Wohlsen House

Wohlsen House

Admissions Office


Wohlsen House was constructed on campus in 1929 as the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house. It served as such until 1982, when it was renovated and turned into the Admissions Office.

Deaths/Morbid Stories

Legends tell that a young man died in Wohlsen House many years ago, either from drowning or from falling down the stairs.

Ghost Stories

Wohlsen House probably has the best collection of ghostly tales on campus. People have heard doors slamming in the house in the middle of the night when there's no one there. A woman working alone in the basement one night heard a loud BANG on the stairs behind her and found out later about the young man who may have died falling down stairs. Two women were working in the basement one night and saw a man walk into view, then disappear behind a wall. One woman told the other that her husband was here -- but there turned out to be no one there. Sometimes, the lights will all fail at once in Wohlsen House, and someone will yell "Knock it off, Bob!" -- and the lights will turn back on.

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