richardson, Jonathan L. (1982-86)
King, David B. (1978-82)
John, Kenneth R. (1973-78)
McDermott, John J. (1964-73)
Shively, Arthur Willard (1956-64)
Darlington, James McCown (1953-56)
Foster, Frederick Songster (1949-53)
Carroll, Mitchel (1948-49)

10/5 Business Administration/Business, Organizations, and Society

Courses specific to the area of Business Administration were added to the College's curriculum in 1921-22 and a Business Administration department was created at that time. In 1922-23, a major in this field was approved as separate from that in Economics (then administered along with Politics and Sociology by a single faculty member). Business Administration and Economics were merged and administered as a single department from 1928 until 1960. In 2004, the curriculum was reorganized and the department re-named Business, Organizations, and Society.

Department Chairs :

Nesteruk, Jeffrey (2007-
Nelson, Martha (1998-2001)
Steffy, Brian D. (1995-1998)
Wagner, Samuel (1986-89)
Glazer, Dr. Alan S. (1983-86, 1992-95, 2004-2007)
Kasperson, Conrad J. (1979-83, 1989-92, 2001-04)
Jaenicke, Henry R. (1972-79)
Everett, Winthrop Edward (1960-68)
Bell, Albert Lavern (1953-66, 1968-72)
Barnes, Horace Richard (1948-53)

10/6 Chemistry

Chemistry has been a part of the Curriculum at Franklin and Marshall since the College's inception. It was first declared a major in 1915-16.

Department Chairs :

Van Arman, S. (2004-2007)
Hess, Kenneth (2001-04)
Moog, Richard (1998-01)
Thomsen, Marcus W. (1994-98)
Leber, Dr. Phyllis (1989-94, 2007-
Spencer, James N. (1986-89)
Farrell, John J. (1983-86)
Yoder, Claude H. (1974-83)
Van Horn, Ruth Warner (1972-74)
Rich, Austin J. (1970-72)
Suydam, Frederick Henry (1960-70)
Cross, Robert Pershing (1953-60)
Weisgerber, William Edwin (1948-53)

10/7 Classics

The teaching of the Greek and Latin language and cultures have been an integral part of the curriculum since the opening of the College. Indeed, until the 1910's the languages were requirements for any student wishing to obtain a degree. In 1915-16, Greek and Latin were both given major status. In 1944, the two disciplines were combined under the rubric of Classics and a major still exists in this discipline today.

Department Chairs :

O'Bryhim, Shawn (2006-
Steiner, Dr. Ann (1987-88, 1989-94, 2003-2006)
Flower, Michael (2000-01, 2002-03)
Barnett, Robert J. Jr. (1979-87, 1995-2000, 2001-02)
Farber, J. Joel (1964-79, 1988-89, 1994-95)
Prakken, Donald Wilson (1960-64)
Mohler, Samuel Loomis (1948-60)

10/8 Theater, Dance and Film

The teaching of oratory, public speaking, and the study of drama was offered through the Department of English until 1971 when the Drama Department was formally organized and a major recognized. In 199?, the department's name was changed to reflect the true character of the department and emphasize the contributions of dance and film to the department's offerings.

Department Chairs :

Eitzen, Dirk (2001-2005)
Brooks, Lynn (1993-2000, 2005-2008)
Louise, Dr. Dorothy (1990-93, 2000-01)
Wickstrom, Gordon M. (1976-90)
Brubaker, Edward Stehman (1971-76)

10/9 Economics

Courses in Political Economy were offered by the College since the first years of its organization. In 1915-16, a joint major in Economics and Sociology was first offered. In 1922-23, Economics was first offered as an individual major. The departments of Business Administration and Economics were administered as a single unit from 1928 until 1960 when Economics was given its own chair.

Department Chairs:

A'Hearn, Brian (2007-
Zein-Elabdin, Eiman (2003-2007)
Callari, Antonino (1994-97, 2000-03)
Caniglia, Dr. Alan (1991-94)
Flaherty, Sean (1988-91)
Whitesell, William E. (1979-81, 1985-88, 1997-2000)
Taylor, Norman William (1965-79, 1981-85)
Lyons, Will (1962-65)
Created in 1960 - No Chair
Everett, Winthrop Edward [see 10/5/13] (1955-60)

10/10 English

Courses in English composition, literature, and oratory have been offered since the opening of the College. A major was first offered in this area in 1915 -16. In 1971, the Drama Department was formed out of the English department.

