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Diaries of J. Reah Hollinger (F&M 1917), 1918-1919.

Photo of J. Reah Hollinger (left)

Born in Lancaster, PA, J. Reah Hollinger (1895-1996) was a 1913 graduate of Franklin and Marshall Academy and 1917 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College. After graduating from Franklin and Marshall, Hollinger enlisted in the Pennsylvania National Guard and later became a member of the 111th Ambulance Company (consisting of many persons from Lancaster County, PA) (103rd Sanitary Train, 28th Infantry Division) under the command of Captain Charles P. Stahr (F&M 1897). Hollinger's diaries cover the period January 1, 1918 to June 20, 1919 and give insight into the experiences of an ordinary soldier in WWI as well as WWI medical care.

See full introduction to the Hollinger diaries.

A brief biography of J. Reah Hollinger and an introduction to the diaries and their context in the First World War by Emily Hawk.

Transcription of 1918 diary

Transcription of 1919 diary

These annotated transcriptions by Emily Hawk provide editorial clarification in {brackets} as well as footnote references that provide additional context for Hollinger's diary entries.

Exhibit: Reah Hollinger and World War I Medicine

This exhibit features Hollinger's diaries and medical objects from the Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation Museum to describe the experience of wartime medical treatment from the point of view of the 111th Ambulance Company. By Danielle Cicchiello.

Map of J. Reah Hollinger's service in France January 1918 to February 1919

This map by Emily Hawk traces and identifies locations in France where Reah Hollinger's company saw service.

Learn more about Charles P. Stahr, commander of 111th Ambulance Co.

A brief biography of Lancaster physician Dr. Charles P. Stahr (F&M 1897) by Danielle Cicchiello.

Transcriptions and additional material by Emily Hawk (F&M 2016) and Danielle Cicchiello (F&M 2017) under the direction of Dr. Louise Stevenson, Professor of History and American Studies. Special thanks to the Hollinger Family for permission to use these diaries.

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