Huegel Alumni House

Huegel Alumni House

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Specific location

2nd floor in particular, or wherever the bedrooms sused to be - but story involves rest of building as well.


John Ahlum Schaeffer, F&M President from 1935-1941 had been involved with Franklin and Marshall College for many years. He graduated from here in 1904 and was a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity and Goethean Literary Society. Later in his life , he came back to be F&M's president. During his time as president, he oversaw the construction of Fackenthal Library and Keiper Liberal Arts buildings. He was described as tall and robust in appearance; and in temperment, he was described as restless and impulsive. He habitually chain-smoked cigars, and used to relieve the stress of being president by leaving the campus at lunch hour and speeding recklessly through the Lancaster County countryside. From 1919 through 1966, Huegel Alumni House served as the college President's residence, so Schaeffer lived there with his family.

Death/Morbid Stories:

On the evening of Sunday, April 6th, 1941, Schaeffer went upstairs early to read in bed. His daughter Mary found him dead around midnight that night, book still in hand. It was later determined that Schaeffer, who was in good health as determined by his doctor, had died of a sudden, tragic, and inexplicable cerebral hemmorage.

Ghost Stories:

From 1967-1985, guests of the college stayed at Alumni house, and some reported strange sensations as they lay in bed at night.

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