Department Chairs :

Mueller, Judith (2006-
O'Hara, Patricia (2002-2006)
Mongia, Padmini (1999-02)
Goeglein, Tamara (1996-97)
Ugolnik, Anthony J. Jr. (1995-96, 1997-99)
Voelker, Dr. Joseph C.(1987-89, 1992-95,
Steinbrink, Jeffrey C. (1984-86, 1989-92)
Pinsker, Sanford (1976-84, 1986-87)
Grushow, Ira, (Acting 1971-72, 1974-80)
Russell, Robert William (1965-71, 1972-74)
Phillips, Elias Hiester (1964-65)
Francis, Winthrop Nelson (1958-62)
Adams, Martin Ray (1948-58)

10/11 French and Italian

French language studies first appeared in the F&M curriculum in 1889 when an optional course in French was first offered. In 1900-01, Italian was first offered as an optional course but disappeared from course offerings in 1909-10. In 1915-16, French was first offered as major. Italian returned as an elective in 1927 -28. French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian language and culture studies were administered in one unit, Romance Languages, until 1966.

Department Chairs :

Lerner, Scott (2003-2006)
Yetter-Vassot, Cindy (1999-03)
Gasbarrone, Lisa (1993-96, 2006-
White, Sarah M. (1981-83, 1984-88, 1991-93, 1996-99)
Jeannet, Angela M. (1976-81, 1983-84, 1988-89)
Butler, Harry L. (1960-76)
Sherman, Anson Fowler (1948-60)

10/12 Geosciences/Earth and Environment

Courses in Geology and Mineralogy appear in the course catalogs as early as 1852-53 as offerings from the Chemistry Department. The course of study was expanded and a major in Geology created in 1948 under the direction of Richard Foose. In 2003, Geosciences joined together with Environmental Studies to become the Department of Earth and Environment.

Department Chairs :

deWet, Carol (2001-2006)
Sternberg, Robert (1997-2001)
Thomas, Dr. Roger D.K. (1992-97, 2006-
Mertzman, Stanley A. (1981-83, 1984-89)
Beutner, Edward C. (1978-81, 1989-92)
Wiebe, Robert A. (1974-78, 1983-84)
Kauffman, Marvin Earl (1968-69, 1971-74)
Moss, John Hall (1960-68, 1969-71)
Freedman, Jacob (1958-60)
Foose, Richard Martin (1948-58)

10/13 German

German language and literature have been an integral part of the curriculum at Franklin and Marshall since the College's opening. Coursework in German was required of all students until the development of majors in 1915-16.

Department Chairs :

Bentzel, Curtis C. (1994-97, 2003-2007)
Bernstein, Lina (2000-2003, 2007-
Campbell, Karen J. (1991-92, 1997-2000)
Harman, Mark (1988-89)
Zorach, Cecil C. (1985-89, 1992-94)
Hopkins, William L. (1983-85)
Seadle, Peter Stefan (1966-83)
Frey, John William (1949-66)

10/14 Government

Courses in political science and government appear in the College's curriculum as early as 1853. In 1915-16, a degree in Politics was created and administered along with Economics and Sociology by a single faculty member until 1927. In 1928, a separate Department of Political Science was created. In 1955-56, the Political Science Department was renamed renamed Government.

Department Chairs :

Hammer, Dean (2005-2008)
Schousen, Matt (2002-2005)
Friedrich, Robert J. (1994-96)
Whiteside, Dr. Kerry H. (1991-94)
Gray, Robert C. (1982-86, 1988-91)
Karlesky, Joseph J. (1980-82, 1996-1999)
Stephenson, D. Grier Jr. (1976-79, 1999-02)
Michalak, Stanley J. Jr. (1973-76)
Schier, Richard Francis (1962-65, 1969-72)
Vanderzell, John Howard (1955-56, 1958-63, 1967-68, 1983-88)
Wise, Sidney (1954-55, 1956-58, 1965-67, 1972-73)
Schubert, Glendon Austin Jr. (1952-53)
Kunkel, Arthur King (1948-50)

10/15 History

Courses in History have been offered since the opening of the College. A major was first declared in this area of study in 1915-16.

Department Chairs:

Mitchell, Maria (2007-
Schrader, Abby (2004-2007)
Pearson, Ted (2002-04)
McRee, Benjamin F. (1994-1998, 2001-02)
Stevenson, Dr. Louise (1991-94)
Andrew, John A. III (1988-91, 1998-2001)
Joseph, John (1976-78)
Miller, Glenn Earle Jr. (1972-76, 1982-88)
Athey, Louis L. (1971-72, 1978-82)
Wank, Solomon (1966-71)
Zacour, Norman P. (1962-1966)
Toth, William (1948-62)

10/16 Japanese Studies

10/17 Mathematics

Mathematics courses have been a part of the F&M curriculum since the opening of the College. This discipline was one of the first majors beginning in 1915-16.

