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Policies & Services

Archives and Special Collections Gift Policy

Over the years, the Archives & Special Collections at Franklin & Marshall College has grown from the generous donation of material and financial gifts. Alumni, faculty, private organizations, and members of the public have all given generously in support of the college's mission. The Shadek-Fackenthal Library continues to welcome such gifts, and hopes you will consider contributing to the educational and historical value of the collections.

What the Library Collects

Archives & Special Collections seeks materials that match aspects of the following subject areas:

African American History
Art of the Book
Classical Literature
Exploration - 19th Century
Franklin & Marshall Academy History
Franklin & Marshall College History
German American Imprints
History of Science
Items relating to Benjamin Franklin
Items relating to John Marshall
Jewish American History
Literary Papers
Local History, Lancaster City, PA
Local History, Lancaster County, PA
Military History
Pennsylvania Civil War History
Pennsylvania German Culture
Theater, Television, and Film
Women's History
World War I Posters

Archives & Special Collections collects materials of the following types/formats:

Correspondence (personal and professional)
Diaries/ Journals
Drafts of creative works
Films/ Videotapes
Financial Records
Legal Records
Memoirs/ Reminiscences
Organizational Publications
Office Files
Oral History Tapes/ Transcripts
Pamphlets/ Brochures
Rare Books
Sheet Music
Sound Recordings
Speeches/ Lectures

Please Note: New collections that may support the mission of the college will also be considered with great interest. For a complete understanding of current collecting priorities, please consult the Collection Development Policy of Archives and Special Collections.

What the Library Does Not Collect

Archives and Special Collections does not collect any and all items relating to American and World History, common reproductions of historical documents, decorative arts artifacts, and local genealogical materials.

Access to Materials

The Shadek-Fackenthal Library abides by the American Library Association/Society of American Archivists' 1994 Joint Statement on Access to Original Research Materials.

The Archives & Special Collections of Franklin & Marshall College can only accept items when they are donated free and clear of all restrictions. Materials will not be accepted with restrictions as to use, secure storage, or future disposition.

Care of Materials

When the Archives & Special Collections adds gift materials to its holdings, it takes care to ensure their long-term preservation and to make them accessible to students, faculty, and professional researchers. All materials are housed in secure areas under environmentally controlled conditions. Items do not circulate outside the Archives and Special Collections Reading Area. Acid-free boxes, folders, and other containers are employed to house materials, and item-level conservation steps are taken when appropriate. To enhance the research use of materials, collections are arranged, described, and cataloged in accordance with nationally recognized library and archival standards. To promote widespread awareness of holdings, the Shadek-Fackenthal Library makes descriptions of collections available on its website, in the Franklin & Marshall online catalog, and through national directories such as Archives USA.

Copyright and Tax Considerations


Preferably, copyright remains with the donor and/or donor's heirs, subject to copyright ownership and renewals. The statement on copyright within the Deed of Gift should be addressed at the time of transfer. For additional information regarding copyright and public domain, please see the following websites:

Tax Considerations

In compliance with the current tax law, the Library does not provide appraisals for gifts received. The appraisal of a gift to the Library for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor who benefits from the tax deduction.

Form 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions - If a donor makes noncash gifts over $500 for the year, the donor must complete and attach IRS Form 8283 to their annual tax return. If any single gift or group of similar gifts is valued at over $5,000, the donor must also get an appraisal of the item from a qualified appraiser.

Making a Gift

If you are interested in making a material or financial gift to the Archives & Special Collections, please stop by the Shadek-Fackenthal Library, or contact librarian Christopher Raab with a description of the potential gift.

Christopher Raab
Archives & Special Collections Librarian
Martin Library of the Sciences
Franklin & Marshall College
P.O. Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003

Please Note: For UPS/FedEx packages, please substitute the following street address and zip code for P.O. Box 3003:

415 Harrisburg Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603

Telephone (717) 291-4225

Deed of Gift

A Deed of Gift will be discussed with the donor, and signed by all parties upon transfer of the materials. The Deed of Gift addresses the following legal concerns:

  1. Statement as to the ownership of the physical materials.
  2. Statement as to the administration and use of the materials.
  3. Statement as to the ownership of literary rights.
  4. Statement as to the disposition of materials not retained upon final review.

A sample copy of our Deed of Gift form can be provided upon request.

Thank you for considering the Archives & Special Collections at Franklin & Marshall College.

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