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The Archives and Special Collections is pleased to offer select items from its collections online. We will continue to develop our digital collections and make them more widely available to the public. Please visit our digital collections in the following areas:

College Archives

History of Franklin and Marshall College by Joseph Henry Dubbs, 1903
Monograph history of Franklin College 1787-1853, Marshall College 1836-1853, and Franklin and Marshall College 1853-1903 published by the Alumni Association for the 1903 "Golden Jubilee" celebration.
History of Franklin and Marshall College, 1787-1948 by H.M.J. Klein, 1952
Monograph history of Franklin College 1787-1948 published by the Alumni Association in commemoration of the 1953 centennial of Franklin and Marshall College. In addition to the College's early history, covers the period from 1903, including the College's recent role in World War II.
Since 1787: The Franklin and Marshall College Story by Frederic S. Klein, 1968
Brief history of Franklin College 1787-1968.
History of the Harbaugh Club of Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA. by Fred D. Wentzel, 1918
History of the Harbaugh Club, a social and eating club founded in 1900 that became Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity after WWI. The club has been revived in recent years.
Franklin and Marshall Academy: The Last Seventy-One Years of its History 1872-1943 by Charles Stahr Hartman.
History of the College's boys preparatory school that operated on campus as a separate educational institution (after originating as the College's preparatory department) from 1872-1943.
Franklin and Marshall College Student Newspaper, 1873-2011
Search 138 years of the F&M student newspaper - College Days (1873-1879); F&M Weekly (1891-1915); Student Weekly (1915-1964); College Reporter (1964-2011).
Franklin and Marshall College Student Honors Theses
F&M student honors theses from 2005 to the present.
Franklin and Marshall College Alumni Magazine
Searchable pdf full-text of F&M's Alumni magazines Franklin and Marshall Alumnus, F&M Today, F&M News, and Franklin and Marshall College Magazine, 1924-1999. (in progress)
The Oriflamme
Full color images of the Oriflamme, the yearbook of Franklin and Marshall College since 1883. (1883-1925 complete; 1926-1940 in progress)
Catalogue of Officers and Students, 1787-1903, Franklin College, 1787-1853, Marshall College, 1836-1853, Franklin and Marshall College, 1853-1903
Contains listings of all known students, faculty, and trustees of Franklin, Marshall, and Franklin and Marshall Colleges 1787-1902 compiled from College records. Note that due to a lack of surviving records that not all Franklin College students are known.
College and Academy Photo Albums
Several photographic albums of the College and F&M Academy have been digitized and are available.
Views of Franklin and Marshall College, 1892 (PDF)
F&M Photographs, 1902 (PDF)
Views of Franklin and Marshall College, 1906 (PDF)
Views Franklin and Marshall Academy, 1913 (PDF)
Views Franklin and Marshall Academy, 1914 (PDF)
Franklin and Marshall College Founding Documents Online
A selection of important documents relating to the founding of Franklin College, 1787; Marshall College, 1836 and Franklin and Marshall College, 1853. Includes charters, financial documents, deeds, correspondence and other items.
Franklin and Marshall College in World War One
Features the World War One diaries of J. Reah Hollinger (F&M 1917). J. Reah Hollinger (1895-1996) was a 1913 graduate of Franklin and Marshall Academy and 1917 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College. After graduating from Franklin and Marshall, Hollinger enlisted in the Pennsylvania National Guard and later became a member of the 111th Ambulance Company (consisting of many persons from Lancaster County, PA) under the command of Captain Charles P. Stahr (F&M 1897). Hollinger's diaries cover the period January 1, 1918 to June 20, 1919 and give insight into the experiences of an ordinary soldier in WWI as well as WWI medical care.
Franklin and Marshall College Film Footage
A selection of streaming video clips is available for viewing online. The clips are taken from the earliest College films dating from 1926-1950 and depict various campus events.
Franklin and Marshall College Photographs
Photographs of College events, commencements, dedications, family and homecoming weekends, class reunions, etc. since 2006 are available in digital format online at flickr.

Rare Books

South Netherlands Book of Hours
This ca. 1450 illuminated manuscript is attributed to the Utrecht school and the Dutch translation of Gerd de Groot. Handwritten and decorated on vellum, this type of religious work was commissioned by a family for home devotional use. This item is the oldest "book" owned by the library. It was completely scanned and made available as part of Lehigh University's Digital Library of Illuminated Manuscripts.

Manuscript Collections

Reynolds Family Papers
Portions of the Reynolds Family Papers, particularly those of Civil War general John Fulton Reynolds and Admiral William Reynolds were digitized in 2003 with the support of a 2002 NETShare grant award. The award program is an extention of the federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), and is administered in Pennsylvania through the Department of Education, Office of Commonwealth Libraries.
George McIlvain 1835 Diary
George McIlvain's personal diary of trip, accompanied by his mother Mary Porter McIlvain, along Pennsylvania Canal (and other waterways) from Williamstown, Lancaster County, PA to Paoli Indiana, April 8 to May 30, 1835. Diary contains itinerary, expenses, and observations. Diary is part of larger Muench Family papers collection. George Duffield McIlvain was born on February 22, 1811 in Lancaster County, PA the son of Robert McIlvain and Mary Porter (b. 1765?). He married Caroline Margaret Slaymaker on November 21, 1837. Their son Robert Porter McIlvaine was born January 12, 1839, died 1918. George ran a limestone quarry and lime kiln in Paradise Township, Lancaster County from about 1832 until he died on February 24, 1857.
Pennsylvania German Fraktur Collection
A component of the Unger-Bassler German-American Imprint Collection, this collection contains fine examples of printed and handcolored taufscheins (birth and baptismal certificates), vorshrifts (writing examples), haus segens (house blessings), bucherzeichen (book plates), and drawings created by Pennsylvania Germans.
Pennsylvania German Broadside Collection
A component of the Unger-Bassler German American Imprint Collection, this collection contains fine examples of printed broadsides designed and distributed among Pennsylvania Germans. (in progress)

Digital Cooperatives

Lancaster County Digitization Project - LCDP
F&M is proud to be a founding member of the Lancaster County Digitization Project. Formed in the spring of 2004, LCDP is a county-wide consortium of cultural institutions interested in digitizing Lancaster county newspaper and manuscript collections.

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