Department Chairs :

Nimershiem, Barbara (2007-
Culp-Ressler, Wendell (2004-2007)
Crannell, Annalisa (2001-04)
Gethner, Robert (1997-1999)
Levine, Alan (1994-97, 1999-01)
Feldman, Arnold D. (1990-92)
Tyndall, William F. (1986-90)
Rosenstein, George M. Jr. (1983-86, 1992-94)
Haag, Vincent H. (1978-83)
Bedient, Phillip E. (1972-78)
Western, Donald Ward (1951-72)
Murray, Walter Rue (1948-51)

10/18 Music

Courses in Music were first offered at F&M in 1947-48. A minor in music was first offered in 1980 and a major was established in 1984.

Department Chairs :

Carbon, Dr. John (1992-93, 1998-01, 2004-2007)
Gustafson, Bruce (1988-92, 1995-1998, 2001-04, 2008-
Adams, Courtney (1980-89, 1993-95)
Gault, Hugh Alan (1964-80)
Reese, William Heartt (1949-51)

10/19 Music Performance

This record group contains information on the performance of music at F&M outside the academic sphere. Contains information on band, orchestra and other ensembles as well as outside performers visiting the college.

10/20 Philosophy

Courses in philosophy have been a part of the curriculum since the College's opening. In 1915-16, a major was declared in this field. Courses in psychology were listed under the heading philosophy until 1920 -21. In 1926 Philosophy and Psychology separated to become their own departments.

Department Chairs:

Kaufer, Stephan (2007-
Helm, Bennett (2003-2007)
Murray, Michael (1998-03)
Ross, Dr. Glenn (1988-1998)
Roth, Michael D. (1980-88)
Galis, Leon (1974-80)
Binkley, Luther John (1964-74)
Noss, John Boyer (1948-64)

10/21 Physics and Astronomy

Lectures in astronomy and physics topics appear in the curriculum as early as 1853. In 1915-16 a major in physics was created. Astronomy was a part of the Mathematics department until 1989.

Department Chairs :

Backman, Dana (2002-03)
Hoffman, Richard (1999-02)
Stubbin, Calvin (1996-99)
Fritz, Dr. Linda S. (1992-96, 2006-
Adkins, Gregory S. (1989-92, 2003-2006)
Bruns, C. Alan (1979-84)
Sutter, Phillip H. (1976-79, 1984-86)
Cherry, Leonard V. (1974-76, 1986-89)
Enck, Frank Durrell (1962-74)
Weller, Richard Irwin (1957-62)
Van Name, Frederick W. Jr. (1954-57)
Fry, Howard Massey (1948-54)

10/22 Psychology

Courses in psychology have been offered since 1853. However, the courses in this discipline were administered by the Philosophy Department until 1920-21. A separate major and Psychology Department and was created in 1926-27.

Department Chairs :

Heyser, Charles (2004-2007)
Greene, Terry (1997-01)
Owens, D. Alfred (1994-97)
Campbell, John B. (1991-94, 2007-
Heller, Jack F. (1986-91, 2001-04)
Lehman, Richard S. (1983-86)
Puff, C. Richard (1980-83)
Tyrrell, Donald J. (1971-74)
Wist, Eugene R. (1967-68)
Stewart, Charles N. (1965-67, 1968-69, 1974-80)
Brookshire, Kenneth Harold (1962-65, 1969-71)
Harrriman, Arthur Ernest (1960-62)
Whitely, Paul LeRoy (1948-60)

10/23 Religious Studies

Since 1892, when a course on Christian Evidence and Bible Teaching was a required course, religious topics have been a part of the F&M curriculum. A minor in Religion was first offered in 1923-24 with a major established in 1929.

Department Chairs :

McMahan, David (2007-
Cooper, Stephen (2003-2007)
Martin, Joel (1996-2000)
Aronowicz, Dr. Annette (1991-96, 2000-03)
Dewey, Bradley R. (1991-94)
Hopkins, Thomas J. (1974-87, 1989-91)
Mickey, Robert G. (1965-74)
Spotts, Charles Dewey (1948-65)

10/24 Russian Program

Courses in Russian language were first offered in 1945. The program was administered with French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese under the rubric Romance Languages until 1966. Russian (Language and Area Studies) was first offered as a major in 1966.

Program Chairs:

Chairperson of German Dept. has traditionally acted as Director of Russian Program

10/25 Science, Technology and Society

The Science, Technology and Society program examines the nature of science and technology, their history and impact on society. Course were first offered in this discipline in 1976, with a minor instituted in 1980. In 1986, a major in this area was first formulated through Special Studies. Prior to 1989, the program was known as the History and Philosophy of Science (HAPOS).

Program Chairs :

Strick, James (2007-
Owens, Fred (2000-01)
Thomas, Roger (1997-99, 2001-2007)
Merritts, Dorothy (1996-97)
Wiebe, Robert A. (1995-96)
Farrell, Dr. John (1992-94)
Burlingame, Leslie J. (1990-92, 1994-95)

10/39 Scientific and Philosophical Studies of the Mind

10/26 Sociology

The first course in Sociology was offered in 1899-1900. It became a combined major with Economics in 1915-16 and became a major on its own in 1922-23. Administered by a single faculty member along with Politics and Economics, Sociology became a separate department in 1928.

Department Chairs :

McClelland, Katherine E. (1994-97, 2007-
Kaye, Dr. Howard (1991-94, 2004-2007)
Auster, Carol J. (1988-91, 2000-04)
Eigen, Joel P. (1980-87, 1997-00)
Drake, H. Max, Acting (1969-70)
Eshelman, Robert F. (1960-69, 1972-80)
LeFevre, Ian Warfel, Acting (1956-60)
Neprash, Jerry Alvin (1948-56)

10/27 Spanish & Portuguese

Spanish first appears in the F&M curriculum in 1898-99 when it is offered as an elective. Beginning in 1907-08, Spanish was offered in alternate years with Italian, but by 1915-16 returned as a yearly offering. By 1919-20, a major in Spanish is offered. Courses in Portuguese were added to the curriculum in 1941-42.The programs were administered jointly with French, Italian and Russian under the heading Romance Languages until 1966.

Department Chairs :

Tisnado, Carmen (2003-2008)
Armstrong, Kim (1993-96, 1997-03)
Borger-Reese, Margaret-Ana, (1987-88)
Alonso, Richard L. (1977-87, 1988-93, 1996-97)
Martinez, Rafael V. (1966-71)
Butler, Harry L. (1960-66)
Sherman, Anson Fowler (1948-60)

10/28 Asian Studies

Asian Studies began as a multi-disciplinary minor in 1989. This course of study allows students to receive a broad based exposure to the cultures of Asia.


Miura, Ken-Ichi (2007-2008)
Freedman, Amy (2004-2007)
Liu, Jun-Cheng (2003-04)
Kent, Richard (1998-99, 2000-03)
Zorach, Cecile (1999-00)
Louise, Dorothy (1995-97)
Carbon, John (1993-94)
Billig, Dr. Michael (1992-93, 1994-95, 1997-98)

10/29 Women's & Gender Studies

Drum, Alice (2001-2008)
Flower, Harriet (2000-01)
Stevenson, Louise (1994-00)
Aleci, Linda (1992-94)
Gasbarrone, Lisa (1991-92)
McDowell, Nancy (1989-91)

10/30 Pre-Engineering

10/31 Education

Courses in pedagogy were initially offered under the auspices of the Philosophy department. In 1919-1920, the college began offering a major in Education under a separate Education Dept. to prepare students to teach at the secondary level and provide the courses needed for teacher certification in Pennsylvania. The department was disbanded in 1980.

Department Chairs :

[No Chairperson after 1980]
Blue, Terry W. (1975-80)
Leet, Pauline M. (1969-75)
LeFevre, Dorothy W., Acting (1965-68)
Munson, Saron Erik (1953-67)

10/32 Pre-Healing Arts

Program Chairs:

Verrier, Dr. David (1991-92)
Colony, Pamela C. (1990-91)
Costello, M. Elaine (1981-87)

10/33 ROTC

Courses in Military Instruction were first offered on campus in 1896 and continued through 1901. During this period, first and second years students were required to take Military Drill. Courses in Aeronautics were taught by Professor Klein from 1940 - 56 under the auspices of the Civilian Pilot Training program. During World War II, the college was host to Navy V-5 (aeronautics ) and V-12 (officer training) programs. An Air Force ROTC program was established on campus in 1956 and continued through 1967.

Buhrman, Carroll Leroy (1955-60)
Locher, James R. (1952-55)
Fisher, Harold (Coordinator)

10/34 Folklore

The Folklore Department was established in 1949 to provided students with an understanding and appreciation of material and intellectual culture of tradition bound elements within American Society. This department was short-lived, absent from the College Catalog by 1952.

Department Chair:

Shoemaker, Alfred L. (1949-51)

10/35 Hungarian

The Hungarian Department was established in 1922 under the leadership of Professor Alexander Toth. In cooperation with the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church and Franklin and Marshall Academy courses were offered to provide for the educational needs of young Hungarians and prepare them for leadership in public life in America. The Department was disbanded in 1936.

10/36 Africana Studies

African Studies was established in 1994 as an interdisciplinary minor. This program studies the people of Africa and the African Diaspora including the African-American experience.

Program Chairs :

Bastian, Misty (2007-2008)
Kemp, Amanda (2004-2007)
Anthony, Doug (2003-04)
McClelland, Katherine (1999-00)
Penn, Michael (1996-99, 2000-03)
Andrew, John A. (1994-96)

10/37 Pre-Law

10/38 Biological Foundations of Behavior

This interdisciplinary major was added to the curriculum in 1996. The program allows for the study of animal behavior or neuroscience.

Program Chairs:

Jinks, Rob (2004-2008)
Thompson, Roger K. R. (1996-04)

10/39 Scientific and Philosophical Studies of the Mind

Added to the curriculum in 1996, this interdisciplinary major bridges the sciences and the humanities in the study of the nature of the mind.

Program Chairs:

Helm, Bennett (2007-2008)
Chemero, Tony (2004-2007)
Ross, Glenn (2001-04)
Owens, Fred (1998-01)
Heller, Jack (1997-1998)
Reed, Edward (1996-97)

10/40 Judaic Studies

RG 11 Student Organizations 11/1 Student Government

11/2 Publications

11/3 Honorary Fraternities and Recognition Societies

11/4 Political and Social Action Organizations

11/5 Professional and Occupational Organizations

11/6 Recreation and Special Interest Groups (includes club sports) For the records of the student groups: Diagnothian and Goethean Literary Societies click here.

11/7 Religious Organizations

11/8 Residence Organizations

11/9 Service Organizations

11/10 Social Fraternities and Sororities

RG 12 Vice President for Alumni Programs and Development

12/1 Vice President for Alumni Programs and Development

12/2 Alumni Association

12/3 Development

12/4 College Communications (Public Relations)

12/5 Classes

Contains information on individual class years including commencement, prom, and reunion events.

12/6 Alumni and Former Students

Contains biographical information on individual alumni and former students of the college.

12/7 Alumni Programs Office

Contains materials relating to alumni programs such as class reunions, homecoming, and alumni weekend events.

RG 13 Faculty and Staff Organizations 13/1 Professional Organizations (ex. AAUW, AAUP)

13/2 Social and Special Interest Organizations (ex. Faculty Women's Club)

RG 14 Athletics 14/1 Director of Athletics

Contains information on individual directors of college athletics, intercollegiate sports, intramurals, and physical education instruction at F&M.

/29 Marshall, Dr. William A.
/28 Phillips, W. Roy
/27 McGinness, George Grant
/26 Sponaugle, Woodrow
/25 Barr, John Shober
/24 Bishop, William Austin
/23 Mayser, Charles W.
/22 Price, John B.
/21 Dickson, Byron W.
/20 McLauglin, D.C.
/19 Bates, William Penn
/18 Brown, Darid R.
/17 Chalmers, John C.
/16 Hedges, John
/15 Outland, John Henry
/14 Wingert, H. Shindle
/13 Benner, Fred
/12 Hartman, George W.
/11 Irvine, William Mann

14/2 Coaches

14/3 Baseball

14/4 Basketball (Men's)

14/5 Basketball (Women's)

14/6 Cross Country

14/7 Field Hockey

14/8 Football

14/9 Golf

14/10 Lacrosse

14/11 Soccer

14/12 Softball

14/13 Squash

14/14 Swimming

14/15 Tennis

14/16 Track

14/17 Volleyball

14/18 Wrestling

RG 15 Office of the Provost Merges or continues elements of record groups 6 and 7 corresponding to the 2001 merger of these two departments under the newly created Office of the Provost.

15/1 Provost and Dean of the Faculty

15/2 Associate Deans of the Faculty

15/3 Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Academic Planning

15/4 Associate Provost for Facilities Planning and Information Technology (Chief Information Officer)

15/5 Executive Officer for the Office of the Provost

15/6 Associate Provost for Educational Services

15/7 Dean of Students

15/8 Center for Liberal Arts and Society (CLAS)

15/9 Floyd Institute for Public Policy Analysis

15/10 Carolyn and Robert S. Wohlsen Center for the Sustainable Environment/Millport Conservancy

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